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WinterFalcon - Sunlight Through The Curtains by YoureASithLordHarry
WinterFalcon - Sunlight Through 🌞LeeLee🪐
BEFORE YOU READ: This is the FIRST DRAFT of this story. The final, better story is being updated daily on Ao3. Story title is Sunlight Through The Curtains and my userna...
NICKNAMES, sambucky by wintcrfalcon
NICKNAMES, sambuckyby liya
it first started as a joke. it was supposed to be some dumb nicknames to tease and rile each other up during their typical banter. so how did things escalate to this poi...
longing. [sambucky] by winterspigeons
longing. [sambucky]by alpi (they/them)
Sam laughed softly, the sound was still as beautiful as the first time Bucky had heard it. "We aren't very good at hating each other," Bucky mumbled, mostly t...
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (But Sambucky is canon) by JustThatBooklife_AK
The Falcon and the Winter Ava.k
This is Tfatws, but Sambucky is canon since the directors are cowards, and we deserve representation. I added lots of scenes between the two that go along with the story...
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bad ïdea by SuicidalGooze
bad ïdeaby > H O N K <
Steve's made up his mind. He chose to live his life like it should've been (which was a stupid choice). Not only has he passed his shield and the title of captain to Sam...
Is the truth better then a dare by classynatt
Is the truth better then a dareby classynatt
Bucky hides his trauma from everyone. Even Steve. But when he is forced to sleep in the same bed as Sam, how will he hide the nightmares. How will he hide how he feels...
WinterFalcon one shots  by mcr_ho666
WinterFalcon one shots by Nico
This is just a bunch of one shots because I'm bored (These characters belong to Marvel, not me)
Sambucky One Shots by SebastianStans_Couch
Sambucky One Shotsby .
Sam and Bucky sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! One shots revolving around Bucky, Sam and scenarios I can clearly see them in. Hope y'all will like these :) Trigger wa...
SamBucky One Shots by deuce_tiberius
SamBucky One Shotsby Deuce
Sam x Bucky Oneshots (MCU and Comic-verse) *requests open*
A Place for the Night by deuce_tiberius
A Place for the Nightby Deuce
Injured and alone in the rain Bucky finds shelter with an old friend, discovering that maybe his concerns were in the wrong place. And maybe the sick feeling in his stom...
Sambucky Fanfiction by marvel_fan122
Sambucky Fanfictionby marvel_fan122
How will Sam and Bucky deal with the new chapter in their friendship? How will their relationship change when they have a new mission that leaves them questioning thems...
SamBucky/WinterFalcon Oneshots! by Raythewriterforever
SamBucky/WinterFalcon Oneshots!by Ray Tag
Most will take place after FATWS, if not, I'll let you know!
till the end of the time (sambucky) by stcrvengers
till the end of the time (sambucky)by maria
This is AU for "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" episode 5 and 6 with SamBucky ship <33 enjoy cover by: @villainscookie <3
It's All in the Pants  by SteveStarkRogers
It's All in the Pants by SebAntMackStan
Sebastian and Anthony get real with their relationship.
Love and Hate || Ironstrange by sundayraiin
Love and Hate || Ironstrangeby 🐮
Tony Stark, a Billionaire-playboy-philanthrophist, is infatuated with a man named Stephen Vincent Strange who, unfortunately, despised him. Tony knew this, that is why h...
Super Family 2.0 by AlphaWolf0215
Super Family 2.0by Brittney Cremeans
Anyone who's anyone knows about super family: tonyxsteve and peter. But this one is a totally different one, it has my fav marvel ship (Winterfalcon) and one of my fav s...
Avengers Group Chat by getRAWREDbish
Avengers Group Chatby 𝓐𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓷𝓪
Welllllll basically AVENGERS groupchat. Get to know what crazy shiz goes into their texts everyday. Yaaaa. dont EAT water
I spent all the love I had- (Sam X Bucky) WinterFalcon ;3 by FandomLoverArtist
I spent all the love I had- (Sam PeterGrey
Bucky is in a relationship with Steve. Steve is confused about things and starts to ignore Bucky as his lover. Bucky has mental issues which causes him trauma. Bucky los...
Avengers react  by Natcouldnotfly
Avengers react by Xaria Pierce
It's kinda of in the title but hey There reacting to tons of things so yup I DO NOT OWN THE AVENGERS Socials Tiktok : @xaria_stark Snapchat: xari_stz
Little Buck one-shots by Imjusturbasicwhore
Little Buck one-shotsby Imjusturbasicwhore
One-shots of little Bucky with y/n, Sam, Steve, Nat, etc send requests if you want <3 Separate warnings for each chapter If you don't like it don't read it 🥱 this...