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Mafia's Retribution by kangsuzy18
Mafia's Retributionby Kang Suzy
Deathslinger Deku by The_Nocturnal_Raven
Deathslinger Dekuby Noctis Corvus
Izuku is quirkless. In a world of heroes and villains, he has no power. But when everything continues to go against him, he rises above through his own determination and...
His strict dad and sweet momma  by pragyamishra978
His strict dad and sweet momma by Pragya Mishra 💜
This is a fictional story of Taehyung , a bratty child who is always able to escape from his dad's warth with the help of his mother who is his best friend. Tae always s...
The Vixen's Wrath by reinaive
The Vixen's Wrathby Ladyryu
In a world filled of tangled web of secrets and revenge, Eloise, a grieving daughter of a fallen secret agent, must carve her path amid betrayal, redefining her purpose...
Nomad {Editing} by WolvesandMoons
Nomad {Editing}by Madelynn Tudor
To his family, he was a traitor, to his people he was a threat and to himself a monster. Charlie never had a chance to prove otherwise. For the last twelve years, Char...
Another Form of Power by Jade_Tatsu
Another Form of Powerby Jade_Tatsu
In the wake of All Might's rejection, Izuku goes with Sensei. The League gained a new member, and the future shifted. As Kurogiri knows, Sensei has many quirks and many...
Resident Evil: Project Aurora by LoveDoesHurt
Resident Evil: Project Auroraby Bella
My name is Aurora. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation. I was the leading scientist in Dr. Ashford's work, as well as Head of Public and Media Relations. My work for U...
Until Death Do You Part by The_Nocturnal_Raven
Until Death Do You Partby Noctis Corvus
Men create their own monsters. Such is the way of the world. Unfortunately for this fracture, this monster is very, very real. Edit 7/4/22: #15 in the vengence tag. Nice...
A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 in Rising Dragons] by SilentSilverSlip
A Dragon's Retribution [Book 3 Gabby
Spoilers ahead, don't read unless you've read the other two books! ************************************************************************* Seeryath is riderless and wa...
Agarwood Like Crumbs (Immortal Samsara) by lisusu17
Agarwood Like Crumbs (Immortal Kia
[COMPLETED] Author: Su Mo (苏寞) Drama Adaptation Name: Immortal Samsara Chapters: 85 (+4 Extra Chapter) Chinese Name: 沉香如屑 (chenxiangruxie) Status: Completed THIS NOVEL I...
RETRIBUTION (A Hazbin Hotel x Helluva Boss Story - Reader Insert) by katzarecoolz
RETRIBUTION (A Hazbin Hotel x Katzarecoolz
You are the Princess of Heaven (Charlie's half sister that she doesn't know yet) after having your beloved stolen (killed) before your eyes you set out on a quest to bri...
Rebirth of a Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season by faithprieto
Rebirth of a Fashionista: This 念念
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES - Title: Rebirth of a Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season Author: Busy Beans (豆子很忙) Translator: xYuna Status: Ongoing - Synopsis Cinderella we...
COD Infinite Warfare: Earth Born member of the SDF by AgentKansas632
COD Infinite Warfare: Earth Born Agent Kansas632
You are someone from Earth who sees the politicians of Earth as weak and lazy, the armed services as full of cowards and trigger happy lunatics and you admire the Settle...
Lost Guardian of the Sea by Shadow_Warrior14
Lost Guardian of the Seaby Hunter
After the war with Kronos, the Olympians were weak. So they created guardians. The strongest of these guardians was a son of Poseidon named Perseus. He lived for hundred...
Karmic Retribution | An Among Us x Reader fanfic | Completed | by accountdisintigrated
Karmic Retribution | An Among Us AccountDiscontinued
You were just a normal crewmate who fell in love will Red another crewmate on your team. He was a tsundere but he was YOUR tsundere and always would be. Until the traged...
Whatever It Takes by We_Love_Her
Whatever It Takesby Siyamthanda Yokwe
Cleo has finally found out who was responsible for her going through a traumatic incident where she lost her child, and she's willing to do what others won't to get back...
TBATE: War cry by HighElf3
TBATE: War cryby highelf3
Arthur and Sylvie go back in time to beginning of war after fighting Cadell and Nico. Can he fix all his regrets, and save everyone? I don't know if he can, I might ev...
The Revenge of Lincoln X [運命の逆転] by TheChaosTheorist
The Revenge of Lincoln X [運命の逆転]by Mac Mansfield
We all know the tragicomic tale of the infamous episode "No Such Luck" For years, fans have sought closure denied by Nickelodeon and their ghoulish writers in...
Retribution|| Vmin by bangta3n
Retribution|| Vminby i like yoo(ngi)
❝I can't taste my lips, could you do it for me?❞ Park Jimin is the only beloved heir of Park Ji Sung, a powerful man. He had his fears and often dreamt about someone bei...
The devil inside me (lackadaisy X My OC) by Zhafran077
The devil inside me (lackadaisy Ɱɾ. βӀąçҟաօօժ
In the aftermath of World War I, as Germany surrendered to England, Prussia, and America, the once-mighty nation lay in ruins. Amidst the desolation, a battle-weary cat...