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Requests [x] open [ ] closed Oneshots based off of the game 'SCP: Contaiment Breach' as well as the SCP database. Objects, such as SCP 500, 914 and 662, are not allowed...
SCP- On the run |#Wattys 2019| by cinos0
SCP- On the run |#Wattys 2019|by cinos0
After several SCPs escape because the Foundation's on site warhead fails, an average boy is thrown into the mix when he finds some of the escaped SCPs and helps them to...
Whispers and Secrets: A Tale of the SCP Foundation's Reach by PyroSharkOriginal
Whispers and Secrets: A Tale of
Just a random thought of how it probably would look like in SCP universe, where they made the anomalies public, the story building is bit weird, as I'm not really used t...
SCP-On the run by sam_the_f0x
SCP-On the runby sam_the_f0x
When SCP-187 makes a prediction about a containment breach all steps are taken to prevent it but it's not enough. After SCPs escape because the on site warhead fails, an...