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criminal minds chatfic  by sp6ncers
criminal minds chatfic by reid’s gf
includes (list will be updated as story goes on): gay people, duh crimes/gore/violence (canon typical) jemily (will & jj r divorced) exaggerated personalities fem!reader...
My Nerd  by TheKinkyRat
My Nerd by Rat
Y/n Y/l/n just started her new job at the behavioral analysis unit, meeting a nerdy, yet handsome man named Spencer Reid. - Very shitting writing so I'm editing it now...
Life in the Limelight by The_ConstantTraveler
Life in the Limelightby The Traveler
You are a famous pop star. One day you meet a man in a coffee shop and decide to befriend him when he doesn't recognize you. Your life was never the same after and neith...
spencer reid one shots by magicianstricks
spencer reid one shotsby magicianstricks
one shots about everyone's favorite resident genius originally posted on my tumblr @/spncersreid
Y/N's friends convince her to go out and let loose after a long week at work...although she doesn't want to she agrees to go. She recently left her cheating ex and her f...
The Case of You and Me by writinginablackhole
The Case of You and Meby writinginablackhole
In which a case dealing with a stalker turns into more. Aria Plaza thought her life reached maximum crazy when her twin sister was convicted a murderer and arrested, lit...
Criminal Minds Oneshots  by multipotter24
Criminal Minds Oneshots by Faith
These are y/n X reader oneshots of all the criminal minds men Requests are open ~Mature content in some of the oneshots~ Lots of Spencer Reid so don't worry Thank you f...
Shall I Count the Ways by ofstarsandvibranium
Shall I Count the Waysby ofstarsandvibranium
You and Spencer are best friends. You're in love with him and he's in love with you, but neither of you know it nor decide to tell the other about their feelings. All th...
Scripted | S.R x Reader by reidschocolatedonut
Scripted | S.R x Readerby soo<3
"How can be sure when your whole job is to pretend?" "I was never sure about anything until I met you." Y/N L/N is an A-Lister in the film industry a...
The Night We Met by spencerreidsveins
The Night We Metby m☺
"i had all and then most of you, some and now none of you. take me back to the night we met." "i love you" "i know" A...
Spencer Reid x Reader- Apricot Sunsets by KarinaDeSousa235
Spencer Reid x Reader- Apricot Sun...by Karina De Sousa
"Her body is completely covered in any article of clothing meaning that she is uncomfortable or embarrassed with her body around certain people and or places-"...
Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds Imagine/One-shots! {Requests: OPEN} by Queennerd-love
Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds Imag...by CJ
Imagines/Oneshot book for our favorite genius with an IQ of 187! Enjoy! (Updates will be regular but I do have two other currently running books!) REQUESTS: OPEN!!
spencer reid imagines by eunoiaflow3r
spencer reid imaginesby nia
half decent x reader one shots about the kid genius.
Spencer Reid Imagines by CreepyLilMonster
Spencer Reid Imaginesby Mrs. Jones
Requests are closed 😊 This imagine book will be about the precious cinnamon roll with eidetic memory and three PHD's known as Spencer Reid :) However, I will not take s...
Just Me and Spencer Reid ~ Spencer Reid Oneshots by frenchie_dre
Just Me and Spencer Reid ~ Spencer...by frenchie!
because who doesn't love spencer reid? ~ requests being taken! ~ ~ i don't write smut, it makes me very uncomfortable ~ highest rankings : 10 in #spencerreid 1 in #spence
Hatred  // spencerreidxreader by spencersbutt
Hatred // spencerreidxreaderby SpencerReidFan
Y/n y/l/n had joined the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI 2 months ago. She had met everyone and loved them immediately, and they loved her. Well, all but one. Spence...
Spencer Reid X Reider One shots and imagines by itsMlover
Spencer Reid X Reider One shots an...by Mlover
Imagines and one shots with Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Spencer Reid Comfort Oneshots by rosecoloredreid
Spencer Reid Comfort Oneshotsby teddie🧸
Spencer Reid one shots for when you're sad and need a hug.
Criminal Minds Imagines by InumakisCurse
Criminal Minds Imaginesby Ella <3
One-Shot book filled with fem!reader imagines for the men of Criminal Minds; Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Luke Alvez, and also BAU x reader piled with ang...
RSVP - Spencer Reid x Reader by Hell_R
RSVP - Spencer Reid x Readerby Hell
Wedding bells were ringing. Derek Morgan had just married my best friend and it was time to celebrate with some good food and good company. Just the two of us, me and th...