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[✓]Uprising In The Plot! After Transmigrating, The Bigshots Pampered Me by GirlUnderSun
[✓]Uprising In The Plot! After Tra...by Holy
When Yu Yao opens her eyes, she realizes that she has transmigrated into a book that she had once read. It was a typical story about a real daughter and a fake daughter...
The Crippled Boss's Outstanding Substitute Wife  by Lizkook_fanficer
The Crippled Boss's Outstanding Su...by Orchid
The once rich girl Lee Lalisa lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years la...
The Rich and Vicious Male Partner Tore Off the Script [ Danmei MTL ] by EggLastCrack
The Rich and Vicious Male Partner...by IT IS NOT EAYS TO MAKE THE WS...
I'm a Villainess, But So What? Fuck Off. by mrmacpuffy
I'm a Villainess, But So What? Fuc...by Puffy
Honestly, I don't give a rat's ass about anything from the storyline. Those fucking capture targets are so damn stupid, falling for an idiotic birdbrain heroine. Actuall...
System: Change the fate by Nisha_lucy
System: Change the fateby LUCY
Adria Campbell had everything in her life. Her family pampered her. She really had everything that she wanted except a BOYFRIEND.There were many proposals... BUT No one...
... by phoenixtuan
...by phoenixtuan
Author: As If Dawn Translator: EndlessFantasy Source: boxnovel.com Synopsis: Song Yu, an up and coming architect was supposed to be the fiancée to the second son of the...
Arranged Marriage (Coming Soon) by InnocenceCollected
Arranged Marriage (Coming Soon)by Innocence Collected
Kim Taehyung's mother forced him to marry the man his sister was supposed to marry. This man was from one of the wealthiest families in the country. Taehyung was confuse...
အထူးလုပ်ကြံရေးသမတစ်ယောက်ရဲ့ စာမျက်နှာသစ် by YunaLily7
အထူးလုပ်ကြံရေးသမတစ်ယောက်ရဲ့ စာမျက်...by ChiHiRo Lily
လုပ်ကြံသူအဖွဲ့တစ်ခုရဲ့ ပျိုးထောင်ခံလာရပြီး ၁၃နှစ်တာလေ့ကျင့်လာပြီးနောက်ပိုင်း ရှန်ယွဲ့ဟာ အသက် ၁၇နှစ်အရွယ်မှာတော့ အကောင်းဆုံးလုပ်ကြံရေးသမား ဂုဏ်ပုဒ်ကိုရခဲ့ပြီးတော့ လုပ်ကြံ...
The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script by ballofsunooshine
The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her...by ً💛
NOT MINE!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY!! SYNOPSIS Yan XI was the eldest young lady of the Van family, the head of Beiqiao City's top four aristocratic familles. Despite her...
Unrestrained Strongest Teacher  by RonSigma
Unrestrained Strongest Teacher by Cultured Meem
Bruh. (Restoration of the Story that was literally deleted without me knowing)
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 2919 by Heavens_Edge
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Swo...by Heavens_Edge
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 2919 ROTSSG RSSG
Not The Typical Female Lead Again  by loll_lmao
Not The Typical Female Lead Again by summer is purple and blue
Hazel Garrison an 18 year old orphan is adopted by one of the richest family in the city Now she has 3 handsome step brothers a loving family everything an orphan can d...
The abyss of darkness  by NEELFALME2003
The abyss of darkness by Dragoneel
Allen was the youngest son of a wealthy family engaged with the son of a another family but as you would have it he was thrown out , killed and even humiliated by his o...
ဗီလိန်ဆိုတာမျက်နှာဖြတ်ရိုက်မယ့်မ​ကောင်းဆိုးဝါး by Shota1003
ဗီလိန်ဆိုတာမျက်နှာဖြတ်ရိုက်မယ့်မ​က...by Channi
မူရင်းအမည်- 女配是打脸狂魔 Author: Painting Galaxy English translator -asseylum5 staus- အခန်း (၁၉၁ )တွင်ပြီးပါမည် ။ ဇာတ်လမ်းက အရမ်းစိတ်ဝင်စားဖို့ကောင်းပါတယ်။ဖတ်ကြည့်​ပေးကြပါ...
When I Was Yours | A Game Shakers [Kenzie/Babe] Fanfiction by SarahTheAida
When I Was Yours | A Game Shakers...by Scarth
When Kenzie develops a slight crush on Babe, she wonders if Babe would ever feel the same way. As time progresses, Kenzie's romantic fantasies come true, but not exactly...
Who Says All Saints Need To Be Good? by IshiharaNiaoka
Who Says All Saints Need To Be Goo...by IshiharaNiaoka
Once a Saintess who believed she was cherish by all, loved by all. However, it was nothing but a farce, her own illusion she created to satisfy her own unrealistic dream...
Clear Sight by FallenAngel562
Clear Sightby Fallen Angel
ORIGINAL STORY!!!!! No one saw the mocking gazes the so called "white lotus" gave her. No one knew her pain when she watched the one she loved for her whole li...
Chinese bl (bl book/novel recommendations) by IAm_ErisL1485
Chinese bl (bl book/novel recommen...by IAm_ErisL1485
boyxboy stories/ Chinese bl All these novels have happy endings, some have op main characters, face slapping, some are fluffy and sweet, conflicts are solve easily and o...
More Than Turning the Other Cheek by WildRhov
More Than Turning the Other Cheekby Rhov
Laxus deserved that slap, but he had to admit... he rather goaded Freed into it. And he liked it a little too much.
Neither the image nor the stories are mine, they are those very interesting stories I've read and think you might like it too.