Scp-682 Stories

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Living with 682 by Furious47
Living with 682by Furious47
SCP 682 is to be destroyed as soon as possible and is known to have a hatred of all life. But what if it had been discovered after breaching containment by an ordinary c...
Unusual Companions by I_HOLD_ALL_THE_CARDS
Unusual Companionsby Neo
After being captured by the foundation, Neo becomes known as D-314159265359, and is immediately assigned the deadliest task, entering SCP-682s Containment chamber. Well...
I Just Want to go Home (SCP x Non-binary Reader) by Orchidand_Moon
I Just Want to go Home (SCP x Meira-
Y/N is a young 15 year old, they travel to the world of SCP for some fun, but they realize they made a mistake and may never be able to return back to their world ever a...
the human that befriended scp-682 by Updownload
the human that befriended scp-682by Updownload
scp-682 is psychotic mass murdering monster but what if a human managed to befriend (him it? idk) note I do not own anything related to the scp community including scp-6...
Love Can Birth Pure Hate by Anime0CC0Manga
Love Can Birth Pure Hateby Anime0CC0Manga
The most accepting and loving person, gives birth to the exact opposite of all that~
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL) by Bulbasaur175
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL)by Bulbasaur774 2.0
A little moth was all alone when they first entered the golden wasteland, except the entrance wasn't leading to the wasteland, it was a new world, with so much light, bu...
A new SCP (SCP-049 x SCPchildreader) by Angel0101010
A new SCP (SCP-049 x Angel01
You're just a lonely child that lives isolated in the forest. But when you're caught and brought to the SCP foundation, everything will change forever
Your Anomalous Life [SCP & Reader] by Shotgunrider428
Your Anomalous Life [SCP & Reader]by ShotgunRider
You would've never expected your life to get this crazy. Not in a million years. And definitely not because you came home from school one day to find multiple "SCPs...
The Return Of A Hero (SCP reader) (Part 2 Of SCP New Life) by AbelQ2704
The Return Of A Hero (SCP reader) Abel Q
hey guys this is book 2 of new life (SCP reader). I'll probably give a small summary of book 1 for those who need a reminder of what happened in the previous book and fo...
Scp 682 x reader. by Funtime_foxylolbit
Scp 682 x The watcher of all security c...
What the top says You are 18 years old.
The Rotten Maelstrom by JohnSCPLevel4
The Rotten Maelstromby John SCP Level 4
What if SCP-106 was smarter and looked normal than his canon version? If he became more cooperative with the SCP Foundation? What could these events cause that it could...
Saitama and the SCPs by Reflectionist1
Saitama and the SCPsby Reflectionist
For Saitama, he was about to see some SCPs that began to appear into his world, attacking monsters and humans alike. There are forces beyond the mortal realm, dangerous...
Abandoned again...(scp-079 Fan Story) by Paradoxslullaby
Abandoned again...(scp-079 Fan Paradoxslullaby
SCP 079, the old AI, suddenly finds itself awake in the year 2069 in a old abandoned house. After a close run in with some humans using the house for extra storage, the...
A Mystery To Find by Southparklover121
A Mystery To Findby Arlene Remillard
Scp-682-9 and Scp-049-5 have noticed something wrong with Scp-173-4's Doctor, Dr. (L/n), she just wants to be left alone, she throws up a lot in the morning, and her bel...
scp guard finds out by Kallumbowyer2008Bowy
scp guard finds outby Kallumbowyer2008 Bowyer
a scp guard finds out about a power he has by accident. he summon a baby dragon that can talk in his mind and is super Loving and is mad over him
SCP Oneshots by neonaxxlotl
SCP Oneshotsby Neon
Something's wrong.
The Adventurers Of SVR by shadow_the_eevee
The Adventurers Of SVRby Shadow Eevee
Shadow has been at the foundation for quite some time now. Let us see what strange things have happened to our SCP girl.
SCP-99192 by Cloud_cat_
SCP-99192by CloudCat
All art used was again made by Herbleave
SCP-100000 - Breaking point by StoriesOfOld_and_New
SCP-100000 - Breaking pointby StoryTeller
When Jackson, a 16-year-old genius with no family, is kidnapped by a mysterious group called the SCP foundation for no rational reason, he is thrown into a world of dang...
We Are Not What Meets The Eye (A Transformers: Prime and SCP crossover) by TaleSpinner101
We Are Not What Meets The Eye (A Tale Spinner 101
Two factions are at war, fighting over a speck of organic dust known as Earth. The Autobots and Decepticons, however, never could see what was really going on beneath Ea...