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"Oh my..." A SCP-049 x child!reader fanfic (obviously platonic) by _Milla_7849_
"Oh my..." A SCP-049 x child! •°☆milla_moonlight☆°•
ehehehe- ( this is based off- well, almost copied from a fanfic I wrote in my notebook for myself, and yes I will post it later, but it has my name in it and it also has...
New Life (scp reader) by AbelQ2704
New Life (scp reader)by Abel Q
Y/N was Captured when they were around the age of 19 years old. Y/N never had an average life even before they got captured by the scp foundation. Before they got capt...
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Female reader) by Wulfston1
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Wulfston1
You are a D-Class. You were living your normal life when all the sudden once you went to sleep and woke up, you were in a completly diffrent place with no memory of how...
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A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation (Jojo x SCP)  by rodeo578
A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure rodeo578
When Rodeo (OC), gets a mysterious package with a literal killer queen helmet in it and wears it , he gets transported to the anomalous world of the SCP's . Now having t...
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL) by Bulbasaur175
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL)by Bulbasaur774 2.0
A little moth was all alone when they first entered the golden wasteland, except the entrance wasn't leading to the wasteland, it was a new world, with so much light, bu...
Their Little Sweetheart by GalaxyMysteryTheCat
Their Little Sweetheartby Mystery
DISCONTINUED This is an SCP x Child!Reader. Your a sweet, innocent little four year old girl. Often babysat because your parents were always worked late. You often won...
The nullifying scp by DrAgOn0207
The nullifying scpby DrAgOn0207
A man is brought into the scp facility by dr bright after being chased by GOC but after showing that he cannot be harmed by the living statute or killed by the plague do...
Blutrotes Rosenmeer (SCP-953 x "Nine Tailed Fox" OP MTF Squad Leader (Reader)) by BB-Hime
Blutrotes Rosenmeer (SCP-953 x " Battleship Demon
You are the weakest person in the Foundation and are bullied and insulted by everyone. At some point this gets to your head and you want to get out of the foundation. On...
~Lost memories~ (scp 035 x reader x scp 049) by monstercookie_05
~Lost memories~ (scp 035 x monstercookie_05
One day (Y/N) wakes up in a strange place. She didn't know how she got there nor does she know what she did to be trapped in a place like that. What will happen to her...
Just some x Reader Oneshots from SCP, really.
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x Child!Reader) by EvelynEnder
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x EvelynEnder
What will happen when an anomalous child is dropped off at the doors of the foundation? (Yeah I'm sorry but I'm bad with descriptions. Like what the title says, this is...
SCP X Child Reader OneShots[✔︎] by inactiveaccount12974
SCP X Child Reader OneShots[✔︎]by .
Oh my gosh, so original! Totally not inspired by other stories, i just think that like there is not much of this stories in wattpad. Might as well write this while list...
SCP x Reader Oneshots by Pinkamena205
SCP x Reader Oneshotsby Pinkamena205
I got bored so i made this. Request me anything you like!
Scp m e m e s by HComrade
Scp m e m e sby Clorox
Memes It's literally just memes
SCP: Containment Breach Oneshots by _Fallout_Fan_
SCP: Containment Breach Oneshotsby PLEASE STAND BY
A book where I write oneshots about SCP: Containment Breach, feel free to request.
Test Gone Wrong: An SCP: Containment Breach Fanfiction by AgentZeroSCP
Test Gone Wrong: An SCP: Agent Zero
Damion, a death row inmate turned into a rogue D-class personnel at the SCP Foundation. When his work there had begun, things had looked like they would warm up. However...
I Have Lost Faith in Humanity. by Melonbird12
I Have Lost Faith in Arachnidz
The foundation's job is difficult, but according to them, necessary to aid humanity. But what happens when one of their highest ranking officers abandons his innocent an...
Zodiacs from SCP Foundation by _Dear_Deer
Zodiacs from SCP Foundationby _Dear_Deer
For every mistake I'm so sorry. I'm still learning. The zodiacs aren't related to each other. If they are, it will be annotated. ♈ Aries: 21st March - 19th April ♉ Taur...
SCP Oneshots (NO LONGER UPDATING)by idontwriteonthisaccountanymor...
SCP Oneshots! My first fanfic book... Feedback is welcome! Please request at the request chapter. It's also my first romance book as well! (Picture doesn't belong to me...
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy Adventures in the SCP world (Slenderman x Jojo × SCP) by rodeo578
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy rodeo578
Danny Anderson is your typical pop culture lover until he met Slender man who was ready to give his powers as well as some additional powers from the jojo universe to h...