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Fluffy Ears a Reed900 Fanfic  by Myrawashere14
Fluffy Ears a Reed900 Fanfic by Zara/Myra
Elijah Kamski, creator of androids, has been kidnapping people left and right with his new and improved Chloe model. Conan, an RK900 model, gets assigned to Gavin Reed...
Growl || Reed900 ✔️  by CarmenKB
Growl || Reed900 ✔️ by 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔶
"Get the fuck away from me," I growl. Started December 2018 - October 27th, 2019
Why an android? /Reed900/ by lightnugget123
Why an android? /Reed900/by Light
Gavin or detective Reed had been working with his new partner, Rk900. An android partner which is normally called Conan. After Gavin knowing Conan something
low battery - Reed900 by lem0na8
low battery - Reed900by grayybones
there's gonna be smut probably --- Gavin Reed is paired with a newer model of Connor; RK900, or Conan, as he is informally called. Can Gavin deny his gay awakenings? Ca...
Consequences by Zannahz
Consequencesby Zannah
Gavin has a lot of anxiety and has PTSD and Nines isn't helping, they have to help each other with there issues. Each of there actions will depend on the consequences, c...
Closer Than Partners (rk900 × gavin)  by Fangirll28
Closer Than Partners (rk900 × Raiba khan
Gavin reed has never felt love for a very long time until Conan was sent to him to work on a tricky case the 2 find how they may just become more than parners (2 perspec...
Me not him - Reed900 by PJPlatypu5
Me not him - Reed900by PJPlatypu5
Gavin and Connor seem to be growing closer, and maybe there's something going on that Nines doesn't know about. As he becomes deviant and falls in love he'll need to fig...
Reed900 Smut???? by pancakedboi
Reed900 Smut????by pancakedboi
I am sorry I made this so now I wanna die oof
Gavin x RK900 [ONESHOTS - 21+] by pluviophilejiminx
Gavin x RK900 [ONESHOTS - 21+]by ★ J ★
Credits to the artist: @lirthealmighty Some Gavin x RK900 oneshots. Expect a lot of smut, fluff and angst coming in the oneshots cuz I ain't holding back with that shit...
Partners - Reed900 series by ilse_writes
Partners - Reed900 seriesby Ilse
Resident asshole and homicide detective Gavin Reed gets a new partner: the android RK900. Gavin is not particularly thrilled to be working with an android. They're too p...
DBH: Gavin x RK900 (Conan) One-shots by JustBeanTrash
DBH: Gavin x RK900 (Conan) *Trash_Cannot*
This is where I write about my gay dads from DBH (Literally canceled, I fell out of the Fandom)
Android Lover (Rk900 x Gavin Reverse AU) by bxnditburrito
Android Lover (Rk900 x Gavin YEET
"You are a android I know just act more natural more human not as much as a deviant but more subtle ya know?" ^ software instability
Damn humans. A reed900 reverse au fanfic by leafwrights
Damn humans. A reed900 reverse Leaf Skye Richardson
esentialy a reverse au love story between Conan Anderson(aka rk900) and gv200 (aka gavin) will contain smut and angsty shit there will be a thing with hank and conor bei...
EPIPHANY by ak_700
EPIPHANYby ak_700
Reed900 fanfiction Conan is assigned to be Gavin's partner. One day when Gavin doesn't show up to work Conan goes to look for him in his apartment. That led to him disco...
"Plastic Prick" by hjygfnj
"Plastic Prick"by CrunchyWallnuts
Hi! This a Gavin x RK900 fanfic. And, I am not going to be calling RK900 'Nines' or'Richard'. I am going to call him Conan. And in this story Connor and Conan are going...
Reed900 Oneshots by BrokenLonelyWriter
Reed900 Oneshotsby BrokenLonelyWriter
I also have a story XD I just love this ship.. Smut⚠️ Fluff⚠️ Angst⚠️ Swearing⚠️ Kinks⚠️
reed900 oneshots! REQUESTS OPEN!! by AnimationW
reed900 oneshots! REQUESTS OPEN!!by Animation W
Just reed900 oneshots. Leave requests, this is also my first one shot book uwu!! Cover art is not mine ❤
Imágenes Detroit Become Human by littlemess_morgan
Imágenes Detroit Become Humanby P A N
Como el nombre lo dice, son imágenes que he podido encontrar y vengo a compartir con vosotros. Hay mucho Hannor (Connor x Hank) y algunos memes en inglés que voy a tradu...
Bet You - Reed900 Smut by hereforsmut_
Bet You - Reed900 Smutby hereforsmut_
Summary: Perhaps Gavin should've known better than to make a bet with a piece of tin. Although, he can't say he wasn't satisfied with the outcome. A//N Just a ship from...