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The Outcast by zombie_inspiration
The Outcastby zombie_inspiration
Bruce was an outcast in the civilized world, but is now alone against the undead.
SHE by areebjpg
SHEby Areeb Iqbal
A small paragraph about my girlfriend...
SCAMBI CULTURALI by BlogAngoloCultura
SCAMBI CULTURALIby BlogAngoloCultura
Il libro che consente agli autori di promuovere, condividere, leggere e commentare vari romanzi che ogni settimana vengono aggiornati in una sfida di scambi di lettura e...
Love me not ... by xien_le
Love me not Wei_Wuxian
I want you to hate me. Love me not that's your choice
Part 3: The Crash by zombie_inspiration
Part 3: The Crashby zombie_inspiration
Scott is in a fury to find his mother and this crash of sound leads him to track her down in an instant!
The Lost In Time  by Mimi42045
The Lost In Time by Mimi
This is a story of a girl who suddenly time travels in future where she met herself becoming a star with a huge fans.
Conversations at the Next Table by NicolsGuglielmetti
Conversations at the Next Tableby Nicolás Guglielmetti
The tip wasn't reliable enough for me to be there. Not because my presence was out of place among the regulars at Tropezón, as I had frequented the place for years, but...
LOST IN MEMORIES  by Booksthetic_ae
LOST IN MEMORIES by Booksthetic_ae
A tragic story about a 15yr old girl that moves to another city and a new highschool . She felt insecure and anxious Abt everything but one day she met someone new and t...
My prince that I'm lucky  by Jeanne_in30s
My prince that I'm lucky by Jeanne_in30s
It's not has close it's done but please tell "what do you think"
Uncharted Love's Redemption by areeb9056
Uncharted Love's Redemptionby Areeb Iqbal
A story about two people who hate eachother because of their past but fall in love later due to a tragedy, Why and How??? well u gotta read it (worth it)
My Christmas Wishes by AnthoniaNicol
My Christmas Wishesby AnthoniaNicol
A boy risks everything to save his sister from dying and discovers the miracle of Christmas is unlocked by making a wish.
Reading Time (Haiku) by DemonSteelking
Reading Time (Haiku)by DemonSteelking
This book is about reading time! Tags: poem, haiku reading time readingtime lotsoflove Demonsteelking poets poems
self conscious shrek  by jfcicantremember
self conscious shrek by idek idek
How shrek finds his way into his all time low. Find out in this book....
Come on, Ayleen by Kanola2002
Come on, Ayleenby Kanola2002
A woman with severe social anxiety tries to find her way out of her shell. Will she be happy with what she's found once she makes it out? Or will she wish she had never...
This is Me by FlexibleElla
This is Meby ღ ella ღ
For Amber Perkins, her life is hell. Chorus this chorus that. Only to be set by her step-mother, pure evil. And if she's not doing enough, her step-mother's kids suggest...
"I Don't know Why"  by slacker2b
"I Don't know Why" by Donn R
It's about the feeling of being left behind, abandon, with out love-