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Breaking the rules (SCP-049 x reader) by Bunny_Tori
Breaking the rules (SCP-049 x Tori's stories
Growing up you were smart. Took care of yourself, focused in school, and helped others when you could. Sadly, despite how well-liked you could have been, you weren't ver...
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x Child!Reader) by EvelynEnder
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x EvelynEnder
What will happen when an anomalous child is dropped off at the doors of the foundation? (Yeah I'm sorry but I'm bad with descriptions. Like what the title says, this is...
S.C.P: Miraculous by timidcreator
S.C.P: Miraculousby timidcreator
So... I had a thought: 'What if the scp foundation was in the MLB universe and got their hands on Marinette post-season 3?' This is a product of that thought! This is no...
SCP963-3 by The_Nocturnal_Raven
SCP963-3by Noctis Corvus
Izuku Midoriya barely survived death once, having flung himself off the building where his dreams were crushed... now he is brought face to face with a cursed man, who t...
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates] by Superstitious_Oddity
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates]by Odey
What happens if you mix the SCP foundation and Bendy and the Ink Machine? You get this. Keep in mind I'm a slow writer, and I'm doing 2000 words per chapter. Updates whe...
Different (Yandere!SCP Foundation x Fem!Reader) by FluffyJhen27
Different (Yandere!SCP
A girl named Y/n got accused for killing her friend, why would others believe the murderer? well, the killer was a teenager who always acts cute while no one knows her t...
Don't Leave, Please by Sweet_Sydney14
Don't Leave, Pleaseby Sweet_Sydney14
Cathy was just trying to be a normal girl. She worked at Dunkin Donuts, was paid pretty well actually. She's 25 and loving her life. Nothing can possibly change! Until...
I'll protect you darling~ (SCP-035 X Child!Reader) by Wulfston1
I'll protect you darling~ ( Wulfston1
You were abandoned at a very young age. Three years to be exact. You would've been dead meat, but a fellow SCP member found you, and took you into the facility as a expe...
IS IT SAFE OR NOT?  by Snow_Eve_is_Sad
IS IT SAFE OR NOT? by Eve_is_not_happy
*SCP-7087 was found in the forest by a D-class member smelling flowers and eating blueberries.. *What happened if 7087 was put into Scp foundation- site 143... *Do the...
Love in the time of containment: SCP-073 x reader by rayray330012345
Love in the time of containment: Rayray3300
You are a new researcher working for the Foundation. You get assigned to SCP-073. Chaos ensues.
SCP by CreeporProxy
SCPby CreeporProxy
SCPs and Foundation Background. Warning: This is not my own. I do not claim any kind of ownership.
GATE x SCP Foundation x Fallout by A210092
GATE x SCP Foundation x Falloutby A210092
A gate suddenly opened in the Ginza district of Tokyo, out came soldiers that look like they are from the Roman era. Meanwhile, in another universe, it's 2091. The SCP F...
The Files of SCP-690 (SCP Harem x Futa SCP reader) by Jaxread
The Files of SCP-690 (SCP Harem Jaxread
One day in the SCP foundation, some SCP's gave birth to daughters and are transported to New site 16 in ()()()()()()()()(), also know as site-G, even some SCPs have Bing...
Macgyver Imagines (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) by The_3_Imaginers
Macgyver Imagines (REQUESTS ARE The_3_Imaginers
The name says it all. Requests are open!
Pregnant by Aquaman by zowens1123
Pregnant by Aquamanby kayla2003
Kayla Johnson is your typical 25 year old, who is moreover of introverted and arrogant person who doesn't take shit from anyone not even her baby father. Arthur Curry, o...
RWBY, SCP crossover. by --Flamethrower-
RWBY, SCP --Flamethrower-
After Team RWBY wake up in an empty cell, the Guards assume that they are D-class. What happens when Team RWBY encounter a group of Doctors? And what happens when Team R...
A Hole in One's Village [Kakashi Hatake] by HopelessHatake
A Hole in One's Village [Kakashi Anna Blue
Sequel to "A Hole in One's Heart" Sometimes the greatest threats are those that come from within. [Kakashi Hatake x OC] Slow updates. This story contains: occa...
Death battle N.E.O ( a fairy tail reacts to death battle fanfiction) by munchkinboi
Death battle N.E.O ( a fairy Nilanjan cliffords hyde
"Gather around for a new round !!! new combatants!! previously unseen matchups!! carnage and mayhem on a whole new scale!!" our favourite guild comes across an...
SCP Foundation Manuscript by Joojyohncel
SCP Foundation Manuscriptby Joojyohncel
The SCP (Secure. Contain. Protect.) Foundation Manuscript brings all discovered SCP findings from the laboratory to the internet for public use. Classified information i...