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A Second Chance ( On Hold + Editing ) by cristina-aa
A Second Chance ( On Hold + Cristina 🌊
*CURRENTLY TRYING TO EDIT* *Wouldn't recommend to read right now! Some chapters are incomplete due to me editing!* AHSOKA has a newbron child, she is a single mother wit...
An Unthinkable Alliance by DeWaldemarMatei
An Unthinkable Allianceby De Waldemar Matei
The Clone Wars takes a different turn when the conflict is enlarged by a third faction...
The Kaleesh Knight by Crowknight13
The Kaleesh Knightby NightCr0w13
When Jaune's secret is revealed by Cardin, he is betrayed by his friends and disowned by his family. As he is left for dead,General Grievous saves him and sees the poten...
Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tano by SkyTheMagician
Shaak Ti and Ahsoka Tanoby SkyTheMagician
When Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, no one is surprised when Anakin is broken, but when Shaak Ti breaks out in tears as she hears the news, everyone is surprised. What Sh...
Maul's Son by Hollunk21
Maul's Sonby Hollunk21
Maul's son, a secret unknown to even Sidious. What will happen when he is discovered by the jedi? and a specific togruta...
𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐄 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 ; commander wolffe by lupesune
──── ❛ are we in heaven yet? © lupesune 2021 commander wolffe x f...
Shadows of the Past by DeWaldemarMatei
Shadows of the Pastby De Waldemar Matei
15 years had passed since the end of the Clone Wars. The Empire is as strong as ever, holding the galaxy into it's tight grip. However, many rebels cells started forming...
 General in Training [ Star Wars ]  by bionicloner
General in Training [ Star Wars ] by Kloe
The Jedi order was formed on ideals of peace, so when a war against the Sith breaks out, they need to act quickly if they intend to win. After the discovery of a clone a...
Child of War by Cheshire_SK
Child of Warby The SuperNerd
After a devastating crash, Master Yoda of the Jedi order and a squad of clone troopers find themselves stranded on the planet of Lah'mu. As they attempt to repair their...
The Only She- A Star Wars Fanfiction [COMPLETED] by queer_katsuki_22
The Only She- A Star Wars Katsuki
During the Clone Wars, Dawn (CT-D6-53) is snarky, witty, rebellious, and the only female clone trooper. She is the clone of Jango Fett's daughter from before he was inv...
Clone wars chat by AmmietheAmethyst
Clone wars chatby Ammie
The title says it all. Happy chaos. I'll try to put some ships as well. (12/3/2020 #2 in Anidala!) I do not own Star Wars or Clone Wars. I wish I did......but I don't �...
Ahsoka Tano ~ The Chosen One by Sister_of_SHIELD
Ahsoka Tano ~ The Chosen Oneby sister
What if the prophecy of the Chosen One had been read entirely wrong? After all, how can one possibly bring balance to the galaxy without first finding that balance withi...
Welcome to Coruscant Heights || ON HOLD by Emeraldmoon267
Welcome to Coruscant Heights || 𝑬𝑴𝑬𝑹𝑨𝑳𝑫𝑴𝑶𝑶𝑵
High school is one of the hectic moments of a person's life, but it can also be one of the best. Anakin Skywalker has a girlfriend and good grades, but is suspicious of...
Ahsoka lives by Pakgirl27
Ahsoka livesby Tealeaf
(EW THIS CRINGE I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNGER PLZ DONT JUDGE)What if ahsoka was never found innocent? What if she was executed?
Ahsoka Tano ● If I Stay ● [a star wars retelling] by stardustjyn
Ahsoka Tano ● If I Stay ● [a ☾ani ☽
What if Ahsoka Tano stayed in the Jedi Order? Would she become a Jedi Knight? Would she turn Anakin away from the dark side? Lets see how the fate of Anakin Skywalker wo...
How To Fly, A Rexsoka and Faivti by raefawn050
How To Fly, A Rexsoka and Faivtiby Downpour, Daughter of Dominus
How do I fly? How do I stand tall? How do I rise? I take a leap of faith. I take life's punches and keep my balance. I soar like an eagle. I am a fire, I am light, You...
True grey Jedi reader x Star Wars harem by Nnoitraneedslove
True grey Jedi reader x Star Lordsofthemultiverse
A force sensitive that is able to use the light and dark sides of the force in perfect unity
Why You?  (HIATUS) by SpiderManFan333
Why You? (HIATUS)by SpiderManFan333
Galadriel Lynn was an 8 year old street urchin from Coruscant, that is until she slipped onto a ship that was carrying the Queen of Naboo. Galadriel is thrust into an ev...
The Youngest Child by Hollunk21
The Youngest Childby Hollunk21
The youngest sibling of the Mortis gods. A mix between the Son and Daughter. The embodiment balance, much like his father.
Prong Krell by APerson475
Prong Krellby A Person
What if Prong Kell escaped Umbara?What would happen then?