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Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince Wang Yo fanfiction by ImaginationsRuns
Scarlet Heart Ryeo: 3rd Prince ImaginationRuns
A 25-year-old woman from the year 2015, Kim Yu Ri fainted in a shopping mall's toilet after she saw a reflection of a lady in traditional hanbok. She was sent to the hos...
So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson *DISCONTINUED* by KaitlynRae99
So Sure✵ Elijah Mikaelson * Kaitlyn
"You took away my right of choice when you turned me." "I didn't wish for Niklaus to hurt you so you were safer as a vampire." Niklaus Mikaelson wasn...
Fighting, Magic, And Videogames?  (Spencer Gilpin) by Vonzzyc
Fighting, Magic, And ★CสrmeŇ★
"A Magician in an adventure game? What is happening? " "This is a Fun group" Elizabeth Graves - The Sweet/Badass Girl Spencer Gilpin - A Gaming Nerd ...
Avengers Imagines (Part Two) by laureniscrazy96
Avengers Imagines (Part Two)by Lauren Newman
My second book of probably not fantastic Avengers imagines. Please go and read Part One. Please consider supporting me for just £3 using Ko-Fi. This money gives me the a...
Mine Forever [Completed] by catheriene
Mine Forever [Completed]by catheriene
"Why did u punch him?" I asked in shock. "Why did you kiss him?" He asked me angrily. "What? I... but..he... " "Is he your boyfriend...
Mafia's Chef (COMPLETED) by anushkaaa01
Mafia's Chef (COMPLETED)by Anushka
Xavier Romano, 27, a mafia leader. Ruthless, cold , arrogant are the words you use to describe him. Lost his parents in a mafia war. He has a twin sister only family lef...
Young Justice: Pure Chaos by Ara598
Young Justice: Pure Chaosby Ara598
After the death of his family due to the war in his home country of Sokovia a young boy volunteers for a program designed to create superhumans. During his time in the p...
Troublemaker's (Lizzie Olsen X Fem Reader) by keimaximoff
Troublemaker's (Lizzie Olsen X keimaximoff
SLOW BURN y/n y/l/n is forced to move to a new city, away from all her friends. A person like her doesn't quite fit in around the Beverly hills chick's. At least all but...
Avengers : Age of Ultron ft.reader by embarassingaf
Avengers : Age of Ultron ft.readerby vicky
The maximoff siblings; Wanda, Pietro and Y/N are supposed to help Ultron in destroying the Avengers. Although they quickly realize they may be fighting for the wrong sid...
Irondad and Spiderson 4 by telylace
Irondad and Spiderson 4by telylace
Four books! Look how far we've come! Thank you all so much for taking me here!
Nothing lasts forever by S_marvel17
Nothing lasts foreverby S
One shots of Natasha and Wanda Most of these are based off songs :))
Wanda / Elizabeth Olsen one shots by wandalizziestan
Wanda / Elizabeth Olsen one shotsby wandalizziestan
so yeah, basically one shots of the one and only Wanda Maximoff, AKA Elizabeth Olsen. if it sucks, thank you for waisting your time on my stories. Feel free to send requ...
Pyrrhia: Ask or Dare!  by EmberTheStorian
Pyrrhia: Ask or Dare! by EmberTheStorian
Since there has been some demands that I make another one of these, I decided to it. This time, everyone is magically bound to this book, and will answer questions or do...
Horseland by puchi32145
Horselandby puchi32145
𝘽𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙩 ♘ one pιece by Sleepy_Aizawa
𝘽𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙩 ♘ one pιeceby Sleepy
『" 𝕋𝕣𝕦𝕥𝕙 𝕚𝕤, 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕘𝕠𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕠 𝕙𝕦𝕣𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥 𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕒' 𝕗𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕤 𝕨𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕙 𝕤𝕦𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕗𝕠�...
Avengers in a Chatroom! by 8JustEnjoyLife8
Avengers in a Chatroom!by Jane
What happens when all of the Avengers talk on a chat web site? Laughs, drama, fighting, evil laughter, and fun is in store!
The Most Powerful Princess (COMPLETE) by nianskii
The Most Powerful Princess ( Nian
WARNING! UNEDITED AND MESSY WRITING! (Seriously messy and sometimes uncomprehendable) Scarlet Amethyst or Scarlet Crystal Amethyst Rein -an extraordinary girl She's a de...
night changes | [c. evans] by rmnogers
night changes | [c. evans]by -A <3
Chris Evans: Founder of the Daddy kink. Person A: Wow the daddy kink is wack Person B: I thought so too until Chris Evans"Does wanna be a daddy" came into my l...
~INTO THE UNKNOWN~ by ghizlaneamouzg
~INTO THE UNKNOWN~by ghizlane amouzg
Iris woke up on an island in the middle of the ocean. She landed in the world of one-piece, her brother's favorite anime. an anime running longer than her life. will she...
lovely // wanda maximoff (scarlet witch) by walmartb1tch
lovely // wanda maximoff ( sad walmart gay
❝crush /krəSH/ 𝘯𝘰𝘶𝘯. the worst fvcking occurrence to ever happen to a girl, especially if said crush is her best friend.❞ Hi there. I'm Anya, and there are three th...