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The Villain Just Wants to be a Salted Fish [Transmigrated] by arieshima
The Villain Just Wants to be a Arie Shima
Ye Zexi transmigrated as the big villain in a danmei novel, who shares the same name as him. Then, he found out that everyone regards him as an imaginary enemy. In this...
[MPREG] I Have a Happy Ending with the Mistress's Ex-Boyfriend by arieshima
[MPREG] I Have a Happy Ending Arie Shima
When the starlet Jian Qiaoxin went to catch his boyfriend in the act, who could have thought that the mistress's boyfriend, Chairman Yan Gan, also came to the scene. Th...
[BL] After the salted fish follower was spotted by F4 [wearing the book] by Icynite15
[BL] After the salted fish Icynite
Author : You Lin Status : Finished (90 chapters) Summary: Fan Bai put into a novel and became a follower of campus F4... This novel is not ordinary, it is not only a fas...