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Little Lou  (Larry Stylinson) by tinyloux
Little Lou (Larry Stylinson)by tinyloux
Louis is 17 Harry is 21 Louis wears flower crowns Harry is scattered with tattoos Louis loves pink lemonade Harry loves being reckless Louis works in a bakery Harry is...
The Boy Whose Life Sucked the Most by spirit_03
The Boy Whose Life Sucked the Mostby spirit_03
Harry life changed dramatically before he even had the ability to speak. Dumbledoore and the "light" had made a grave mistake. They figured that the Dursleys w...
Corrupt | ls by prayingforlarry
Corrupt | lsby ❤️
Louis Tomlinson loves flowercrowns, pastels, and everything colorful.. But he's mute, the only people who had ever heard Louis's voice is mainly is mother and sisters...
Soul Surfer - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) COMPLETED by Whatsuphello1
Soul Surfer - Larry Stylinson AU (...by Whatsuphello1
Louis loves surfing , he really does , until he doesn't anymore . When he was eighteen he was attacked by a shark , which caused him to lose his leg . Ever since he's be...
Punk vs Flowerchild ~ Larry Stylinson AU (BoyxBoy) COMPLETED by Whatsuphello1
Punk vs Flowerchild ~ Larry Stylin...by Whatsuphello1
Harry is in love with Louis , Louis is in love with Harry . Harry likes tattooes and boxing , Louis likes flowercrowns and cuddles . Harry found out about Louis' past...
Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding Vows - Larry Stylinson AU (boyxboy) COMPLETED by Whatsuphello1
Tattoos , Flowercrowns And Wedding...by Whatsuphello1
*Sequel to Punk vs Flowerchild* After more than a year together , Harry and Louis are finally engaged and about to get married . The two love each other more than anythi...
The Cliques (Larry Stylinson) {Punk!Harry} by foreverme20
The Cliques (Larry Stylinson) {Pun...by foreverme20
[Completed] Two Popular Cliques. One School. Both want to rule the school, but can't because of their fellow clique. Both cliques hate each other, everyone knows that. B...
The one with the tattoos || l.s by _kiss_me_you_fool_
The one with the tattoos || l.sby _kiss_me_you_fool_
Basically Harry hates Louis, because Louis is gay. But fate brings them together and Harry is not sure what he feels about the other boy. Jealousy, anger, hate and even...
The Maid For Styles by britishladsarehot
The Maid For Stylesby britishladsarehot
A unique beginning that stems from a turmoil of cruelty and pain. However, their love entwines itself so deeply between the matters that fuel their unusual bond, sparkin...
Petrified (a punk harry styles fanfic) by dabbingbambam
Petrified (a punk harry styles fan...by dabbingbambam
"Who is he?" "He's trouble. I hate trouble. I hate him." ----------------- This story is mine. You may not copy it and take credit for it. If you wan...
Flicker (H.S) by polaroidlou
Flicker (H.S)by el
(complete) we sat there smoking cigarettes at 5 in the morning. © 2014 polaroidlou
Hadrian Lupin-Black by etheral_ghoul_boy45
Hadrian Lupin-Blackby etheral_ghoul_boy45
When Sirius is persecuted without trial Hadrian is left with his sire Lupin. However certain creature laws deem Lupin an unfit caretaker due to his werewolf status. So D...
Punk Harry Imagine by ksheffron
Punk Harry Imagineby B
This is a long imagine about the punky version of Harry Styles. Okay? (guys i started writing this when i was like 15 so if it's cringey and cliché please give me a bre...
hazardous [larry stylinson au]  by prayingforlarry
hazardous [larry stylinson au] by ❤️
who is the name harry styles? harry styles is the name of the most feared teenager in holmes chapel. he brought almost ten kids to the hospital. he may seem like the sw...
Fat // *punk* Harry Styles by -theuphoria
Fat // *punk* Harry Stylesby loey
❝Just because you are fat doesn't give them the right way to calling you names ❞ He's is this guy your friend told you to stay off, and your parents told you to never h...
Broken //h.s au// by midnightharold
Broken //h.s au//by K
Jess McConnell is your average straight A student. Harry Styles is your typical bad boy. Will they fall for eachother? Or will something and someone try to break them ap...
Kidnapped by Harry styles  by Harry_style_is_mybae
Kidnapped by Harry styles by Harry_style_is_mybae
Harry styles a 21 years old leader of the most dangerous gang in the world fall in love with Rose a 18 years old girl who moved to his town. . . . . . " I want her...
Rejected by stylesdelirious
Rejectedby stylesdelirious
Love. Tattoos. Drugs. Fights. Pain. Heartbreak. Suspense. Agony. Mystery. Him. **Note: This book is not edited. This is the first book I have completed years ago as an i...
New kid(larry stylinson) by harrywillalwaystop
New kid(larry stylinson)by Hannah
Harry is the new kid at school who meets and falls in love with louis the innocent crossdresser.
27 tattoos | Harry Styles AU by alltimeharold
27 tattoos | Harry Styles AUby 🤍
SUMMARY (Y/N) moves to Cheshire after her parents divorce, she now lives with her mother in a rich part of a town called Holmes Chapel. With her perfect grades...