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Our Little Secret- Scalia [ COMPLETE] by cries-in-gay
Our Little Secret- Scalia [ cries-in-gay
After both breaking up with their lovers two best friends find themselves falling for each other. Scott McCall has been seeing Malia Tate but keeping it a secret from hi...
Alpha Bloodlines by ScaliaRising
Alpha Bloodlinesby ScaliaRising
This a continuation of You Fall in Love more than once. Since it was so highly desired. Scott and Malia couldn't love each other more. In fact they loved each other a li...
Roles Switched (Scalia) by ileikshows
Roles Switched (Scalia)by ileikshows
AU Malia Tate the new True Alpha in Beacon Hills, Stiles Stillinski her boyfriend and the rest of her pack (Lydia, Allison, Issac) are looking for child reported missing...
Burn It Down || Stilinski || Book One by soulfulstiles
Burn It Down || Stilinski || Lex
[BOOK ONE] "You have me, okay?" Stiles told her seriously, and then dropped his voice into a whisper. "You'll always have me." ^*^*^*^*^* Normal peo...
Gather The Ashes || Stilinski || Book Three  by soulfulstiles
Gather The Ashes || Stilinski || Lex
[BOOK THREE] Sierra Page struggled with moving on. The events from earlier that winter were permanently engraved in her head and with the loss of Allison, she knew she w...
moving | thiam by louush
moving | thiamby louush
[social media au] started on 01/25/2020 ended on 04/06/2020 enjoy!
anchor | thiam by louush
anchor | thiamby louush
[social media au] started on 10/16/19 ended on 01/24/20 enjoy!
Thiam oneshots  by thiamiscanon
Thiam oneshots by Thiam's Daughter
some thiam one shots that came to my mind :) hope you enjoy! <3
Truth or dare ~Thiam~ by Bangtan_Banshee
Truth or dare ~Thiam~by Bangtan_Banshee13
Where Theo and Liam become boyfriends and promise to never tell anyone. What happens when a game exposes them •Thiam •boyxboy •gay •Werewolf •sex
one shots | stydia  by dvlanobri
one shots | stydia by dvlanobri
Complication of Stydia and O'Broden one shots. Enjoy? Instagram: stydiaaff Twitter: stydiaaaff ¥all rights and characters go to MTV's Teen Wolf. ¥ #18 in Stydia
Stallison AU~ A Second Chance by StallisonWolf
Stallison AU~ A Second Chanceby Teen Wolf
When Allison Argent mysteriously returns from the dead, she goes knocking on Stiles Stilinski's door. As the two get to know each other more then they had before, Alliso...
The Final Fire || Stilinski || Book Five - BONUS by soulfulstiles
The Final Fire || Stilinski || Lex
[BOOK FIVE] Fighting fire with fire never extinguished any flames. "We're fighting fire with fire...won't that just cause more fire?" Sierra and the McCall P...
Twisted - Thiam by 1JayJay
Twisted - Thiamby JJ Rocha
Thank you all for over 10K reads. (When did that happen?) I love you so much (29.01.19) Thank you all for over 20K reads. I love you so much (19.07.19) 45k reads - what...
Scalia❤️  by HelloWorld1996
Scalia❤️ by HelloWorld1996
Mainly Scott and Malia after season 6B but with a few other characters 🙂
The Past Saving. by KenderBender
The Past KenderBender
"I'm proud of us." <><><><> Stiles Stilinski goes back into the past as a twenty-three year old teenager to prevent Allison Argent's de...
Fate is a Dangerous Thing {Newtmas Fanfic} by Newtandthomass
Fate is a Dangerous Thing { Thanks Tommy
The Maze Runner and Teenwolf universes collide when Thomas and his friends escape from WICKED headquarters. Thomas is petrified.. Until the Beacon Hills Police Departmen...
Emotional Tether by incitingchaos
Emotional Tetherby 🔥
Liam gets kidnapped and Theo feels like he's responsible for getting him back.
Condition Worsens | Theo Raeken by artisticlahey
Condition Worsens | Theo Raekenby joana
"The saddest thing about betrayal, is that, it never comes from enemies." I said crying. • cover by AD land
Stiles or Thomas? (TW meets TMR) by Newtmasismybabies
Stiles or Thomas? (TW meets TMR)by Newtmas
Stiles goes missing because of the Ghost riders but what happens when they transport Stiles to the Maze Runner universe by accident. Giving him his old body and memories...
What The Hell Did We Do? by ScaliaRising
What The Hell Did We Do?by ScaliaRising
Who's bright idea was it to smoke Wolfsbane Blunts anyway?