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Cryptotrappers! by CryptoTest
Cryptotrappers!by CryptoTest
A high school student who lives a boring, normal life suddenly discovers unique inner talent that gets him hired for a super special job in a secret agency with only one...
Deep in the Forest (Wattpad Editor's Pick, June '22) by Space_Queen_Q
Deep in the Forest (Wattpad Q
Ste ye hah, "Spirit hidden by woods." ~ Yakama Native American. ~*~*~*~ Future Entomologist, Zoe Thornton, loves horseback riding through Rimrock Forest. It...
Henry by Sectumsempra
Henryby Hannah
Could true love really be restricted between human and human, animal and animal? Agatha “Aggie” Pierce defies the socially acceptable. On an annual camping trip with her...
Night of the Yeti by MikaelaBender
Night of the Yetiby Mikaela Bender
Lila Foody has been obsessed with yeti since she was a child. Yeti are dangerous. Strong. A mystery. And someone has to protect humans from them. Now in her 20s, she's m...
Silver Bound Girl by LaurenDMSmith
Silver Bound Girlby Lauren
Willow's a Byron and they aren't just your average family. Not just because there are so many of them, but because they have secrets and traditions far outside the norm...
Cryptid x Reader One Shots by mothmanismybf
Cryptid x Reader One Shotsby mothmanismybf
a collection of one shots of some lit cryptids. request if you want I guess
Beauty And The Beast: A Moana Erotica by preciouspumpkin
Beauty And The Beast: A Moana zairytale
A romantic tale about two unlikely lovers, brought together by the sea.
Myth by TahneeFaulkner
Mythby Tahnee Lea Faulkner
A story about a human and a Sasquatch.
What He Heard by LaurenDMSmith
What He Heardby Lauren
Getting through high school can be tough, but it’s even more so when you’re a sasquatch. Willow’s lucky, having a best friend in the form of Rune, who accepted even the...
Total Drama Return of Camp Wawanakwa by Gurrtastic
Total Drama Return of Camp Gurrtastic
An all new season of Total Drama with all your favorite competitors! See what happens when Chris brings the campers back to where it all started, Camp Wawanakwa! This...
Creature In the Woods by DelenaKlaroline
Creature In the Woodsby DelenaKlaroline
A loner boy meets an unexpected creature in the woods. A very short story :)
Alien Sky Night Of Terror by Lombard7
Alien Sky Night Of Terrorby aj Lombardi
Friends gather for a camping trip into the mountains of Vermont and are soon embroiled in a web of life changing experiences straight out of the twilight zone...
Sasquatch Around by Aririko12
Sasquatch Aroundby Jo Ode Klassy
Cryptic Folk Archives-🌳 " We camped deep in the woods, when I woke up at 05:30 am. by strange noises with desperate dog barks, it was a foggy morning Patrocksvi wa...
We Bare Bears - Buddies by RainbowWyvern
We Bare Bears - Buddiesby Werifesteria
(This is the script version of a future fan-episode comic, "Buddies", based on the cartoon series "We Bare Bears". ) Charlie, the generally lonesom...
Sasquatch by deliaelma858
Sasquatchby deliaelma858
Paano bang hindi maiinlove sa iyo Ngiti mo palang ay nakuha na ako Mula sayong mata hanggang sayong pagsalita Mga detalyeng di na mahahanap sa iba Di ko naman inaasahan...
Kicking Around (Completed!) by JacKardiac
Kicking Around (Completed!)by Jack Kardiac
A weekend hike in the woods soon spins out of control when a tall, dark stranger comes out to play. (Note: He's also hairy... Just FYI...)