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《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Reader by Tragic_Child
《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Readerby Tragic_Child
《COMPLETED》 Two long months after ACL surgery, your pattern of life has almost gone back to normal: you can finally walk without those dreaded crutches (the clunky brace...
Clear Of The Pestilence But Not Love by devans333
Clear Of The Pestilence But Not devans333
Y/N had a job as a guard at The SCP Foundation. Y/N goes to observe SCP-049. Y/N had heard not to let him touch your bare skin. Y/N was prepared for the worst but what h...
The Doctor by AlecBeach
The Doctorby Alec Beach
Austin and his daughter Katt live in seclusion following the death of his wife Denice. Katt is a 6 year old girl with a pure heart and has never seemed off mentally, unt...
Those Above (Chainsaw Man Fanfiction) by TheBush1213
Those Above (Chainsaw Man TheBush1213
A young boy watches his parents at the hand of a man who had made a contract with a devil. His rage was immense he wanted revenge against the bastard who killed his pare...
Pestilence Over Remnant [Reader X Neo] by KiriKiwiS
Pestilence Over Remnant [Reader KiriKiwiS
Plague Doctor X RWBY You were once a fairly average young-ish man. You enjoyed a plethora of "fun" activities such as dissecting toads, "experiments"...
Cure to a Broken Heart (Under Editing)  by The_Cursed_Doll
Cure to a Broken Heart (Under burned bacon bit
An Scp-049 fanfiction. (x reader)
The plague in Remnant (Male Reader X Rwby) Fin by Devilswing123
The plague in Remnant (Male Devilswing123
you are a plague doctor. All art belongs to darkest dungeon,rwby,and there rightfully owners. May or may not see plague ink stuff Ps: cringy stuff can be found
SCP-Aftermath by danielsmith42
SCP-Aftermathby Daniel Smith
It happened, the biggest Containment Breach of all. Ethan must survive the greatest Breach, he will find himself up against Scp-049, the Plague Doctor who believes he's...
THE winter cure by Meadow235
THE winter cureby Meadow235
I counted her work as a plague doctor too help the village's under the infection of the sickness. The sickness will not stop it will not yelled but only harm and hurt th...
BlackMoonOwl collection x reader by BlackMoonOwl
BlackMoonOwl collection x readerby ★彡 Severe Simp 彡★
Includes the OG versions of the gold watchers, and other ocs i have created.
The Arcana Oneshots by BTemptation
The Arcana Oneshotsby the detroit fandom got me
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The Daughter Of An SCP?! by Sneakybeekybunny
The Daughter Of An SCP?!by Sneaky
The story of SCP 049's daughter named Katherine. She is different from her father. And that is what makes this interesting...
Old Friends (035 X 049) by lonely_blue_boy
Old Friends (035 X 049)by Jack
This is a collection of SCP 035 x 049 oneshots! hope you enjoy (: [requests are open]
The Doctor's Carnation by shadow_the_eevee
The Doctor's Carnationby Shadow Eevee
Shadow was a D-class in the S.C.P foundation. She was young and fairly accused which landed her here. After just surviving her last test Shadow was thrown into the conta...
THE ARCANA: Red Plague Days by amytstories
THE ARCANA: Red Plague Daysby lovefanfics
A non canon story of how life was in Vesuvia during the Red Plague. The Plague terrorizes Vesuvia, leaving thousands of dead while doctors and magicians tirelessly find...
The Forbidden Cure  by Urm0mzbalzzz
The Forbidden Cure by Isbored
This is a story based on SCP-049. Yes, it is an x reader >:] More information is provided in the introduction to this story!
Death Mask ((Kamukura X Komaeda One Shot)) by Anuyushi
Death Mask ((Kamukura X Komaeda Anuyushi
((Plague Doctor AU)) Sickness, it's spread across the lands in the masses. Nobody is brave enough to venture into the ghost towns of what was once destroyed to find the...
By A Mere Chance  by ipetdogs1
By A Mere Chance by ipetdogs1
Y/N is an innocent prisoner but was taken to the SCP foundation to be tested on various anomalies. One of them happened to be a very strange plague doctor know as SCP-04...
Plague Doctor X reader by uncannycan
Plague Doctor X readerby uncanny can
Something is killing the slugs in the city I wonder who it is