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Vampire's Desires, Saphael FANFIC by justoneotherfangirl
Vampire's Desires, Saphael FANFICby justoneotherfangirl
This is a Saphael Fanfic about the characters from The Mortal Instrument book series by Cassandra Clare. It's all about a story how and if our favourite vampires end up...
Saphael stories by art_wonder380
Saphael storiesby art_wonder380
Saphael: Simon x Rahael (boyxboy) If you haven't watched Shadowhunters shame on you(jk) but this ship is from this tv show also I wanted to say that most of these sto...
I️ Got You by _sappho_
I️ Got Youby Sappho
What if Simon was the one who saved Raphael from burning in 3x04?
When The Darkness Comes by _sappho_
When The Darkness Comesby Sappho
Rosa Santiago's death sends Raphael over the edge.
Once goodbye (saphael) by ClizzySterekQuintis
Once goodbye (saphael)by ClizzySterekQuintis
I cant think of a good description for this sorry but i'll try. Simon loves Raphael but what happens when he betrays him, is this going to come with a hell of a lot of c...
Bloodlust by someoneelseelse
Bloodlustby M
What happens when Simon doesn't feed? A saphael short story. Implied malec and clizzy.
What if?  by what_is_u_meaning
What if? by 30_stacked_rats
What is Simon knew about the shadow world before clary. Two years ago Simon Lewis was turned into a vampire. Of corse no one else knew that they all thought he went mis...
Me? Really? by bapsaegguk
Me? Really?by jai
Simon just couldn't believe Raphael loved him. Him of all people.
Raphael's Property by t-h-e-quiet
Raphael's Propertyby silence
My name is Simon. But some people call me 'Raphael's property'. I'm 17. I used to be just a normal guy like everyone else,a bit more invisible and unrecognisable,since I...
What could have happened by foxesareadorable2
What could have happenedby T.
An alternate season 4 to Shadow Hunters, what happened when art junkie Clary finds Jace again, and sees him.. A sequel to the Shadow Hunters' 3B ending. !! Disclaimer: I...
You are a cute vampire by valerieng_ww
You are a cute vampireby LAMBOUGHTGHINI
wow wow baby's first words! he, seems cute? A cute little vampire, ain't he? welcome home. What if the big bad vamp falls in love with the dorky idiot fledgling daylight...
TMI react to ships by chaseandfray
TMI react to shipsby Sam🦋
Have you ever wondered what the Mortal Instruments/ Shadowhunters book characters think of ships? Well now you can. #Clace, Malec, Lalec, Sizzy, Clizzy, Saphael and more...
Before I Met You by Reader_for_life_46
Before I Met Youby Zoey
Raphael is a young vampire, well in vampire standards, so when he wakes up in Mystic Falls, Virginia without his memory he doesn't know what to do. Unfortunately, the on...
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold like Alec Lightwoods' Heart(book 1) by mikaelsonswhore
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Mikaelson’s Whore
Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago, and Jace Wayland Idris High's most notorious fuckboys. Who will sleep with anything that isn't nailed down and even made a little game of...
 Clizzy social media AU by jpxvo_
Clizzy social media AUby JP
Got some gooooood Clizzy stuff for ya
More Than Monsters by _sappho_
More Than Monstersby Sappho
Struggling to fully come to terms with being a vampire, Simon Lewis is left feeling like a monster. Meanwhile, Raphael Santiago desperately tries to get him out of his d...
Memories and Meanings (Saphael Oneshot)  by SkylareWrites
Memories and Meanings (Saphael Skylare Rawen
Raphal Santiago hates his new fledgling. Hates him with a burning passion. Despite this he finds himself running after Simon everytime the young vampire gets himself in...
The Academy by UselessZelda
The Academyby Zelda
Magnus's mom was tired of his partying, his drinking, and his constant bad decisions. For her the only choice she had was to send him to a faraway boarding school in New...
Happiness can be found in the weirdest places {Malec AU} by NotAMundane
Happiness can be found in the Pansexual Pirate
Alec is the quite nerd, whereas Magnus is the loud popular fashionista. Alec always noticed Magnus, but he didn't realise that Magnus also noticed him. When sparks star...
The Flower Girl /Clizzy by cynical_lava_lamp
The Flower Girl /Clizzyby Izzy
"How long have you had a crush on her?" "Since the day I saw her with flowers in her hair" ___________________________________