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... by Ace_Of_Raven
#1 Nyxia
Sugar Daddy  by buchananabigail
Sugar Daddy by Abby_jamaican_author
SashaWalker is a 23 year old black thick Jamaican girl who loves life she Is the life of the party as that's her escape from reality Nevertheless she wants to breakawa...
(requests closed temporarily) imagines about college (and nfl) football players
Poppy Playtime (S1) Episode 1: A Tight Squeeze. by Dalek07
Poppy Playtime (S1) Episode 1: A DalekGiratina07
Story: Jason returns to the factory years after everyone within mystery disappears but as he returns threats approach, and They begin to Hunt and EAT!
Y0u're m1ne n0w- smut ( ◡‿◡ *) (on hold) by JA1D3Nlmao
Y0u're m1ne n0w- smut ( ◡‿◡ *) ( Jaiden <3
characters are all aged up so it's good :D this is a MDLB smut btw "you're mine now. Do you understand?" "Yes Mommy." "y0u're m1ne n0w"
Half life - A Problematic Citizen by Theresa_Pain
Half life - A Problematic Citizenby Germany
Y/n was orphaned at the age of 14 and Lived in the wasteland of the world. after 4 years they finally can go to a city, But a problem rises. rebels attack every 5 days a...
Bow Ties & Red Eyes by FreeFallinFanfic1
Bow Ties & Red Eyesby FreeFallinFanfic1
A Black Butler Fanfiction Does Ciel have a thing for Sebastian? Or is it just child's play? A Sebaciel Fanfiction Yaoi, Fluff, A Little Smut
Gakuen Alice : Shiro Yukihara by 4ngelyn
Gakuen Alice : Shiro Yukiharaby 4ngelyn
Story about Shiro, Mikan's twin, that instead grow up with bubbly Mikan, she raised by her uncle Kazu Yukihara the High School Principal of Gakuen Alice.
More Upcoming Stories! by Dalek07
More Upcoming Stories!by DalekGiratina07
Dalek Tales: Halloween Special (S1 Episode 56) The Mechans Destroyer. by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Halloween Special ( DalekGiratina07
Now this is A Halloween Special And is An Episode but on Mechanus. LOL Story: What if The Haunted Halloween Episode Tries to kill Sec find out in this Story.
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro (S1) Episode 71: Day Of Reckoning by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro (S1) DalekGiratina07
This is A Extra Episode *it is canon* but this is just an Extra but it still counts but anyways this deals with the Daleks against the Mechanoids and may leave us clues...
Dalek Tales: Cult of Skaro (S1 Christmas Special Part 7) Episode 63: The Vortex. by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Cult of Skaro (S1 DalekGiratina07
Story: The Daleks must stop Caan's Rampage and Destroy the Final Scorpius Rex: The Indoraptor. But things might not be the Same Again.
One Kind of Love by Softnipple8
One Kind of Loveby Softnipple8
When 18 year old Jackie receives a mysterious phone call, she endures the date of her life. With many twist and turns, will Jackie find love, or will she plummet to the...
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro. (S1) Episode 68: Giantess. by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro. (S1) DalekGiratina07
Story: The Daleks now have beaten the 4th Scorpius rex the Finale Scorpius but with the 6 Daleks plus 2 more taken Sec and the rest must save them but there's Something...
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro. (S1) Episode 67: The Secret of the Unknown. by Dalek07
Dalek Tales: Cult Of Skaro. (S1) DalekGiratina07
Story: The Secret Reveals itself and now our heroes must stop the oncoming threats coming towards them!