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Rascal x Reader (Glitter Lavender) by RascalTheJoker
Rascal x Reader (Glitter Lavender)by Joker Rascal
You will read a romantic story with you and our favorite wild card!
The Masquerader and the Jester [Rascal x Female Reader] by darkconfetti
The Masquerader and the Jester [Ra...by Circus Freak
After two years of studying abroad in Switzerland, you return to your hometown of Rainbow Hills. Transferring to an unfamiliar school as the new girl isn't easy. Not to...
keeping secrets | rascal x reader (DISCONTINUED) by Jdjiej
keeping secrets | rascal x reader...by Sunny | scaranation citizen
You're new at Rainbow Hills High school, you have a big secret but when a certain someone finds out about it, they will care, you will too... as of April 2024 (finally)...
Glitter Force Rascal x reader by BloodRedSakura1
Glitter Force Rascal x readerby Sonomi Hicage
You are a servant under Emperor Nogo along side Ulric, Brute,Booha and Rascal. when you join there team (if you could call it so) you took a form simaler to Rascal but w...
LMAO I STARTED ON WATTPAD BECAUSE OF GLITTERFORCE AND RASCAL X READER FANFICS... so I wrote a couple but never published them...then I transitioned and decided to write...
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ by UnicornGamer1234511
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~by Osoro Shidesu
She isn't ordinary, he isn't either, he has a twin brother and a sister he landed on Earth, she has a twin sister and was a great warrior brought back to life *IMPORTANT...
Game of Love (Rascal  x Reader) by MilliDraws
Game of Love (Rascal x Reader)by Milli Draws
Hi I am Milli and this is a Rascal x Reader (Glitter Force) story. I hope you will enjoy it and yeah have fun reading ;) All the pictures are mine and pls dont steal ar...
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Merged School Version + KeeperOfTheLostCities!!!!! by UnicornGamer1234511
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Merged S...by Osoro Shidesu
hi yep this is the same, same character sand stuff, there's new characters, and a new setting with a twist FOXFIRE -my kotlc fans you get it- Y/n is a very talented girl...
Fire Of Despair (Reader x Zuko & Rascal) by ZukoKorraAvatar
Fire Of Despair (Reader x Zuko & R...by Zuko & Korra
This story is about you and you secretly have a crush on Zuko. So what happens if Rascal appears in the Avatar Universe to give the story an unhappy ending?
Joker x Male!Reader Stuffs by Sugjestive
Joker x Male!Reader Stuffsby Magical Boy
Hello to the miniscule Smile Precure "fandom" here on Wattpad, I am here to write some Joker x reader because I am starving for more content and I'm sure at le...
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Adulthood by UnicornGamer1234511
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Adulthoodby Osoro Shidesu
you are all adults, you had all gone to Foxfire as young peeps, and learned a lot. And kicked butt. You aren't married but everyone had just turned 20 so no one expected...
Rascal x Reader by Diamond_Xo0X
Rascal x Readerby Diamond_Xo
A Rascal x Reader because school ruins me..
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Version 3 -Alpha Version- by UnicornGamer1234511
Choices ~Rascal X Reader~ Version...by Osoro Shidesu
Yes I said Alpha, because I'm doing alpha themed without the wolf stuff THERE ARE NO WOLVES IN THIS EXCEPT ULRIC, yes the characters are the same, all of them. RANDOM PIC
philocaly ༊*·˚  by Twilightshy345
philocaly ༊*·˚ by Qliiza _
: ̗̀➛ philocaly (n.) the love of beauty . : ̗̀➛ "y/n l/n." otherwise known as "Glitter Amethyst" has been in the human realm for quite a while; lo...
Yandere Rascal X Reader (Whos Feelings Are Not The Same) by ra3cal280
Yandere Rascal X Reader (Whos Feel...by spiced swordfish
I have decided to change this story up, I was feeling slightly unsatisfied with the story aspect of the reader just falling inlove with rascal and I wanted to make is so...
Falling for the bad guy? Rascal x reader {discontinued} by samcreations69
Falling for the bad guy? Rascal x...by sam
don't read this story if you can't handle the fact i don't update it anymore because it's annoying getting comments telling me to finish it even though i discontinued it...
Chaotic Jester Oneshots (on hiatus) by Luna6916
Chaotic Jester Oneshots (on hiatus)by Kianto
Because the psychotic entertainers always seem to be the most loved villains, and I love torturing myself by writing stuff I wouldn't normally. No lemons, and feel free...
(Rascal x Reader) Strange by Randomness7832
(Rascal x Reader) Strangeby Randomness7832
Hello! Continue reading for the real description. I wrote this story last year when I first learned about Wattpad, but never posted it. It's old and pretty bad, but if y...
Laughter [Rascal x Reader] by AlisonTrigger
Laughter [Rascal x Reader]by Trash ♡
You are Glitter Hope, the lost member of the glitter force. Your powers are unstable and, until recently, the only one with them. Soon you meet five others just like you...