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❤My Opinions On Sonic Ships❤ by KattheCat1202
❤My Opinions On Sonic Ships❤by Kat the Cat
You're probs wondering what Sonic ship I like, what Sonic ship I don't like, and what Sonic ships I'm netural with, so here you go. Please don't harass or hate me for my...
Sonic head canons! by shqdamy
Sonic head canons!by M.
Just some of my head canons :))
Sonic Force (Book 2) by PokemonTMNTSilver
Sonic Force (Book 2)by PokemonTMNT Silver
This is book 2 from 'My Version of Sonic the hedgehog 06' Hope you like it
Sonic The Hedgehog 06 by PokemonTMNTSilver
Sonic The Hedgehog 06by PokemonTMNT Silver
This is going to be the same thing as Sonic the hedgehog 06 but I put myself and some Sonic Character in it to make it more interesting. Hope you like it.
Sonic Truth or Dare by zfinn123
Sonic Truth or Dareby zfinn123
What happens when the sonic gang plays truth or dare... A lot of craziness that's what Shippings include: sonamy taiream silvaze ...
/AMOR INROMPIBLE/-sonamy shadaria- by Rackshata
/AMOR INROMPIBLE/-sonamy shadaria-by Rackshata
La historia comiensa cuando unas prinsesas conasen a unos simples ladrones los cuales finjen ser prinsipes que pronto se casaran con las prinsesas Pero ya conosen el di...
Shadaria | Shadow the Hedgehog x Maria Robotnik the hedgehog | fantasy by Source_47
Shadaria | Shadow the Hedgehog x Jackson
I don't own the Cover or pictures used. Taking events after Sonic Forces, another rookie (Source/me) found a scrap of clothing from the Ark that had plummeted to the gro...
[OneShort] « Iguales » ― Shadilver by Is_Cato_
[OneShort] « Iguales » ― Shadilverby Cato
Silver sufre en silencio y el único que puede entenderlo, es un peculiar amigo. |Basado en el Vídeojuego "Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)"; Lamento si no sigue al 10...
Un Amor único (Sonic Boom) (Cancelada by Miss5Sugared
Un Amor único (Sonic Boom) ( Sugared The Angel Demon Cat
El Team Sonic ( de Sonic Boom obvio :v) recibe la agradable visita de sus anteriores integrantes, pues todos fueron al entierro de Eggman ( pos si, se murio, descansa en...
El destino de estos erizos esta en manos de ellos mismo
Gone Girl SonAmy ❤️ by sonamyrose
Gone Girl SonAmy ❤️by sonamyrose
Amy dissapeard 5 years ago Sonic Was really worried will they find her or will she be gone forever ❤️
Wedding Disaster! by Lyra_ze_Hedgie
Wedding Disaster!by Lyra Lupin
Today is Sonic and Amy's Wedding day. They're very excited. However, an unexpected fight could make Amy and her Bridesmaids late for the wedding. Can the girls protect A...
Hidden Ties by Ninjapon7
Hidden Tiesby Ninjapon7
Secrets,flirting and indescribable ANGER!!!!!! No mature content.
shadaria love story by tailsthelupita
shadaria love storyby maria the hedgehog
Is about the ship shadaria is the ship of shadow and maria hope you like this story let a comment inyoi
Maria una joven de 17 años esta en un instituto especial,ella sufrio un grave accidente y quedo invalida le hacen bulliyng x ser como es pero ella se encontrara alguien...
¿¡Seme o Uke!? by colors-dakuookami
¿¡Seme o Uke!?by ღCoLoRsღ
Sonic es bastante mayor que Amy Rose clase D,El esta en el Instituto Esmerald.. ¡A la verga la Descripción,entra y mira!Spoiler:Lemmon,Experto,Sexo,duro contra el muro,f...
This story/comic book is written/drawn by liyuConberma at deviant art. I do not own the story/comic. Also, the book cover isn't mine. ALL CREDIT GOES TO LIYUCONBERMA FRO...
Adopting faker  by emmaks01
Adopting faker by emmaks01
Eggman uses an unknown serum on Sonic. Too Tails and Sonic's dismay there is no cure. Now being 5 years old again Tails has no choice but to call one of the most respons...