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Riley Biers X Reader Part 1 by Twilight_cullens
Riley Biers X Reader Part 1by ųņďêřęšţįmāțəđ
Y/N and Riley have been like best friends all throughout school. One day, Riley doesn't show up. Y/N thinks nothing of it....what will she do she finds out what actually...
Riley's Angel by Jeanette164
Riley's Angelby Jeanette164
What if Edward had a little sister in his human time. He thought she died from a gun shot, that he accidently shot her when a vampire came near her when he was hunting i...
Rebirth by javerylarson
Rebirthby Avery Larson
Lillian Masen spent her teenage years in 1910's Chicago with her parents and her older brother, Edward. Besides her father hardly ever being home to spend time with her...
Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The Twilight Saga) by misstonii
Midnight Sun ❖ (Embry Call - The zephyrus
A girl who'd spent her entire life in Forks, Washington thought she knew all the secrets of the town. Clearly, she was wrong. Gracie Biers is a 17 year old girl, one of...
Resisting the Imprint (Seth Clearwater) by werecoyote9653
Resisting the Imprint (Seth Rachel
Annabelle Biers, better known as Anna, was devastated when her brother, Riley, disappeared in Seattle. After over a year of being overwhelmed by grief, she finally deci...
The Half Sister, Chapter 2 by MIsabella96
The Half Sister, Chapter 2by MilaBel
Inaaya and Paul are set onto a route to find Jacob after his outburst. Inaaya, Jacob and Paul's relationship is put to the test as the pack comes across a life threateni...
Lost Love (A Michael Phelps love story) by Batmananddemon
Lost Love (A Michael Phelps love JJ
What happens when Nikki and Michael meet... Will it be magic or an epic fail..... read to find out!!!! :P
Xavier Samuel imagines by Xavier_Samuel
Xavier Samuel imaginesby Xavier_Samuel
Some imagines about my favorite Aussie man
All Signs Point To Forks ⸺ Twilight: Eclipse by nevillesIongbottom
All Signs Point To Forks ⸺ bee
🌲.ೃ࿐ iii. ALL SIGNS POINT TO FORKS ❝you & me, we stand for something!❞ History has a funny way of repeating itself . . . another Ja...
The Half Sister by MIsabella96
The Half Sisterby MilaBel
Inaaya Call, Embry's half sister from Britain has moved to La Push after her parents died in a car crash. As she is 16 not 18 she hasn't got a choice on where she stays...
A Telltale Dusk » Twilight by Iiamstewart
A Telltale Dusk » Twilightby ˗ˏˋ tris ˎˊ˗
Never had any vampire nor werewolf encountered someone that would hold them side by side in times of great despair, but the newest addition to Forks' not-so-great popula...
COLD ONES| Grimm ⚜ by DarlaDream97
COLD ONES| Grimm ⚜by DarlaDream97
"Red is what i see, and you can't change it" The now famous Grimm Nick Burkhardt is on the search for a crazed killer that he clearly suppos...
it is here, in the cradle of all i hold dear  (i guard every memory of you) by letherbeseen
it is here, in the cradle of all letherbeseen
SUMMARY: When Leah Clearwater finally returns to her home for the first time in three years for Sue and Charlie's wedding, she gets more than she bargains for when she s...
Ocean Of Flames || Seth Clearwater || by Kyle-LeeDanton
Ocean Of Flames || Seth TurnedPage
"I'm drowning in an ocean of flames and I'm choking on the smoke." "Do you want me to be your fire extinguisher? Do you want me to be your smoke detector...
Winter's Chill by SunshineMoonbeams08
Winter's Chillby Valerie -
"For in that solemn silence is heard in the whisper of every sleeping thing: Look, look at me, Come wake me up for still here I'll be." -R.E. Slater The sudden...
flower girl | ❝she was never mine, but losing her broke my heart.❞ in which two best friends are turned into vampires. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE © 2018 ANTHAEIA
Riley Biers x Vampire Reader. by Madam_Malfoy
Riley Biers x Vampire German
You are a vampire that can control almost everything. Welcome daughter of Dracula
To Love or To Destroy [TWILIGHT] by valslibrarium
To Love or To Destroy [TWILIGHT]by valslibrarium
[TWILIGHT || RILEY BIERS] There is said to be five stages of grief-denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. But Selene Rossi could not seem to grasp the la...
Bitten|Twilight by sparkleslvst
Bitten|Twilightby sparkleslvst
A girl named Reagan moves to Forks, Washington. She attends high school there and meets Edward Cullen. Reagan and Edward start to get close. But Reagan later fig...