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SCP963-3 by The_Nocturnal_Raven
SCP963-3by Noctis Corvus
Izuku Midoriya barely survived death once, having flung himself off the building where his dreams were crushed... now he is brought face to face with a cursed man, who t...
Reincarnated in SCP by Gilthur
Reincarnated in SCPby Reinhart
Asner Graves was a child who regained the memories of his past life. Followed after that was the arrival of his so called golden finger "the system". In this...
Retrograde Motion [SCP X Reader] by NekoInuKit
Retrograde Motion [SCP X Reader]by I'm Not Here I Swear
Life seemed to enjoy screwing you over. You thought getting dropped in another dimension was absurd at this point. You couldn't even die properly! [SCP X Reader] (From m...
The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP!Reader) by Anonymous_Poster
The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP! Anon P
Simon, If the O5s start panicking about where I am just say that I fed myself to 682 and waiting for him to spit the amulet out. I'm headed for a recently established ru...
I'm In Charge of SCP by nahyesq
I'm In Charge of SCPby
Object Class: Keter Description: SCP-X is a humanoid that calls himself as "Zhang Jue" and came from a parallel universe with traits that are unaffected by mos...
Researcher Izuku Yagi by Black_Death303
Researcher Izuku Yagiby DarkPhantom
After the neglect from his parents and the abuse from his sister and the Bakugo twins, Izuku gives up on his dream of becoming a hero, devoting his life to science and a...
scp 035 x reader  by megi-bunny
scp 035 x reader by megi<3
Scp doesn't belong to me Y/n = your name H/c = hair color E/c= eye color L/n= last name
female scp Harem x Powerful psychic male reader by underboundsans34
female scp Harem x Powerful underbound sans
I had an interesting thought when I was thinking about reviving my old fem scp x male reader books. There are a lot of scp harem stories, why not add to it myself
Taming the Fox (OCx953) by 20xwing
Taming the Fox (OCx953)by 20xwing
A security guard just on an average day until he is given a daunting task by the mysterious O5. He takes the task and it ends in something not so expected I don't not ow...
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Female reader) by Wulfston1
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Wulfston1
You are a D-Class. You were framed for murdering a important personell to the SCP foundation. You were thrown inside with little hope to escape. They make you preform te...
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Forsaken Me SCP 049 x Reader  by acidlashes
Forsaken Me SCP 049 x Reader by Levislover
A beautiful intelligent doctor (y/n) is given an opportunity of a lifetime after a recent promotion. She will be allowed to finally work closely to the SCP's she's studi...
New Life (scp reader) by AbelQ2704
New Life (scp reader)by Abel Q
Y/N was Captured when they were around the age of 19 years old. Y/N never had an average life even before they got captured by the scp foundation. Before they got capt...
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates] by Superstitious_Oddity
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates]by Odey
What happens if you mix the SCP foundation and Bendy and the Ink Machine? You get this. Keep in mind I'm a slow writer, and I'm doing 2000 words per chapter. Updates whe...
Containment ( SCPs x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Containment ( SCPs x child reader)by Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't quite the same as everyone else, they have been lost all their life until a kind scientists brings them to a strange foundation, everything's fine until...
Scp Reacts by springtrap3glass
Scp Reactsby springtrap 3glass
The scps and foundation staff watch some interesting events.
The Indestructible and the Weak (682 X Reader) by Luna_GrimReaper
The Indestructible and the Weak ( LunaGrimReaper
(I have gotten into the SCP fandom! And I wanted to do this because why the hell not?) Y/n (A.K.A. D Class-8657) is a new D Class in the SCP (Secure. Contain. Protec...
The luaghing immortal (powerful Immortal male reader X SCP foundation) by tinystores
The luaghing immortal (powerful TinyStoties
You are an immortal who seen it all, the start of creation, the birth of humans and even some "Scp" and all the wars plus the crazy humanity endings. You were...
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Readerby raku.
[ONGOING] SCP Foundation Site #21, has been breached. Missing: 049, 096, 173, 1471 (Y/N), a college student. He always had normal everyday life. Until of course... someo...
Can you change my heart? Scp 953 x Reader by UniteTogether
Can you change my heart? Scp 953 UniteTogether
You were always interested in SCP world, even when everybody near you was saying, that it doesn't exist. After an unknown man offers you a job in a foundation, where the...
The Redacted Scp by TheBush1213
The Redacted Scpby TheBush1213
In the Scp there was a forgotten Scp that only few see but those who see him up close usually dont live to tell the tale.