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xX.To Trap A Kiss. Xx by khadijan0002
xX.To Trap A Kiss. Xxby ~khads~
.♠. "You don't know how crazy you make me my prinţesă (princess), I want to mark you so bad and my wolf won't shutup about it" he murmured before latching his...
How To Pi*s Off The Alpha by literaturenerd603
How To Pi*s Off The Alphaby literaturenerd603
It's senior year and everyone is buzzing with excitement. That is, until Maria discovers her mate; An Alpha. While most girls would be swooning over his boyish charms or...
second chance mate by phoesrules
second chance mateby Phoebe m.c
I can't believe I lost her! I just found her. My mate my beautiful mate killed before my eyes! The events flash before my eyes like they were happening all over again he...
Lucy's Revenge by JacintaLondon
Lucy's Revengeby Jacinta London
Team Natsu kicks Lucy off of the team but when they witness her newfound magic will they bribe her back to Fairy Tail or would she remain at Sabertooth and live as she w...
Mine (COMPLETED) by 5sos_reject2020
Mine (COMPLETED)by Cayden Huddleston
I wake up in a hospital room. I hear the sound of the machines beeping as I slowly open my eyes. I soon discover I am surrounded by two men and another woman. The first...
♥️Fairy Tail x reader Oneshots♥️ ||Request closed|| by Purblood
♥️Fairy Tail x reader Oneshots♥️ | Insight
A collection of Fairy Tail Oneshots. Request are open. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==== Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima I don't own Fairy Tail or you. Start date...
Sea Wolf by ElizaC717
Sea Wolfby ElizaC717
Wolf packs, both good and evil, run the world unknowingly to most humans. Among these werewolves, a few are selected and given nature abilities by the Moon Goddess. I a...
Jordan by IkEfOlK12
Jordanby ketwelwer
Jordan is a strange person... a strange rougue. No one knows about her past. Not even her closest friends.
Us against the world by Mapleandbonnet4Lifr
Us against the worldby Keithtrella Cyprian
"It's time to go now" he was quiet seemed in deep thought we just smiled at him,he was surprised "Ar-Are you really going to help me?" "of cour...
Night Howler by DrunkOnSoda
Night Howlerby Anastasia Brooke
The legend of the Night Howler is a simple, but frightening one. Mothers would use it to scare their pups when they were disobedient, and children would use it to scare...
Unconditionally Loved (A Randy Fanfic) by MilaRaph
Unconditionally Loved (A Randy Emma Grace
Well, it had to happen eventually. For all of those #Randy (from @KikiTMNT) shippers out there, it's going to be a story about...Andy and Rogue. No hate mail, or I'll fi...
rejection-my rogue mate(ON HOLD) by cutiewinks1993
rejection-my rogue mate(ON HOLD)by cutiewinks1993
we've come across many male werewolves rejecting their mates.but zaisha is a female werewolf,who had to reject her mate.she has her reasons to do it.protecting hers and...
The Dragon Queen (Reader X Fairy tail) by ZeldaWriter25
The Dragon Queen (Reader X Fairy ZeldaWriter25
A clouded past, with very less memory. Hated by everyone, since the age of 6. (Y/N) is the Dragon Queen, and is joining Fairy Tail. Will everyone love her, or hate her?
Destiny by Asmi_words
Destinyby Asmi
" What do you want from life? " " Doesn't matter. " " Why? " " Because sometimes the things you want and the things you can't have...
Don't you see I am broken? by hello_-_jello
Don't you see I am broken?by Audrey
Abused, rejected and worthless... so she thought Regan Collins thought that about herself. After being outcastes and finally rejected it seems all was lost. She finally...
Kingdom Come by LoveAndAllLaughter
Kingdom Comeby LoveAndAllLaughter
Winter Grey is a rouge, her Mother and Father are unknown to her for she was adopted by humans. Loving her adopted family she goes into the secret of finding her parents...
Warriors: A New Beginning by EllieBritt0
Warriors: A New Beginningby Ellie Britt
Long after the 5 Warriors series, the warrior cat Clans face great danger.. Only the dawn can save the Clans from destruction. But the path it chooses shall lead to grea...
The Rogue Wolf by _Darling_Horan_
The Rogue Wolfby emily 💛
"I'll never be yours," I screamed as he advanced toward me. Each step matched the beat of my heart. "Oh Rogue," he smirked, "You don't have a c...