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The Dorms || Oikawaxreader (complete) by minminoikawa
The Dorms || Oikawaxreader ( Luca
"What are you doing out here with so little fabric on?" Oikawa questioned, "You life with a bunch of collage boys remember?" In which a girl and Oika...
In The Claws Of Dragon King by sheisawriter101
In The Claws Of Dragon Kingby Aries
Book 1 of 'The Fire Series'. Layla is starting her new life in a new town with her foster family. The town seems normal but not the peoples she had met. And in few days...
From our first meet to the end of life(Uni+Zaw) by Angle946
From our first meet to the end Angle946
Unicode ပထမဆုံးစတွေ့တုန်းကတယောက်နဲ့တယောက်အရမ်းမုန်းခဲ့ကြတဲ့ကောင်လေး၂ယောက်။ဘဝအဆုံးထိအရမ်းချစ်တဲ့ချစ်သူတွေဖြစ်သွားလိမ့်မယ်လို့ဘယ်သူထင်ခဲ့မှာလဲ။ ပထမဆုံးရေးဖူးတဲ့ficမို့လို့...
The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned by bluemypet
The Atypical Young Lady Has bluemypet
(PART ONE) This story is not mine. This is for offline reading purposes and entertainment only. Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations The eldest...
Collision of Hearts by MarySheniah
Collision of Heartsby Mary Sheniah
A Love Story of rivals, turned lovers and turned opponents in a courtroom. But it is for life? When Highschool enemies become lovers but soon they broke up and parted th...
PANI ff : The girl he never noticed ( Destined to Love ) by CathySymond
PANI ff : The girl he never Cathy Symond
She had come into his life like a sudden flame , blazing and streaming into his heart <3 <3 She Had something to tell him , But he was busy running away...
happily ever after?{wlw teacherxstudent} by Sabwrts
happily ever after?{wlw Sabwrts
never knew i would meet anyone like her she made everything go away who knew one english teacher could make everything better but not only that but completely change my...
A Lesbian College Love Story  by SydneyValentinee
A Lesbian College Love Story by SydneyValentinee
Sydney was a girl who'd never thought she'd see her self settling down for a relationship. Besides obtaining an education college is a place to have fun and express you...
Por Ella by comandantemapache
Por Ellaby Mapaxe
Los ángeles unen a la los humanos con lazos de amor en aquel mundo donde todo era posible, excepto una cosa, una única cosa y precisamente es esta, la razón de esta hist...
The Crush by andrea_notme
The Crushby andrea_notme
You have a crush on someone will he find ch 2 find out if he does.then life takes a dramatic turn with why don't we warning PG at own risk
Love or I don't know what to call this! by brokenheart901
Love or I don't know what to Broken!
Teenage love is crazy right. This story is about my personal love life during school time and how it comes to an end, or maybe it's still on going, I really can't tell!
John Adams x Thomas Jefferson by Stinkyexgf
John Adams x Thomas Jeffersonby Audrey Claire
John Adams tells the tale of how he became the president with the help of his friend Thomas Jefferson while the guilt of cheating on his wife and possibly being gay slow...
The Boy Next Door by karleyAnn98
The Boy Next Doorby karleyAnn98
{COMPLETED} {BEING EDITED} He was Satan Jr. I was a messed up, low life, loser I didn't have anyone left He seemed to be the only one But would I let myself let that ha...
look what you made me do by tastefulsurvivor
look what you made me doby tastefulsurvivor
*Textausschnitt* ,,Ehj pass doch auf'' Ich drehte mich um, um in zwei hasserfüllte Augen zu schauen. Meine Augen wanderten nach unten um das spöttische Grinsen meines G...
Destined To Be Together by wordsofsree
Destined To Be Togetherby Storylover Sree
Samvruta is finally getting married. She is happy to start her new life. But destiny and fate is planning something else for you. She is not aware of her destiny and soo...