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Patient 005 by shayschiesler
Patient 005by shayschiesler
Sang only knows life inside the white walls. She only knows two names, her true name, 005, and the name she is given by the men that run the experiments on her. Songbird...
Tracked: A Valkyrie Saga Book 2 by readerchick428
Tracked: A Valkyrie Saga Book 2by E.A. Baker
Ray risked everything to save her new friend, and now the entire supernatural world is finding out all of the secrets she has spent a lifetime trying to hide. How will t...
Finding Ella by Bella_Dark
Finding Ellaby Bella_Dark
Ella is on the run, terrified that the men who stole her right off the street will find her again. A sweet, unloved young woman who has lived the past few years in foste...
Shielded: A  Valkyrie Saga Book 1 by readerchick428
Shielded: A Valkyrie Saga Book 1by E.A. Baker
Ray has one goal in life; to survive long enough to age out of the foster care system, and she has been using her unique Gifts to keep any unwanted attention off of her...
Fine Print by ficklefirefly
Fine Printby ficklefirefly
Don't talk to strangers. That warning had never been more true, especially when Sang encounters an odd woman outside the closest gas station. Who would have known how qu...
Rejected by Who Knows Who.. by IvoryValentia
Rejected by Who Knows Who..by IvoryValentia
In a world where Soulmates exist, people are born with or without one. I, Aera Irene Whitfield a 20-year-old Actress who is studying business have been blessed by not on...
DogBird (REWRITE) by androxvintage
DogBird (REWRITE)by androxvintage
Monroe Lovie. A seventeen-year-old boy who lives with an overprotective mother, an abusive and power-hungry stepfather, and a stepbrother who wishes to be more than brot...
They Called Her El Diablo by coraswan
They Called Her El Diabloby Evelyn
Academy fic. According to Sang Sorensen she can't handle her boys and their newfound 'needs'; abandoning them for a 'normal life'. The Toma Team were abandoned too. They...
Wherever The River May Run. by LoveAshleyNicole
Wherever The River May Run.by BookstoryBabe
What if the day North was drugged at the party, he and Sang had got intimate. However, in the morning he doesn't remember and Sang doesn't say anything to anyone. A few...
haute couture ☆ bllk by totos-
haute couture ☆ bllkby toto
"i hope the beauty of my work will continue to shine throughout history." -y/n ☆ silly fic with no depressive themes ☆
DogBird by androxvintage
DogBirdby androxvintage
Monroe Lovie. A seventeen-year-old boy who lives with an overprotective mother, an abusive and power-hungry stepfather, and a stepbrother who wishes to be more than brot...
Rewriting History [a Ghostbird Fanfic]- on hiatus by Azallya
Rewriting History [a Ghostbird Fan...by Lya
Previously known as: TWIST OF FATE After finishing the Ashley Waters mission, Sang Sorenson and the nine men are captured. When they wake, the boys have to watch Volto t...
I Don't Need You by MariquitaLimelight
I Don't Need Youby Riqui
"I was fine with being normal! I never asked for any of this" Raely is just coming back to in-person school a year and a half after the COVID-19 pandemic was c...
Not The Perfect Ten by AnishaTibdewal
Not The Perfect Tenby Anisha
(ON HOLD) A big twist and a bigger change in their lives. This is not the story of the perfect ten you have been reading about. It has more to it, more complications...
Trial by Fire by TaylorAllen7
Trial by Fireby Taylor Zavala
Sang has been working at Bob's Diner since she was sixteen years old. Her dream is to one day own the diner but she can't afford it and Uncle is almost ready to retire...
Their Reserve by Islahugo
Their Reserveby Islahugo
It didn't take long for Jess to destroy Sang's world. To knock the very foundations out of her world. Every thing she worked so hard to create. The place that kept her s...
rh sets content but it's my interpretations of them by RoyaleStarish
rh sets content but it's my interp...by noa ~
tl;dr im bored and fixated on rh ships: Darling Val x Miss Lady Rose Shadow Empress x Princess Starfrost Poly Opposites Winter Guardian F x Royale Rebel M December x Pep...
Tantalizing Two by 7evven
Tantalizing Twoby 7even
Sang Sorenson. Roux Richardson. Two girls from extremely wealthy families. So wealthy in fact that the glamour and glitz hide the gore and grits. Blood may be thicker t...
Bird in a Lions Cage by Ladyofshallotte
Bird in a Lions Cageby Ladyofshallotte
this is an Academy Fan Fiction. I've never wrote one before but i figured i would give it a go. After years of searching for a girl from his childhood, Raven finally fou...
Inori In Jujutsu Kaisen by JaeYaj
Inori In Jujutsu Kaisenby JaeYaj
Born in the Heian Era, the Queen of the King of Curses; Sukuna's lover. Reincarnated in the 20th century, the Prodigy of jujutsu society; love interest of Gojo, Geto, an...