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Peaky princess  by gatesofbooks
Peaky princess by Entertainmentstorie
Edith Densly has been the neighbour of the Shelby family all her life when she is finally recognised by Thomas Shelby and falls in love dramatic events happen
✓ | GOLDEN LIAR ↠ Thomas Shelby. by cqntralperk
✓ | GOLDEN LIAR ↠ Thomas pols!
In which Thomas Shelby draws up an alliance between his family and that of his rival, not knowing that it's to have far more complications than he thought. ...
Infiltration // T.S by ariesyx
Infiltration // T.Sby ariesyx
Pearl Moore has arrived in Small Heath in search of the stolen machine guns from the BSA factory, on orders from a London gangster. All she has to do is fool Inspector C...
Love never dies! {Thomas Shelby} by _Mrs_Shelby_
Love never dies! {Thomas Shelby}by _Mrs_Shelby_
Lovers before the war, meet again and fall back in love but everything has changed since the last time they saw each other. How will they mend the others pain? Will they...
DISOWNED -- Michael Gray by bandaaaanabitch
DISOWNED -- Michael Grayby trash
After being kicked out of her house at 16, Josephine Lewis was left to live on her own in the streets of Burmingham. Her family moved away, ashamed of what their daughte...
The Monster Within - Peaky Blinders  by YourAverageMicrowave
The Monster Within - Peaky YourAverageMicrowave
Lilith, better known as Lily, is the second youngest sibling in the Shelby family. Her brothers, sister and Aunt push her to live a normal life away from crime, but what...
The Necromancers  ||  TS by avya_estefania
The Necromancers || TSby Avyanna
Necromancers The word brought shivers into the body of the occupants of London. They were the masked killers who swore to protect London. They killed, shrouded in dark...
Barmaid  by simpforsarah
Barmaid by Chels 💓
Y/N is a new girl in brum and gets a job at the garrison as a barmaid where she meets someone she never expects to fall for...a peaky blinder (Polly gray x reader)
fragments → tommy shelby  by desolattte
fragments → tommy shelby by desolattte
In which Tommy Shelby unexpectedly finds his life altered by an infuriating presence. @desolattte wattpad | tommy shelby x oc | season 1+
Finn Shelby love story by soccer2072
Finn Shelby love storyby Bluecally12
this is a story were Isiah Jesus younger sister falls for Finn Shelby. Amelia has always been very close with the Shelbys and has been best friends with Finn since birth...
Time Skip | Peaky Blinders| by pinkshoelaces12
Time Skip | Peaky Blinders|by Laceweaver12
In modern day America Lorelei Motil felt as though she didn't fit in until one day her family finds the history story of the Peaky Blinders and find a phot of the wife...
Hard Love | Peaky Blinders by pinkshoelaces12
Hard Love | Peaky Blindersby Laceweaver12
Natasha Saul is the sister to Estelle Saul whom is engaged to none other than Arthur Shelby . Natasha is brought to met the Shelby family one night and fascinates every...
No Fairytales - Peaky Blinders Story by daniellelg123
No Fairytales - Peaky Blinders daniellelg123
The Sterling's have been family to the Shelby's for years, not by blood but by something stronger - loyalty. After losing their father to the war, and their mother years...
The Shelby girl  by Clo7xox
The Shelby girl by Clo7xox
A girl moving to Birmingham with a bad background Until she met her one! Taken into the family and it's business.
GUNS 'N ROSES~TOMMY SHELBY by redxtoxblack
AJ MITCHELL by heartroxy15
Lilian has to spend a week with her best friend Tessa Brooks. While her brother is doing business in Birmingham. Rhyder's and Lilian's home. What will happen while Lilia...
Gun metal and Daisies (Thomas Shelby) by wordless-writing
Gun metal and Daisies (Thomas wordless-writing
Dorothy Monroe is a petite woman with a heart too big for her chest. She's pure, kind, she looked at the world and determined all the colours of nature were miracles and...
Gentleman by KT-Jayne_1R
Gentlemanby Katie-Jayne Arnold
Rose Shelby is a little tearaway in every sense of the word. A wild little savage girl, who grew up to be a very beautiful and extremely dangerous young woman. And with...
The Shelby Princess by gracielois1
The Shelby Princessby gracielois1
"Don't take advantage of Tommy's composure, if you so much lay a finger on her, he'll burn this place to the fucking ground." In which Thomas Shelby has one we...