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My Russian Roulette by FritzOmega90
My Russian Rouletteby FritzOmega90
Any age, any gender, any race, you are immideately legible. For these games, you are taken without warning. Competing in 6 deadly games you do not know what you must do...
The Kryptonian and Her Kryptonite by Kandi_Bug
The Kryptonian and Her Kryptoniteby Kandi Bug
Kara Zor-El and her older twin sister Bexley Zor-El are sent to Earth at the age of 13. They're sent to protect their baby cousin Kal-El but end up getting trapped in a...
Spider of justice  by Dimitron75
Spider of justice by Dimitron75
You are Spider-Man for the justice league and you help them protect the earth from villains
Random Prompts for Gundham ship oneshots by That_one_nerd21
Random Prompts for Gundham ship That_One_Nerd
idk I come up with ideas and never do anything with them so here are some prompts for gundham ships or just any ship if you choose to use any of them please tag me in i...
Lyric Book #1 by vettechoneday
Lyric Book #1by Kim
Just songs I listen to on a regular basis.. Some of them are pretty important to me... If you want me to add one, just ask and I will find the lyrics, video, and I'll de...
The Fan's Playlist by backstreetstabber
The Fan's Playlistby backstreetstabber
!!!!UPDATES EVERY TUESDAY!!!! Of course, I will not claim to own any of the characters that appear in this unless they are random characters owning random names that I...
Isekai no Cheat Roulette by GalihGates
Isekai no Cheat Rouletteby Galih Gates
Ishiki Kazuya, seorang pemuda yang mati demi mencegah perampokan pada suatu toko buku kesukaannya dan mendapat kesempatan untuk kehidupan kedua di dunia fantasi seperti...
Swell [my new novel] by rivenrod
Swell [my new novel]by Rivenrod
Of Swell, it may well be true that a nondescript, tiresomely uncomplicated man is found dead in an isolated hut in the middle of a car park by a voluptuous though sexual...
Russian Roulette | MxM by thalassic-
Russian Roulette | MxMby Nesryn *: ・゚
You see, Cael may be extraordinarily clumsy and, perhaps, temperamental to a fault - a total pain in the ass combination - but it definitely doesn't mean he's trying to...
Nomenclature (#TNTHorrorContest) by prose-punk
Nomenclature (#TNTHorrorContest)by robyn marie
Hello! Thank you to everyone who voted to help Nomenclature have a shot at $20k and a TNT tv deal. We made it into the Top 35! We made it into the Top 10! --- A short st...
Russian Roulette by AlebKallen
Russian Rouletteby AlebKallen
Ezra Morton Averill is an American spy hired by a banker to watch a shady Russian businessman. Wil the bet pay off? Or are the stakes too high?