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Is the truth better then a dare by classynatt
Is the truth better then a dareby classynatt
Bucky hides his trauma from everyone. Even Steve. But when he is forced to sleep in the same bed as Sam, how will he hide the nightmares. How will he hide how he feels...
Along The Line - Avengers Highschool AU by Avengers_ShipStories
Along The Line - Avengers Maxismissing-Tiktok
All enhanced individuals in a building together for every day until they graduate? yeah, welcome to SHIELD High. where billionairs sons to archers to creepy twins to tra...
bad ïdea by SuicidalGooze
bad ïdeaby > H O N K <
Steve's made up his mind. He chose to live his life like it should've been (which was a stupid choice). Not only has he passed his shield and the title of captain to Sam...
NICKNAMES, sambucky by wintcrfalcon
NICKNAMES, sambuckyby liya
it first started as a joke. it was supposed to be some dumb nicknames to tease and rile each other up during their typical banter. so how did things escalate to this poi...
Enemy to Fiancé (SamBucky) by CelestialAvocado
Enemy to Fiancé (SamBucky)by Celestial Avocado
Sam Wilson thinks James Barnes is an absolute twat. Bucky thinks Sam is an idiot who's too annoying for his own good. How far are they willing to go to prove a point? Se...
I think I've always loved you // Winterfalcon by voidsfilms_
I think I've always loved you // voidsfilms_
Bucky has lived at the avengers compound for months now and fits in perfectly with everyone. He vows to help everyone out with there relationships but ends up gaining hi...
Sambucky Fanfiction by marvel_fan122
Sambucky Fanfictionby marvel_fan122
How will Sam and Bucky deal with the new chapter in their friendship? How will their relationship change when they have a new mission that leaves them questioning thems...
Let the sunlight warm your heart ||SamBucky au|| by SebastianStans_Couch
Let the sunlight warm your heart | .
After a terrible break up with his boyfriend of two years, Bucky decides to never start a relationship again. But then comes Sam Wilson with all bright smiles, settles...
Avenger Oneshots by Yuzuyu20
Avenger Oneshotsby Yuzuyu20
Oneshots with the Avengers, mostly Bucky and Sambucky, but we'll see where it goes. And what a surprise: I don't owe any of the characters! All credits go to marvel.
Avengers+Groupchat=Disaster by Sky_mgm
Avengers+Groupchat=Disasterby Bored 24h/24
Pietro thought he was texting Wanda, how dare she takes his pancakes?! Little did he know he ends up texting a certain God... More people join the group chat and more c...
The Red Star [Avengers] by SkyFireForever
The Red Star [Avengers]by Dennis Orpheus
There was a lot that the team didn't know about Bucky Barnes from when he was still the Winter Soldier.
✨Sambucky one shotz✨ by Apax2005
✨Sambucky one shotz✨by Alee Paterson
cuz we love our chaotic crime fighting boyfriends :) characters belong to Marvel Studios (unless I make one up) OPEN TO REQUESTS cover art done by @clakearts on Instagra...
SamBucky oneshots  by Winterfalconfan14
SamBucky oneshots by Winterfalconfan14
Just random oneshots of sambucky Started may 5
Sambucky One Shots by SebastianStans_Couch
Sambucky One Shotsby .
Sam and Bucky sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! One shots revolving around Bucky, Sam and scenarios I can clearly see them in. Hope y'all will like these :) Trigger wa...
Don't leave me -SamBucky- by BuckyLostHumanArm
Don't leave me -SamBucky-by Totally a human
This takes places somewhere after Endgames Warning ⚠️: Self harm, violence, swearing, smut, fluffy, and mention of suicide Copyright: I don't own Marvel or any of their...
You're My Best Friend by rhubarbwithsugar
You're My Best Friendby bella
some sort of oneshots/shortstory kinda thing. the first part is stucky, the rest are sambucky. love, bella
Winterfalcon Oneshots | OhHelloFandoms123 by OhHelloFandoms123
Winterfalcon Oneshots | AL
Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes oneshots! Watch these two fall in love :) [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED.]
Avengers One Shots by ohlookitsnolan
Avengers One Shotsby Nygma
Avengers Short Stories One Shots Ships Smuts Funny Prompts