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MATILDA (A Series of Unfortunate Events) by GingerBuzz
MATILDA (A Series of Unfortunate GingerBuzz
A Series of Unfortunate Events Fanfiction When the Baudelaires entered Count Olaf's house, it contained so much more than just misery and fear. It held: MATILDA. ...
My Family [ORV X TCF] by Lodi_Faust
My Family [ORV X TCF]by Lodi Faust
Summary: What if Dokja become Cale's little brother? [Part 1]
TVRTH [Book 1] by sippintheroyaltea
TVRTH [Book 1]by issa
Title: The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass/The Villainess Turns the Hourglass Language: Korean Author(s): San Sobi 산소비 Artist(s): Pig Cake 돼지케이크 Year: 2018 Status in C...
Don't Be A Fool by Kdogg6417
Don't Be A Foolby Kdogg6417
Alice Branagh is the twin sister of Robin Branagh. One night they get new neighbors, the twins sneak up the castle to see who moved in. Their whole world flips when they...
Let it Snow! by SilviaKrpatova
Let it Snow!by Silvia Krpatova
❄️Nora, a young woman not quite content with the direction her life had taken, decides to take a step back and restart from the beginning. ❄️Leaving her city life behin...
The Danish Princess by thalassogust
The Danish Princessby adanotyourgirl
WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in...
The Lost Star on Another World [ORV X TCF] by Lodi_Faust
The Lost Star on Another World [ Lodi Faust
When Kim co. already lost their hope to see their star once again. A miracle happened as the star stream regain its power. They got a new sub scenario. Can they save K...
Three Strikes by bluebellwren
Three Strikesby Bella
[Ace Combat Fanfic] Naomi Foulke - TAC 'Trigger' - the latest in a line of air force prodigies, becomes the OADF's scapegoat when she's wrongfully accused of murdering f...
Fortune or Fortunate? Count Olaf x reader (beyond slow updates...) by Luvmeharderthanever
Fortune or Fortunate? Count Olaf Kai~Sweets
I couldn't find any Count Olaf X Reader so I made one
Fighter (Editing) by LoveDarknessPeace
Fighter (Editing)by Angela
Savannah was used to life she had, being the black sheep of the family, until Daniel De Luna, next in line to be the Royal Alpha,swept her of her feet but played with he...
The arcana one-shots by raito_kazuko
The arcana one-shotsby Raito
A collection of one shots with the arcana characters. Comment any requests on part one! Will have NSFW, marked with a 🍋 Fluff marked with a 💕 And angst marked with a...
A Sarcastic Villainess!  by AlyaHarper
A Sarcastic Villainess! by Alya Harper
Pretty, daughter of a duke, with a good body and a good family, and yet they choose an ironing board? It just means that the problem is theirs I'm obviously perfect, I m...
The Vampiress And The Oddball (Mavis Dracula x Male OC) by VegetaInDrip
The Vampiress And The Oddball ( Ultra Ego Dripgeta
I'm writing this and nobody's stopping me. Don't judge me, bro..... Sup! The name's Dawson. James Dawson, aka JD, though I won't be called that very often anymore! You m...
Star wars preferences and one shots by sips___tea
Star wars preferences and one shotsby sips
I love preferences so much now :3 Any preference for people or situation comment. In the book: ~ General Hux ~ Kylo ~ obi wan ~ Han solo ~ Leia ~ Dooku - 13 ~ thrawn...
☾︎Dream Like Imagination☽︎ |✔︎| by Taekook_World_mgl
☾︎Dream Like Imagination☽︎ |✔︎|by _Eunoia_
Уншигчийн төсөөлөл гэдэг гайхамшигтай бөгөөд аймшигтай зүйл.
The Count's Daughter by ChloeReds
The Count's Daughterby C. C. Red
After her parent's death, Clara Arielle has spent the last year on the streets of Rome. making her way as a thief, when the Count hires her to pose as his daughter to ge...
A Royal Tale of Hearts | ✔ by diordrabbles
A Royal Tale of Hearts | ✔by rip logan lee
❝all is not fair in love and war❞ To ensure the survival of the Mughal Empire, Princess Afsana must form a political marriage in Europe. Amongst her potential suitors st...
Hotel Of Transylvania by onepiecelawfan
Hotel Of Transylvaniaby onepiecelawfan
Amethyst, a young Succubus leaves her world for the first time and meets the famous Count Dracula
Ruby Redfort- Watch Where You Step by EliseWauren
Ruby Redfort- Watch Where You Stepby Elise Wauren
She's been dropped off buildings, accused of betrayal, and been at the wrong end of so many murder plots it's hard to keep track. Anyone would think that Ruby Redfort de...
The Count and the Demon by xFaerah
The Count and the Demonby xFaerah
A young maid leaves her home and family after her reputation is ruined by a questionable man who is plotting a coup against the king. - - - - Elly is a maid in the Baro...