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The Perfect Love sequel! Y/N and Spencer are a year and half into their engagement. Y/N is finally finishing up college and heading to training for the FBI. She later j...
spencer reid x reader one shots by drspencerreidsimp
spencer reid x reader one shotsby dr. spencer reid simp
a collection of one shots that i am writing as i fall deeper in love with spencer reid. i needed an outlet for my feelings towards him, and i figured i'd share my writin...
eccendentesiast | spencer reid  by evilerspencerreid
eccendentesiast | spencer reid by mGubLerswh0re
eccedentesiast: someone who hides their pain behind a smile. enemies to lovers _ disclaimer: i do not own criminal minds and in no way am i trying to make it seem like...
new agent by rmurderstories
new agentby ky
Your Morgan's cousin and you got the spot in the bau when you run into a tall shy boy.
Spencer Reid One Shots by imoklahoma
Spencer Reid One Shotsby imoklahoma
pretty self explanatory. smutty, fluffy, ridiculous, and most things in between. also pretty dead. just gonna be real with y'all, don't expect updates. and REQUESTS ARE...
A Part of Me {s.r. x reader} by toptrash19
A Part of Me {s.r. x reader}by Lucy
Spencer Reid and Y/N have hated each other for as long as they've known each other. But, as they're forced to make amends to keep their jobs at the BAU, they learn they...
Flight Risk | Spencer Reid by brywriters
Flight Risk | Spencer Reidby BryWrites
An answer to the age old Criminal Minds question - who is flying the plane? And the story of a pilot and a profiler. || "She knows it's dangerous to care about them...
Reid X reader by DarkestMoon228
Reid X readerby Got Anime? HELL YES!!!!!!!!
You need help with a kidnapping and go to the BAU, after they see your skills they ask you to join
spencer reid imagines by evilerspencerreid
spencer reid imaginesby mGubLerswh0re
imagines about everyone's favourite hot doctor with an iq of 187 <33 [ purposely in lowercase ]
Spencer Reid Imagines (Spencer Reid x Reader) by patheticfangirl00
Spencer Reid Imagines (Spencer patheticfangirl00
I always just make up stories in my head and think of them, but I never write them down. So I decided to make a Spencer Reid Imagines book since I'm too lazy to write a...
Imagines. by drlxuxa
#11 lxuxa
Criminal Minds Imagines! REQUESTS OPEN! Any and everything goes. Hope you like it! Leave a comment, a request, a suggestion maybe? Thanks for reading! ♡
Spiraling by bau_beat
Spiralingby bau_beat
Reid x Reader angst💔 but with a tiny bit of fluff TW: Mentions of depression, anxiety, drug use, addiction, death, suicide, torture & violence
Spencer Reid x Reader Fluff Fics by spencerreidsmiles
Spencer Reid x Reader Fluff Ficsby Marissa
My fluffy Spencer Reid x Reader fics! Some are shorter blurbs (around/under 1k) and others are longer! These have been reuploaded from my tumblr, @spencerreidsmiles.
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid by Hell_R
Broken Goods - Criminal Minds - Hell
Life always did whatever it could to kick people whilst they were down, for once things were looking up. Why would anything ever work out that way?
Head In the Game by ninawritesfic
Head In the Gameby nina !!
Alice's just going to be at the BAU for a couple weeks. Help out with a couple cases, learn something. That's hardly enough time to get into trouble... right?
Subway Falls by Wolfstar25
Subway Fallsby Wolfstar25
Basically a cute AU where Spencer Reid and reader meet on the subway. This story is gonna be from the point of view of the reader (aka you). And sometimes Reid, but I'll...
this is me trying || s.r. by gublerness
this is me trying || gublerness
enemies to lovers 'And I just watch you do your own thing, talking about millions of things in matter of seconds, throwing your hands up in the air while I wonder how I...
The Only Case I Can't Solve Is You (Dr.Reid x Reader) by Swift_Star180
The Only Case I Can't Solve Is Swift_Star180
After a chain of murders in your town you hear a team from the BAU is going to investigate. One day on the way to work you get shot, and all hope is lost until you meet...
Spencer Reid One Shots by bbybumble
Spencer Reid One Shotsby Bea
a book full of Spencer Reid x Reader one shots! feel free to leave requests. there's more information in the first chapter of the book. thank you so much for reading!
Second Chance (Spencer Reid x Reader by Treatbeat1234
Second Chance (Spencer Reid x Treatbeat
You get saves after being kidnapped for two years. And to get answered, someone needs to percent to be your old lover that surprisingly looks like Reid