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The New King by animalsquad0
The New Kingby Eclipse Black
What would happen if the Elves completed their mission? How would Callum react to losing the only family he had left?
Your In My Hands Now by HappyRamen91
Your In My Hands Nowby Mia Meow
Within puppet strings, I am. I will not give up. Destiny is a book you write yourself. _____________________ Already Tainted by darkness, and destined to fall right int...
A guard and her prince/Raylum by shadow_knight_cadet
A guard and her prince/Raylumby Shadow knight cadet
"I was his guard nothing more" ______ finished look out for the sequel! cover art isn't mine credit to the artist! THESE CHARACTERS NOR THE DRAGON PRINCE BELO...
Rayllum- Sky and Moon- Main series  by ToeTrixy
Rayllum- Sky and Moon- Main series by Trixx_Tiger
An alternative universe and completely different story of How season three goes. I write this before season three and have worked on it for over six months. Beloved char...
The TDP Characters Watching The Show by Lizzi_The_Raven
The TDP Characters Watching The Lizzi_The_Raven
My magical self has transported the characters of The Dragon Prince to a movie theatre to watch the future.
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2 by Mycolorguardian45
The Royal Baby ||Rayllum/Book 2by 𝕰𝖒𝖒𝖆 𝕾𝖔𝖕𝖍𝖎𝖆
[COMPLETED!!] ❝Ezran you also have you bethored coming tomorrow.❞ ❝I'm sorry, my what?!❞ Ezran asked as Rayla and Callum started laughing. •~•~•~•~• Sequel to 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓡�...
We're the same (Rayla x Reader) by zukosbitchboy
We're the same (Rayla x Reader)by Pearl
You were adopted by General Amaya when she found you helplessly lying outside when your kind abandoned you, the problem is, no one knows that you are different.
No one is perfect, a rayla x male reader story [on very long hiatus]  by JustFrank77
No one is perfect, a rayla x SS JustFrank
Y/n is a 15 year old boy who is training to become an assassin. The job quite suits him since he is half moonshadow elf and therefore has inherited the agility, strength...
Forbidden love by AllisonLeezig
Forbidden loveby Allison Leezig
Hi so I re-wrote the story of TDP, but Rayllum starts a bit earlier. It's the same bold adventures! But, you know. Rayllum-y-er.
The Dragon Prince//Male reader by IronDragon19
The Dragon Prince//Male readerby
The world was once peace between two races but war destroyed it and to make worst, humans wielded dark magic destroyed the dragon egg without mercy. The only egg that wa...
Crush Culture {{Harry Lewis - W2S}} by fruitypopping
Crush Culture {{Harry Lewis - W2S}}by ꧁ F R U I T ꧂
Not all goes to plan when Mila Harvey gets whisked away on an all expenses paid holiday with her two best friend's, a group of people she's never met and her frien...
TDP: Little Warrior by Megumi_Yamaguchi
TDP: Little Warriorby Megumi.x
Akira is the younger sister of Callum and the older sister of Ezran. Akira had always dreamed of being a powerful hero warrior who would save innocent people, learn magi...
The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hope by Ray-Ken
The Dragon Prince: Breath of Hopeby Ray-Ken
Ten years ago, humans killed the Dragon King and his heir. Now, the elves seek vengeance. Rayla finds a boy, chained to a wall, weak, and tortured, but alive: The Dragon...
not just a pretty face - love island 2020 by voidgrandex
not just a pretty face - love ❤️
- FINISHED 17/07/2021 - * WILL EVENTUALLY BE UPLOADING BONUS CHAPTERS * Saoirse Oxlade-Chamberlain, little sister of the Liverpool midfielder, enters the 2020 Winter Lo...
Fight Night  {{Harry lewis - W2S}} by fruitypopping
Fight Night {{Harry lewis - W2S}}by ꧁ F R U I T ꧂
Maisie Elliots had never been interested in sports, so a night watching the biggest fight of the year really wasn't all it was hyped up to be. Until she met him... ...
The Little Star Princess (The Dragon Prince) by Cheshire_Mephisto
The Little Star Princess (The Mephisto<333
Everyone in Xadia knows Aaravos. The feared Startouch elf and archmage, master of all spells and elements. But no one knows the shadow right behind him, because he never...
No Ordinary Exchange by faerialchemist
No Ordinary Exchangeby 1-800fangirl
Rayla Moonshadow is the first Xadian exchange student at Katolis State University in over a century. Will she make it through the year, or will the hateful whispers beco...
Turning the Page | The Dragon Prince x reader  by Lost4Stars
Turning the Page | The Dragon Hoshiko
You were simply walking home from school after another uneventful day. You didn't have the best life, but you could handle it. Your favorite show The Dragon Prince helpe...
Instagram-Harry Lewis (W2S) by eviemay1414
Instagram-Harry Lewis (W2S)by eviemay1414
Simon has a sister who became Instagram famous thanks to him but what happens when she moves away from her home town and meets all the guys well I'll give you a hint one...
Morning Star (The Dragon Prince X Reader) by katallest
Morning Star (The Dragon Prince diegofan96
Turns out Aaravos isn't the only Startouch elf that's been trapped behind a mirror for the past 300 years. You, however, are in there by choice. When you take a perfect...