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... by Ace_Of_Raven
#1 Nyxia
Sugar Daddy  by buchananabigail
Sugar Daddy by Abby_jamaican_author
SashaWalker is a 23 year old black thick Jamaican girl who loves life she Is the life of the party as that's her escape from reality Nevertheless she wants to breakawa...
Gakuen Alice : Shiro Yukihara by 4ngelyn
Gakuen Alice : Shiro Yukiharaby 4ngelyn
Story about Shiro, Mikan's twin, that instead grow up with bubbly Mikan, she raised by her uncle Kazu Yukihara the High School Principal of Gakuen Alice.
Y0u're m1ne n0w- smut ( ◡‿◡ *) (on hold) by JA1D3Nlmao
Y0u're m1ne n0w- smut ( ◡‿◡ *) ( Jaiden <3
characters are all aged up so it's good :D this is a MDLB smut btw "you're mine now. Do you understand?" "Yes Mommy." "y0u're m1ne n0w"
Scratched Secrets || Larry Stylinson || kitten.Harry by 1X_Larry_Stylinson_x
Scratched Secrets || Larry 1X_Larry_Stylinson_x
Harry Styles been a cat hybrid since he was born. He never knew why or how, but he is. He spent his time with his one and only true friend Louis Tomlinson ever since the...
Kaveh x Alhaitham ( A lovers quarrel smut) by Baddie1234567688
Kaveh x Alhaitham ( A lovers Baddie1234567688
Lumine  is annoyed at them fighting so she puts them in a sex room
Gregtrap by GGs_Fandom
Gregtrapby SkylerTheElf
Gregtrap: AU from KasugaBee. Found on Youtube. Is on mostly every social media platform. Yes I got permission from them. Once again, AU originally from KasugaBee so cred...
(requests closed temporarily) imagines about college (and nfl) football players
Possible 2021 Stories! by Dalek07
Possible 2021 Stories!by DalekGiratina07
These either will be coming 2021 or 2022! But hopefully they get on time in 2021! Before 2022 arrives.
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro (S2) Episode 3: The Corrupted Daleks by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro (S2) DalekGiratina07
Story: The Doctor and the Daleks join Forces and become allies, but as soon as things go as planned someone unexcepted arrives in The Base and he's Out for revenge this...
Schools In Sec 21 Faridabad - Ryan Group by reemasha
Schools In Sec 21 Faridabad - reemasha
Ryan International School Faridabad believes in connecting students with Indian culture, important life values, alumni, and, of course, the environment. Every year on ce...
More Upcoming Stories! by Dalek07
More Upcoming Stories!by DalekGiratina07