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She's Mine || SK8 Char x Harem! Reader by giyuuko21
She's Mine || SK8 Char x Harem! -
Ini adalah kisah kamu yang di perebutkan karakter dari anime SK8 The Infinity. Status : Ongoing ↳ Indonesian language ↳ SK8 The Infinity © Studio Bones ↳ She's Mine © gi...
She's Mine, He's Back. by GennaDenton
She's Mine, He's Genna Denton
Five years after surviving a brutal rape, Tru Jordan has moved on with her life with Detective Sonny Carisi. But when Tru's attacker, is suddenly released from prison, h...
Fallin' For You.. ✔️ by purest_soul
Fallin' For You.. ✔️by pure Babe
She didn't even know the boy she had crush on is also attracted towards her secretly ~
Sadie sink<3 imagines/preferences by sadiesinkgirlfriEnd
Sadie sink<3 imagines/preferencesby Sadie’s girlfriend💅
Sadie Sink x fem OC The is my first book on this app but I have written books before Thank you all for the reads and votes they mean so much!! Please give me any ideas i...
She's mine by sere_poppy
She's mineby serena poppy
As our heroes continue their journey, they have encountered Jimmy. A trainer who after battling Serena, took a very big interest in her. Although, Ash starts to feel lik...
Come Back To Me (second part to "She's Mine") by Lcbfiena
Come Back To Me (second part to " LCBFIENA
Shadow's been sent to prison for attempted murder of the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog. After confessing his love for Amy, he leaves a note in her pocket with two words:...
Mr. J for a Boss by KorraMcKenzy22
Mr. J for a Bossby KorraMcKenzy22
A complicated, fun love story.. A true fantasy, MY FANTASY😊.. ,Minimum logic Maximum love.. May contain mature language and content..Sorry for the spelling and grammar...
She's MINE by taevff
She's MINEby Tae fiction
Y/n an innocent, kind girl in this cruel world where no one is hers but suddenly her life makes a turn when taehyung comes in her life who is obsessed with her he can ki...
Obsessive Bad Boy by CaliAnnieJane
Obsessive Bad Boyby Bea
"Beautiful girl, with some pretty brown eyes, capturing my stone cold heart." Mia Noeli 19, freshman in college. Shares a dorm apartment with her best friend...
DARK SHADOW (Book2 Of SCL) by prettierthanblack
DARK SHADOW (Book2 Of SCL)by HezzelAnnQuiseo
"Kung ang mag-girlfriend/boyfriend nga na aagaw mag asawa pa kaya?"-dark "Anyway im dark and you are my shadow" Book two of STUPID CRAZY LOVE!!! Wag...
The Change by Writer337
The Changeby Tiffany Richards
I carry her out to the truck and set her in the passenger seat. She whimpers and reaches for my warmth again. I hurry around to the other side of the truck, then start i...
Time Is Frozen ||The Story Of My Life|| by SecretEliAccount
Time Is Frozen ||The Story Of My Eli
^Lovey-dovey^ Me and my lovely girlfriend! ~Being long distance isn't stopping us. I still love her as much as I did when I was living like 5 minutes away from her if n...
Willow Darling  by Mue_the_idoit
Willow Darling by Mue the idiot
Willow Thorne is a young woman with a passion for art. Though it seems her life was going right where she wanted. She had on a faithful encounter with Nicholas Georgiou...
HER by TheyPromised28
HERby Larry28Stylinson
Thoughts about the girl i'm secretly in love with
At The Beginning by AiceeYahFaye
At The Beginningby AiceeYahFaye
To LOVE oneself is the Beginning of a lifelong romance. You Learn more about a Person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning. Minsan, nararamdaman mo ng may...
Me obsessing over my girlfriend  by SecretEliAccount
Me obsessing over my girlfriend by Eli
Legit me just obsessing over her <3 😍
A girl with a huge heart by AaradhyaDhabhai
A girl with a huge heartby Aaradhya Dhabhai
Hello, everyone thanking for visiting my page. This is my first story.. hope you will all like it. This is about a kind hearted girl. Happy reading. Do comment, share a...
She's Mine. by katty_0000
She's katty_0000
A girl named Katie goes through troubles as getting over her parents dying. She meet a guy when she was younger and they became friends. When her parents passed away, sh...
Boardmate by amys_twrious
Boardmateby amys_terious
While living in one of my cousins house I met her other cousin and I wasn't expecting that I was about to go crazy for her