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The Unbelievable Truth - Tomco by HeyHowAreYouK
The Unbelievable Truth - Tomcoby •Sabre Here•
Tom is known for being in love with Star. Does he really though? He certainly thinks he does. Is that the truth though? What if.. he's in love with someone else? Someone...
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SET UP 🤦🏽‍♀️ by nisha_nisha20
SET UP 🤦🏽‍♀️by Anissha hargrave
This story is about how a girl Named nisha got set up by her so called friends and how she got pregnant and raped by 3 different boys at a party and now she had AIDS and...
Betrayed After His Time Pt.ll by DimezzTypes
Betrayed After His Time Pt.llby A Br💔ken St💔ry
Enjoyed book 1 and you've been itching to know about what's happening next?👀 I don't do bio's , it tells to much 🤫 I love surprises and that's what this book is filled...
Fitness Equipment Companies in India by Fitlineindia
Fitness Equipment Companies in Socials FitLine
Buy premium commercial fitness equipment from India's renowned fitness companies at affordable prices. We are wholesale traders, suppliers & distributors of health club...
SAVE ME | Urban by savagexsage
SAVE ME | Urbanby $’s💓
"Save me because i feel like giving up"
She wanna be bad by BiggDaddyTaay
She wanna be badby BiggDaddyTaay
Baltimore city girl ( Trinity ) growing up without a mom (Rachel) and a dad (Mark) that let his friends play with her turns her into a nasty little thing that fucks wit...
Transformers 2  by killerumbreonstudios
Transformers 2 by killerumbreonstudios
Megatron and his evil decepticons arrive on earth in South America. Megatron has a plan to take over South America and the whole world. Optimus and his autobot's must sa...
Work From Home Set ups by denierob
Work From Home Set upsby Deniero Bartolini
Scrolling online world for work from home set ups?
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Wrong Number 🌚✨ by kayliasmall7
Wrong Number 🌚✨by OliviaBayB💙
" Maybe having the wrong number might be a great idea😏 "
The Most Wanted by LeagueWarriors
The Most Wantedby LeagueWarriors
Three most wanted criminals fighting for their humanity But are they strong to fight all the crime around the world? To find out, Read every chapter of The Most Wanted
Wrong Nigga  by TayTheWriter02
Wrong Nigga by TayTheWriter02
"Use to be happy with no problem... Being able to smile with no hesitation... Now I'm only happy when lifting a blunt to my lips, inhaling and exhaling a cloud of s...
Oddly specific setups by BlackCherriesNSFW
Oddly specific setupsby BlackCherriesNSFW
Basically a mood that so oddly specific people wonder if I'm alright
Work From Home Setups by denierob
Work From Home Setupsby Deniero Bartolini
Look towards every information for work from home setups. Know how you easily depend upon the working steps available at home areas or remote areas.
Wild Mind Downfall by PROPSKY
Wild Mind Downfallby PROPSKY
" It's unnecessary but atleast I tried tasting his lips"
When You Love A Thug  by ObeyYoursTrulyDionn
When You Love A Thug by Daddy Dionn ☺️
Maleah is a 17 year old girl, she's really beautiful. But she may look pretty on the outside, but on the inside she's been hurt so much. She wants to find love, but she...