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Started with a Party //PruCan by steaaak
Started with a Party //PruCanby steaaak
It all started with a party Alfred held in the house he shared with his Canadian sibling. As expected, a lot of people came, more so his several close friends, including...
Harry Potter and the countries of Hetalia by ThatOtakuGirl8
Harry Potter and the countries ThatOtakuGirl8
This is a Hetalia / Harry Potter crossover (obviously). England gets a letter from Albus Dumbledore asking him, as well as many other countries, to attend Hogwarts to p...
Noticed~ A PruCan fanfiction by Zeluna
Noticed~ A PruCan fanfictionby Zeluna
This is my first fanfiction. It's mostly PruCan. There may be other Hetalia shippings too. Canada is never noticed at world meetings. That is, until a certain Prussian n...
Tattoos On Flower Petals (PruCan Mpreg) by Solsko
Tattoos On Flower Petals (PruCan Silly Little Goofball
Matthew never really got to know the man living and working next door to him. Until one day he was forced by his father to go and say hello. And from there, they ended u...
Anger & Lust (PruCan lemon) by jojosugay
Anger & Lust (PruCan lemon)by Fuckin' Weeb
Prussia pushes Canada off the edge of anger while he's trying to work, leading to some pretty hot make-up sex ;) (Okay, listen I don't speak German or French I had to us...
Hetalia Yaoi by hetalialova
Hetalia Yaoiby hetalialova
What if some Hetalia characters found out they were being shipped? How would they react? Read to find out! Ok, so disclaimer! I don't own Hetalia, McDonald's greasy hamb...
The prince's Tutor (PruCan) by FoxInThighHighSox
The prince's Tutor (PruCan)by Alexandra Randall
Gilbert is a very spoiled prince who more then often gets his way. But when his father decides it is time to make the boy into a true prince, he travels far away to find...
My cute Birdie by Yaoifangirl3206
My cute Birdieby UsUkForever❣
Prussia wondered why France has been so busy the last few months. He decides to go to France's house. And there he meets his little birdie. They cause trouble around the...
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Hetalia Lemons by Zarielin
Hetalia Lemonsby Zarielin
My favorite Hetalia pairings in mature situations. (Warnings: contains boy x boy, smut, bondage, and whatever else my disturbing brain thinks up. Don't like, don't read...
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons *Requests Open* by Lexi323
Hetalia Oneshots & Lemons * Lexi Right
A series of Hetalia Oneshots. Country x country or country x reader, lemons and limes are included, requests welcome (I will have to start rejecting some because I get s...
Book of Memories by DragonPrincess22
Book of Memoriesby Ihateithere
A normal meeting or so everyone thought. Many have slipped into masks that fit too well on their face. However, those masks will be shattered as the true purpose of the...
Hetalia: Until Dawn by ShihoFujioka
Hetalia: Until Dawnby Gothic Geek💀
It all started with a harmless prank that gone too far which led to the disappearance of the North American Brothers, America and Canada. One year later, The rest of the...
Learning about ourselves (Hetalia) by JoeWHY
Learning about ourselves (Hetalia)by JoeWHY
The nations of the world find themselves in yet another world meeting. Everything is going as normal, unfortunately for Germany that means "wrong", when sudden...
Hetalia Darkness Secrets Revealed  by CloversFieldOfFire
Hetalia Darkness Secrets Revealed by Clover's Field Of Fire
This is inspired by so many I lost count. The Ancients have noticed some of the countries suffering in silence, so they decide to do something about it. They get all dia...
Hetalia self-harm and depression (Canada) (PruCan)  by Tyler_KB
Hetalia self-harm and depression ( AwesomerThanPrussia
He was always forgotten. He didn't have any friends. Just a stuffed polar bear. Although, when a certain albino boy shows up, he finds that he's not invisible to everyon...
Hetalia One-Shots [countryxcountry] by Rememberrun
Hetalia One-Shots [countryxcountry]by Rememberrun
One-shots of mostly my favorite ships. They will not contain smut but I promise the best fluff I can write. The first few are a bit slow and generic but the quality and...
Hello my name is: a PruCan fanfic by personmcperson2
Hello my name is: a PruCan fanficby personmcperson2
Hello, my name is Matthew Williams, and I'm an alcoholic. Matthew Williams is a 21 year old alcoholic. In this story you're going to hear his story on how he came to be...
(Hetalia) The truth of the past  by Charlotte769
(Hetalia) The truth of the past by Charlotte769
The ancients have finally had enough of seeing their children suffering in silence and have decided to take matters into their own hands, starting with revealing a few l...
The Others (Prucan){completed} by The_Awesome_King
The Others (Prucan){completed}by The_Awesome_King
Matthew was never one to have lots of friends, so when someone started talking to him he was a little surprised. He was even more surprised when he now suddenly is invit...