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Todoroki's Little Sister by Yuzuki16
Todoroki's Little Sisterby YuzukiUzumaki
Shoto Todoroki is Endeavors' youngest son and his 'masterpiece' compared to his older siblings. However at the age of seven another child was born to the Todoroki family...
Older Brothers | ✓ by nananaina_
Older Brothers | ✓by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
When the fierce and bitchy Lila Alfonso is suddenly thrown into the custody of her five elder brothers, will she be able to forget the past differences and live like a p...
Stella's Innocence  by CherylZielle
Stella's Innocence by Cheryl
Stella Rossi, a sheltered and naive 15-year-old girl was raised by her six brothers. After being homeschooled for life, she finally gets the opportunity to enroll in sc...
Mafia King's Kidnapped Baby by MitaliSharma9
Mafia King's Kidnapped Babyby Rockstar
Diya Mehra is a beautiful girl in and out. She is sweet , caring and loving . She is 23 years old and loves her family and friends very much . She is going to get marrie...
Lovesick Brothers by AngelDipa5
Lovesick Brothersby Queen Of Darkness
Psycho brothers and a little angel sister sounds not so good together right? so what happens when an sweet angel comes live with her lovesick pyscho brothers so join the...
Their sunshine returns by LittleDreamAndThings
Their sunshine returnsby Little Dreams
Luna Costello was kidnapped at the age of 2. She had 3 brothers and loving parents. Not that she can remember. She was kidnapped by a rivel mafia and then sold at the a...
My protective brother ||JUNGKOOK by sglyky
My protective brother ||JUNGKOOKby Stelia Glyky
Y/n:Why you do this to me..? I know you want my protection.. I just want to have my own freedom.. to meet boys.. and LOVE Jungkook:Over my dead body. Highest ranking #1...
Fragile Boy In The Supernatural Family ♡ by Ishani_DST
Fragile Boy In The Supernatural Dishani
After his mother was missing for like two months. 16 years old Aditya Moved to his father's house who his mother told as dead before sixteen years. To more surprise, he...
The king's principessa by Lighting_moon7
The king's principessaby Lighting_moon7
Bella is sweet, innocent ,cute but also sessy and bold 4 year old little girl. she don't like to talk to stranger. she live in very mysterious and dangerous. but what...
The family I have been searching for by Purple-writer
The family I have been searching Purple-writer
Warning this story contains violence, strong language, guns, knives, abuse and a lot more. I will be putting warnings but read at your own risk Eleanor or better known a...
The Possibility of Us by xWintersolsticex
The Possibility of Usby 𝙻 𝚆𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚛
"Mom?" "..." "Can you buy me a box of pads? My period came." "Uh I think you should check who you're calling because one: I'm a male...
Lost by starsintheuniverse
Lostby starsintheuniverse
+++ This is a PREQUEL. It is not necessary that you read the original story "Jodee" first, but highly recommended+++ 5-year-old Jodee Chambers does not have...
Jimin Protectors by Memetype
Jimin Protectorsby Memetype
The Fragile Kid who lost every thing and got abused by his uncle ,is the life going to show some mercy on him . Do the family that will find him will be a New cage or a...
Life of  a Little Sister 3 by Anna_kayy
Life of a Little Sister 3by Anna_kayy
22 year old Lydia is living on her own in New York. She lives with her two roommates, works almost every night as a server, and is enjoying her life estranged from her h...
Tragedy ✧ John Murphy by SuperWalkingThrones
Tragedy ✧ John Murphyby SuperWalkingThrones
Julia Blake wasn't supposed to be born. Ninety-seven years ago there was a nuclear apocalypse on Earth. All that survived were twelve satellites that came together to c...
The Leap [✔] by midnightpainter
The Leap [✔]by Charlie Marie
Emma Taylor's summer wasn't filled with parties or beaches as she'd hoped. Instead life slams her into a dark reality that seems to be drowning her. And she doesn't let...
the unexpected falling heart  by booksdailyy
the unexpected falling heart by 🥝
Amira Adams never cared for the athletes at her school. She always cared about her marks and staying happy. It's not until the new quarterback plays his first game with...
Hormones Gone Wrong (OP Time Travel | Reverse Harem | Various/Female Luffy) by JOtakuAnime
Hormones Gone Wrong (OP Time JOtakuAnime
(One Piece | Time Travel | Reverse Harem | Various/Female Luffy) In this story, Monkey D. Luffy only fell until after he had reached Level 6 of Impel Down and found out...
Trust me.. by KaylaLouiseGibson
Trust Fake-romance🥀
This is going to be a roller coaster of a story And it's enimes to lovers Trigger warnings- -Abuse -ED -SH -Drug misuse -sexual assault This is about a girl called...
Look at me.  by writer_tulips
Look at me. by Tulips
When she thought she would never meet him again but destiny had some other plan.