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Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Female reader) by Wulfston1
Unexpected love. (SCP-049 x Wulfston1
You are a D-Class. You were living your normal life when all the sudden once you went to sleep and woke up, you were in a completly diffrent place with no memory of how...
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x Child!Reader) by EvelynEnder
Sweet Child O' Mine (SCPs x EvelynEnder
What will happen when an anomalous child is dropped off at the doors of the foundation? (Yeah I'm sorry but I'm bad with descriptions. Like what the title says, this is...
Forsaken Me SCP 049 x Reader  by acidlashes
Forsaken Me SCP 049 x Reader by acidlashes
A beautiful intelligent doctor (y/n) is given an opportunity of a lifetime after a recent promotion. She will be allowed to finally work closely to the SCP's she's studi...
Clear Of The Pestilence But Not Love by devans333
Clear Of The Pestilence But Not devans333
Y/N had a job as a guard at The SCP Foundation. Y/N goes to observe SCP-049. Y/N had heard not to let him touch your bare skin. Y/N was prepared for the worst but what h...
Too Good To Be True [ SCP-049 x F!Reader] by rottinq_slowly
Too Good To Be True [ SCP-049 x rottinq_slowly
[ RARELY UPDATED ] Cover belongs to rightful artist <3
Breaking the rules (SCP-049 x reader) by Bunny_Tori
Breaking the rules (SCP-049 x Tori's stories
Growing up you were smart. Took care of yourself, focused in school, and helped others when you could. Sadly, despite how well-liked you could have been, you weren't ver...
Not one of Them?  (A SCP fan story) by PastryVicar
Not one of Them? (A SCP fan story)by Ash Reese
Viola was a curious nineteen year old who loved exploring websites that she wasn't allowed to see. She stumbled upon the SCP website and read many SCP files, without kno...
Protection [SCP-049 x Male!Reader x SCP-035] by Elluezir
Protection [SCP-049 x Male! Elluezir
You are one of the newer guards in your facility, so you get charged with keeping watch of the more 'safe' SCPs. Life was mundane with a few splashes of color. That qui...
the plauge doctor and the anomalies child. by shadowmonster333
the plauge doctor and the shadowmonster333
hi there, this an scp fanfiction about my favorite scp character the plauge doctor.this is also my first story so sorry if its will also have two ocs i created...
Your Anomalous Life [SCP & Reader] by Shotgunrider428
Your Anomalous Life [SCP & Reader]by ShotgunRider
You would've never expected your life to get this crazy. Not in a million years. And definitely not because you came home from school one day to find multiple "SCPs...
Bad Liar (SCP x Reader) by MagicGamePlays
Bad Liar (SCP x Reader)by MagicGamePlays
You are a 21yo who found yourself in an orange, sticky, situation... You were born in the Facility by a Female doctor, with the help from SCP-049, in the process, your m...
New Life (scp reader) by AbelQ2704
New Life (scp reader)by Abel Q
Y/N was Captured when they were around the age of 19 years old. Y/N never had an average life even before they got captured by the scp foundation. Before they got capt...
Seeing You | SCP-1471 x Male Reader by Rakuwoo
Seeing You | SCP-1471 x Male Readerby raku.
[HIATUS] SCP Foundation Site #21, has been breached. Missing: 049, 096, 173, 1471 (Y/N), a college student. He always had normal everyday life. Until of course... someon...
A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation (Jojo x SCP)  by rodeo578
A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure rodeo578
When Rodeo (OC), gets a mysterious package with a literal killer queen helmet in it and wears it , he gets transported to the anomalous world of the SCP's . Now having t...
Remedy (SCP-049 x Reader) by Loomingx
Remedy (SCP-049 x Reader)by Loomingx
A new scientist joins an observation team responsible for SCP-049, and surprisingly... gains his interest. (Cover art by
Just some x Reader Oneshots from SCP, really.
(ON HOLD) The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP!Reader) by Anonymous_Poster
(ON HOLD) The Perfect Cure! ( Anon P
slow burn but the candle isnt even lit yet . hiiiiii just to let you know that i heard of rumours of a potential anomaly and since it was quite close to the site i decid...
Sock and Doc by blood_and_obsession
Sock and Docby blood_and_obsession
Completed A 049 x 035 fanfic I decided to write because I ship it and there isn't enough stuff for this ship
Scp 049 x Helluvaboss/Hazbinhotel  by Ricky3546
Scp 049 x Helluvaboss/Hazbinhotel by Ricky3546
Scp 049, also know as the Plague Doctor just working with his experiments until he was call to another scp called. Scp-1471. It was a test but then a breach happened rev...
Nothing's Grey (YAN! Scp x Fem Reader) by Bulbasaur175
Nothing's Grey (YAN! Scp x Fem Bulbasaur774 2.0
You aren't like any other person, you are now a host of the future of War, you have the ability to change form into the prototype of the weapon of war, the indoraptor, w...