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Guns and Shield (The Rising of the Shield Hero Fanfiction) by SmolRobean
Guns and Shield (The Rising of the...by 爆豪勝己💥
Amaya is a cheerful and bubbly girl, living in a world where the 4 cardinal heroes are summoned to save the lives of everyone in the world. She may just be recalled as a...
Rising of the Seiryu Hero  by Shadow_caster_x
Rising of the Seiryu Hero by Shadow_caster_x
What if Naofumi came from the One Piece world, and he had the Uo Uo no mi model: Seiryu.
Rising of The Shield Hero: Venom by AnimeEagleScout
Rising of The Shield Hero: Venomby Joeseph Moore
Naofumi is an Otaku who is the only thing keeping a homicidal Parasite "Parasite?!" from killing the earth with a steady diet of Chocolate, phenethylamine pill...
The Gunslinger: Rising of the Shield Hero X Male Reader Erron Black  by Outlaw_Hunter
The Gunslinger: Rising of the Shie...by Hunter
Y/N, a teenage boy visiting Japan in the summer, he comes across a book in a shop that will change his life forever. Something magical happened and it will change his an...
The return of the staff hero (Shield hero x Male reader) by Karadock56
The return of the staff hero (Shie...by Karadock56
Let's see what happens, when a jojo fan gets Isekai'd
Rising of the Caped Baldy by TactitionPumpkin
Rising of the Caped Baldyby 【Tactical Pumpkin】
Saitama, the hero for fun. As of the moment he stands a bored husk of his former self. The only reason he hasn't punched his way home is because the small glimpse of cha...
The Rising of the Shield Hero of Peace by KaminariDaInfamous
The Rising of the Shield Hero of P...by Denkole Kamigrath
When All Might, formerly the number one hero in Japan, also known as the Symbol of Peace, is transported to a world where he is dubbed "The Shield Hero" his ne...
The Shield's Weaponless Brother (The Rising Of The Shield Hero X Male Reader) by thenewalexmercer
The Shield's Weaponless Brother (T...by the new alex mercer
The waves of catastrophe. Mysterious events that puts entire worlds in danger, to combat these threats four heroes are summoned. The Spear hero, the Sword hero, the Bow...
The Reimagining of the Bow Hero by Alexanderctn
The Reimagining of the Bow Heroby Alexanderctn
Satoshi Sera, a prodigious law student, is summoned to the tumultuous world of Shield Hero. Brace yourself as he establishes democracy in a northern country and introduc...
The Monster Hero by KyleBayan
The Monster Heroby Beast of Boredom
In the land of Melromarc, the four cardinal heroes were summoned, each wielding a single weapon spear, bow, sword, and shield. But what if the kingdom accidentally summ...
Young Hero(Discontinued) by marithemaid
Young Hero(Discontinued)by Mari
As the 4 shield hero were summoned only 3 heroes appeared. The mages we're confused but did not think about it. The mages left but one stayed and tried to summon the Shi...
The Hero of Purgatory by Dredgen09
The Hero of Purgatoryby Malware9099
William Mason a man of justice even in death but how about in another world (I own nothing except this Fan-fiction images and characters belong to there rightful owners)
Rising of the soul carrier by JamesonCollins1
Rising of the soul carrierby Jameson Collins
Melromarc has many legends, particularly of the 4 legendary heros. But unknown to many, there is another legend. A legend of a man who carried the souls of lords, knight...
The Redemption of The Chain Hero (TROTSH x Male Reader) by Kakirihazuri
The Redemption of The Chain Hero (...by Kakirihazuri
Y/n L/n, the chain hero. Summoned into another world at a young age to become its hero against calamity. However, the task was too much for the boy to do on his own. He...
[Discontinued] The Hero That Lost Everything by AGG200-333
[Discontinued] The Hero That Lost...by DepressedTrainer101
Naofumi aka the Shield Hero has suffered some major bullshit,but this time would be the most sufferable. On the night that should've been used to celebrate the successfu...
The Samurai: Rising of The Shield Hero X Male Reader by Sword_Saint89
The Samurai: Rising of The Shield...by Sword_Saint89
Reito, a young man who just turned 17. After taking victory in a kendo tournament, he finds a book that will change his life forever. Something happens with the supernat...
The Journey of the Katana Hero by TheTrinity9
The Journey of the Katana Heroby ArcVme
We know the story of the Cardinal Heroes and their weapons; Spear, Bow, Sword and Shield. But, what if there is one more? This is the story of Rimuru Arashi. After got s...
Kaido reincarnate into Shield hero (shield hero x Kaido) by BounphengMixay
Kaido reincarnate into Shield hero...by PEPSI 47
Kaido have done it his dream come true, he achieve it he create the greatest war against the world government, he wanted to make the Era like people who Kaido respect an...
Resilient Shield by Aquarius727
Resilient Shieldby Aquarius727
Being Iwatani Naofumi is hard, full of suffering and thankless job. Not only he was kidnapped from his home world without a warning, he was shoved headfirst into crapsac...
Mahora Academy by AlstonChanAlstonChan
Mahora Academyby Ask
Union Academy,a f*ck up heroes school where everyone is corrupted and care about fame,money and getting girls.But there one more heroes academy as it called Mahora Acade...