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royalty [l.s] by define_lou
royalty [l.s]by define_lou
[being edited] harry styles is the son of the king desmond styles which means he's the prince of eroda. his family forced him into marrying an unknown woman which he did...
Devil's in the Details // Complete by potionandpoetry
Devil's in the Details // Completeby Pari
With an opportunity of a lifetime to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true, Thea finds it getting increasingly harder to hide her attraction to her boss, Aiden Steel...
Harsh And Divine by PurnimaNegi
Harsh And Divineby Purnima Negi
A story where a woman is stuck between two men of clashing power and authority. She piqued his interest as soon as he saw the very first sight. She was differ...
Strawberry Shampoo(Larry stylinson AU) by Larrys_left_shoe
Strawberry Shampoo(Larry Larrys_left_shoe
The one where Harry uses strawberry shampoo top!Louis bottom!harry
Mafia's Cute Hybrid (taekook) by Wolferina
Mafia's Cute Hybrid (taekook)by HIATUS
Jungkook is a cold hearted mafia raised to rule over the underworld and out of circumstances he is engaged to a cute tiger hybrid . The idea of love seems stupid to him...
Is Love really enough? by honeybuttercup9
Is Love really enough?by honeybuttercup9
Love makes you do crazy things. - Sarah Oberoi . So does hatred and revenge. -Shantanu Sharma. They fell in love and got married against their families will. But then t...
Mere Humsafar❤️‍🔥 by Akshhh0902
Mere Humsafar❤️‍🔥by Akshhh
"Yeh ishq tum na karna yeh rog hi lgaye.... Dafan khudh kare hai Fir sokh bhi manaye" Separation in love destroy us to no end... It haunts us in every step we...
The Boss of Me by Sonu2314
The Boss of Meby Ganesh Chilukuri
Percy Jackson is a 23-year-old aspiring author. His whole life revolves around writing and his family. When he finds out that his little brother has developed cancer, hi...
Ties That Bind by KiyaSiwach
Ties That Bindby Kiya Siwach
Some stories that I have imagined and get inspired after seeing some dramas and all . started = 5/10/2021 #1 in sweetlove [November 2021] #2 in hindi [ January 2022 ] #5...
The Frozen Love by 13thhighway
The Frozen Loveby 13th highway
"Are you crazy? you almost got hit. Did you do it on purpose?" The angry CEO Jeon Jungguk shouted looking at the poor boy named kim tahyung. He almost got hit...
Baby Sitting the Monster [Series#2] by annyymmmm
Baby Sitting the Monster [Series#2]by Ann.
Baby Sitting the Monster [Series#2] [On Going]
Star Damaged [BakuDeku] by Cone_of_Depression
Star Damaged [BakuDeku]by 🍦🐟 🕐
🧡💚From the moment Izuku watched his first All Might movie he knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up: a hero! However, it wasn't long before the harsh, cruel...
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕 by kavyareddy21
My Crazy Cantaloupe 💕by kavya
Can Rathavit, the bankrupt yet crazily driven guy doing his part-time MBA in New York city loves to live life his way. His crazy way involves a lot of food. Tin Medthana...
Laila by myloveforwords
Lailaby Ira W
Laila Barakat is a normal eighteen-year-old girl. She just got received a full scholarship to a private college and works a part-time job to help support her family. She...
Never mine.. by parineetashree
Never priya bharti
What happens when you are nothing one day and suddenly you got everything? But everything comes with its price and here I have lost my heart to my cousins fiance when s...
My Soul Mate  by AriaIsTrash
My Soul Mate by Aria
Warning! This story contains heavy references to ddlg. If you're not okay with this, don't read it! "Do you like what you see?" He tried again for attention. H...
Unfinished Love Story | Jakehoon by simpforgeonu
Unfinished Love Story | Jakehoonby bianca.
Sunghoon who liked Jake during their High School years decided to confess to him. Jake harshly rejected his confession. In two years, they're destined to meet again. Wi...
My Italian Billionaire by lovers401
My Italian Billionaireby a_lya401
"You have 2 months to get a girl to fall in love you, then break up with her and you'll get your money." What started out to be a bet with his friends in Ital...
For Your Sake (Complete) by AnamikaGK
For Your Sake (Complete)by Anamika G.K.
Two star-crossed lovers and one ugly secret. The battle of wills, where one is hell-bent on letting go and another is determined to stick together in the face of adver...
More Than An Assistant | Yandere CEO x Reader by -wanderinq
More Than An Assistant | Yandere Fay
This story takes place in North America during modern ages. You are the new personal assistant for Alaric Kami, the CEO of Kami Corporations, the largest and most powerf...