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Better being nothing then an option.{Complete} by BrainWritingtatva
Better being nothing then an ~S
Something I just thought with the ongoing track of Karishma Singh's twin sister Kareena Singh. The worst thing I felt is KS character getting neglected... so here is my...
Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan by FreeBird_FreeSoul
Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaanby Chikorita
Hey! I am not actually a new writer here. As I am a big fan or KarEena, I am writing a fanfiction story of it. Do read my another story 'Ham Saath Saath Hain' at @Bahaar...
KAREENA: A Love Story by Phoenix_tears07
KAREENA: A Love Storyby PhoenixTears
The story picks up from the end of Mission Jeet, from the moment Haseena Mallik sacrificed herself. Haseena and Karishma's relationship changes from that moment. But K...
Why Only She Suffer by as_elegant_girl
Why Only She Sufferby Suru:)
So hello guys, So writing this story but with my terms Read the story and have fun 😉 Ranked #1 on haseenamalik out of 792 stories on 15 February Ranked #152 on sadness...
The Trust Of Love ft. Anuseena by DipayantiB
The Trust Of Love ft. Anuseenaby Dipayanti Bhowmick
it's after the story of anubhav's mission. Santosh is really fine.they caught the criminal who cut the hair of the women. after that 3 months passed. Anubhav comes from...
Anuseena🥰🥰 by Maddamsir_01_fanpage
Anuseena🥰🥰by Aj
This starts after mission jeet. Haseena still has feelings for Anubhav but tries to avoid herself from these feelings and pretending to be happy for everyone else's sake...
Ishq Bulava - MoRan FF (Completed) by Qyanshi
Ishq Bulava - MoRan FF (Completed)by Qyanshi
This is a MoRan fanfiction ( only centred towards them) All the character names are same as in the show Ziddi Dil Maane Na (New characters will be introduced with time)...
ZDMN: Filling The Voids And Dreams. by happyescapism__
ZDMN: Filling The Voids And S.
This book will have One shots, Two/Three shots and Short stories in it. Some stories are gonna be purely fanfiction (not cliché one's though) Some will have same plot as...
The Forced Marriage 💗💗 by Maddamsir_01_fanpage
The Forced Marriage 💗💗by Aj
What if Anuseena were forced into a marriage by their father's last wish but they both found perfect life partner in each other.Peep in to know how this arrange marriage...
MoRan ~ Ziddi Dil Maane Na by aestheticxcloudz
MoRan ~ Ziddi Dil Maane Naby vera ♡
A collection of short stories on Monami Mahajan & Karan Shergill from Sab TV's show, "Ziddi Dil Maane Na" ~ I HUMBLY REQUEST THAT PLEASE DON'T COPY/POST MY WOR...
Ziddi Dil Maane Na - OS/ SS / TS / Drabble by Qyanshi
Ziddi Dil Maane Na - OS/ SS / Qyanshi
It is a collection of one shots/ TS / Short Stories stories of Ziddi Dil Maane Na..couples and platonic bonds Fanfiction (I am new to fanfictions)
Debanya FF: Powerful Couple by manan9diwani
Debanya FF: Powerful Coupleby manan9diwani
Hi !!! This is my 1st book on Debanya. I am basically a MaNan fanfiction writer. I love them so much and never thought to write on other couples. But something made me...
The Tale Of Step Sisters by YUKIKAREENA1
The Tale Of Step Sistersby MadamSir Stories
Haseena and Karishma are step sisters.Haseena hates Karishma because of her behaviour. Karishma claims that she hates Haseena but she cares for her.Their father love Has...
 Love can never be forgotten !!? ❤️❤️ by maheee31
Love can never be forgotten !!? ❤ mahe
Anuseena loved eachother but due to some situations they got seperated and haseena losts her memory... What will happen when they will again meet after years... will ha...
Drunken Haseena Mallik by Anshika0017
Drunken Haseena Mallikby Anshika Agarwal
As maddam sir is not coming on tv right now due to lockdown and we are missing it badly. So I decided to write this fan fiction to lit up your cravings. I know it's hard...
Maddam Sir Spin-off by AayushiGupta9
Maddam Sir Spin-offby Aayu
This Story Is a spin-off from multiple tracks of the original serial creating different scenarios. This is my first try at stories that are not related to Dill-Mill-G...
I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand Forever...- By Janescripter ✓ by janescripter
I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand 잔하비
Copyright ©️:Janescripter #Anuseena Fanfiction The story starts from Anubhav and Hassena were alloted for the same Mission. Initially reluctant Hassena, finally agrees t...
When Haseena Was A S.I by Anshika0017
When Haseena Was A S.Iby Anshika Agarwal
story padh kar jaane par haan it will be closer to actual show not to any drama show, full on comedy, action, romance and emotion packed. Maine drama show ka zikr issliy...
ZDMN:  Of Dreams and Fantasies by dhairyamadaan5
ZDMN: Of Dreams and Fantasiesby Eirene<3
A collection of One-Shots, and Short Stories!