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The Boy with the Two Toned Hair (Bon X Reader) by dark_kai_art
The Boy with the Two Toned Hair (B...by 🌺KAI🌺
(F/N) was a shy girl just trying to float her way through school, but that all changed when her great grandfather willed her two rings. These two rings transformed into...
Persona 5 Royal: Makoto X Male Reader OC- The Forgotten Shadow by AKAustinTTV
Persona 5 Royal: Makoto X Male Rea...by Austin Ernst
This story begins right after the Phantom Thieves first victory against Kamoshida and his change of heart. In the aftermath of the scandal with Kamoshida in the classroo...
Faith | Akira Kurusu x OC | Persona 5 by IIJakGalaxy222
Faith | Akira Kurusu x OC | Person...by Jak
(COMPLETED) Yuuen Morito is known as the "Big Sister" figure in the school. Friendly to everyone and member of the prestigious Student Council. When a certain...
𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖇𝖑𝖊 | ryeji au [✔️] by damnhottiee
𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖇𝖑𝖊 | ryeji au [✔...by saint
yeji believes that if ur hand is compatible with someone, that person is ur soulmate. she goes out everyday trying to hold hands with anyone, even strangers. ryujin was...
Akira Kurusu X Reader- Kamoshida's Sister by StarLotus1019
Akira Kurusu X Reader- Kamoshida's...by StarLotus1019
Y/N L/N is the sister of a Kamoshida. The sister of that rotten tomatoe. How are you related to that monster? Well you can read to find. Akira Kurusu x reader (might ad...
Wilted Rose (Joker X Ann Takamaki. Hanahaki Disease) by IzukuTheStoryMaker
Wilted Rose (Joker X Ann Takamaki...by IzukuTheStoryMaker
Wilt: (of a plant, leaf, or flower) becomes limp through heat, loss of water, or disease; droop. (of a person) lose one's energy or vigor. After the events of Strikers...
Where the Flowers Bloom - A YatoYota Fanfic by Black_Cat_Sama
Where the Flowers Bloom - A YatoYo...by Inky
Hi!! Welcome to the story, I'm writing this because it's so underrated, and I just really like it. Yotasuke was never good with people, but he loved small animals, spec...
Persona x Reader! (Discontinued) by Littlemui
Persona x Reader! (Discontinued)by Charma
Requests: Closed!
Ayanokouji-kun- What is love? by shadowmonarch325
Ayanokouji-kun- What is love?by 綾小路清隆
Ayanokouji in Shuuchiin, guys. Credits to @Omoshiroi12 for the cover
[Discontinued] Second Fool (Persona 5 Harem) by UnknownFate25
[Discontinued] Second Fool (Person...by UnknownFate25
(Persona 5 Harem Story) Keiji Koizumi was given a second chance at life. He didn't know why, but after his premature death in his last life, he was born again. It wasn't...
Miraculous Persona 5 by L0nelySha2ak1
Miraculous Persona 5by Shazaki Mashsuki
[This is an AU to one of my stories from Quotev] [I own Komori, Reader, Shadow, her older siblings, and the drawings] What if (Y/n)'s life was ruined again in Paris? She...
Persona 5T: The Third by SecondRound
Persona 5T: The Thirdby SecondRound
After the events of Persona 5 Royal and Strikers, Ren Amamiya longs to find a purpose in life. He returns to Tokyo, but little does he and the Phantom Thieves know that...
ANGEL || Ryuji Suguro by fxckmikey
ANGEL || Ryuji Suguroby fxckmikey
"You didn't tell us you were an angel." "You didn't ask." • He couldn't believe the best friend of Satan's son was an angel. And he definitely could...
old and new (akira kurusu x reader) by animeewriterr
old and new (akira kurusu x reader)by rosé!
after the disbandment of the s.e.e.s affiliation, [y/n] sets out for a new life. one that would have yet again misfortune and shadows. lower case intended.
~CRIMSON~: "Will you be my Queen?" Seongjoong ff bottom seonghwa  by Hyunie_Wolf
~CRIMSON~: "Will you be my Queen?"...by Choi Hyunjun
✧。⁠☬Crimson The Color Of Blood Ohh How good it tastes haha addictive☬⁠。✧ ✧✿Are you sure eomma? I don't know him I am scared eomma I have heard everyone talking about how...
Ryuji Sakamoto X Reader by XxXAnimeLover828XxX
Ryuji Sakamoto X Readerby XxXAnimeLover828XxX
(Y/N) (L/N) is pinning for Ryuji Sakamoto's love. So much she decided to become the Track Teams manager, throwing herself into Kamoshidas wrath. As the days unfold will...
Wearer of 1,000 masks (Persona 5 royal x male reader remake) (adopted) by Destroyer_Creater2
Wearer of 1,000 masks (Persona 5 r...by Destroyer Creator
You are a trickster who is known to the world as a beyond talented person who wears countless different faces, feels all kinds of emotions, and posses multiple personali...
The University of Magic And Superpower ( K-pop) by TheBlackWarrior
The University of Magic And Superp...by Rudra Jain
A story of a fantasy world which is mostly similar to our real world except there are magic , mythical creatures and even superpowers . This is a story of several charac...
The Unknown Love(Bon X Rin) by -Creamyroll-
The Unknown Love(Bon X Rin)by Creamy roll <3
Rin and Bon were not always friends but they did get along sometimes They both secretly liked each other What will happen when Ryuji finds out Rin is a demon Will Bon lo...
BonRin oneshots by toastymarshie
BonRin oneshotsby Marshie
BonRin content is very scarce. We need more of it.