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Alpha Bloodlines by ScaliaRising
Alpha Bloodlinesby ScaliaRising
This a continuation of You Fall in Love more than once. Since it was so highly desired. Scott and Malia couldn't love each other more. In fact they loved each other a li...
anchor | thiam by louush
anchor | thiamby louush
[social media au] started on 10/16/19 ended on 01/24/20 enjoy!
Is She The One? ~ Scalia by snakesrule101
Is She The One? ~ Scaliaby Kak
Malia is back in Beacon Hills after a really long time. Scott has just got over the death of his first love, Allison Argent. What happens next? Read to find out. ...
Unspoken Love by isaacmartinski
Unspoken Loveby always.stydia_
Isaac's back in Beacon Hills. Teen Wolf Fanfic. Unspoken love. Connection. Emotional tether. Ups and downs. Relationships. Friendships. Love. Stydia. Lysaac. Scira. Sc...
Teen Wolf: Season 7 [FanFic] by Gemz2610
Teen Wolf: Season 7 [FanFic]by Gemz2610
3 years after the finale the pack are living somewhat normal lives, Scott is working as a vet at the Animal Clinic, Stiles is now the sheriff after taking up the role af...
The Fine Line by alphascalia
The Fine Lineby alphascalia
There's a fine line between love and hate...
Scalia/Stalia Oneshots by snakesrule101
Scalia/Stalia Oneshotsby Kak
Scalia and stalia oneshots i dont own the characters #23 - Scalia (3.08.18) #115 - the pack (3.08.18)
Count on me by mmstilinski
Count on meby Mariana
This is a scalia fan fiction I'm actually stalia AF! But this is cute too. I'm from holland so sometimes my english can be misspelled or something Ethan, aiden, derek an...
The Destiny by Loka_Do_Tumblr
The Destinyby Loka_Do_Gás
I have not seen my friends for 5 years ..... So I decided to go again ..... but I ended up falling in love with my best friend ...
Kiss Me | Scalia by OlicityMcCall
Kiss Me | Scaliaby OlicityMcCall
-COMPLETED- Hey guys! This is just a short story based on a Scalia dream i had (yes my obsession with them is unhealthy i'm aware of that) and i wanted to write it down...
Aftertaste by Parisnex
Aftertasteby Malia Mccall
O que seria o destino? Pra todos aqueles que acredita, o destino é tudo que acontece em volta de nós, as lições da vida, as pessoas que entrar e sair e deixa suas marcas...
Treasure by ScaliaRising
Treasureby ScaliaRising
For some reason or another, Stiles doesn't want Malia anymore. Apparently badass, incredibly sexy, funny and loyal wasn't enough for him. He wanted strawberry blonde ha...
You Fall In Love More Than Once by ScaliaRising
You Fall In Love More Than Onceby ScaliaRising
Malia brought Scott back after a random bolt of lightening hit him and he lay dying. Now his Wolf won't let him stop having sex dreams about her.
What The Hell Did We Do? by ScaliaRising
What The Hell Did We Do?by ScaliaRising
Who's bright idea was it to smoke Wolfsbane Blunts anyway?
Reluctant Alpha by ScaliaRising
Reluctant Alphaby ScaliaRising
Scott McCall is an Omega looking for an Alpha. Malia is an Alpha looking to be left alone. Scott forms an immediate bond with her and tries to wear her down. But the stu...
Don't Speak by ScaliaRising
Don't Speakby ScaliaRising
There's nothing Malia loves more than expressing her feelings. So you can understand her frustration when a Gypsy took it away. But it doesn't take long for Malia to und...
Alpha Legacy by ScaliaRising
Alpha Legacyby ScaliaRising
The final installation of the Alpha Bloodlines series. Twelve years, Eleven months and three days passed and Scott couldn't be more stressed out as the time draws close...
Clueless »SCALIA«AU by -ScaliasTate-
Clueless »SCALIA«AUby grey;
"Your so clueless you know that right?" "Look I may be clueless but I'm not when it comes to how I feel about you." "Your full of shit, Scott.&q...
Scalia❤️  by HelloWorld1996
Scalia❤️ by HelloWorld1996
Mainly Scott and Malia after season 6B but with a few other characters 🙂