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grape soda ¬shun kaido x aren kuboyasu¬ by lverboy
grape soda ¬shun kaido x aren ^__^
highest rank: reached #1 in kusuosaiki, #2 in saikik // kaido has never really had feelings for anyone, so when he starts to develop them for a person, it's pretty shoc...
LUCK |TDLOSK x READER|  by biscuitsoup
LUCK |TDLOSK x READER| by Biscuitsoup
This is a reversed Harem! However, there will be only one ending for the character I end up choosing Y/n to be with! Y/n L/n is an ordinary girl who develops a strange...
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Telepathy?☑ by jamiee1117
Earth, Wind, Fire, and Telepathy?☑by Unknown Human
Saiki hears word of a new transfer student to PK Academy. He groans at another annoying person to hide his powers from, only to find out that you have a secret to hide a...
゚: *゚:*Fantasy| Kaido S. x Reader *: ゚ *: ゚ by mushmush-chan
゚: *゚:*Fantasy| Kaido S. x ✧・゚:*Mushy *:・゚✧
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* You are (Y/N) Saiki, the faternal twin sister of Kusuo. Unlike your brother, you don't have powers, but you do have a sparkling personality that many admire...
Kubosai Oneshot Book  by Light0-0
Kubosai Oneshot Book by ♡Sjejd <3♡
Fluff,angst, smut it's all here to get your kubosai heart alive this book also contains ChiyoXkokomi. Teruhashi is saiki's best friend in this book too. I hope you enjoy...
Disastrous Dumbass (Kusuo Saiki x Reader) by Omega368
Disastrous Dumbass (Kusuo Saiki ~Katsuki.Bakugo.Simp~
'He looks..familiar. Like someone I knew a long time ago..'
You can read my MIND?! Saiki Kusuo X Reader (UNDER EXTREME EDITING) by shinshintsume
You can read my MIND?! Saiki ♥Hatsume-Chan♥
(y/n) is a psychic and a new student at PK academy. She has the power to block her power, unlike Saiki. Her mother died in an accident so she stays with her dad. They ar...
Yandere Various Saiki K Characters x Reader : 𝐏𝐑𝐀𝐘 𝐅𝐎𝐑 𝐌𝐄 by -bxrntsalt
Yandere Various Saiki K •𝘽𝙪𝙧𝙣𝙩𝙎𝙖𝙡𝙩•
This isn't your normal 'lovey-dovey' type of story. Well actually, it is, in a psychotic. When Y/N L/N was young, she befriended a boy named Saiki K. Saiki didn't have...
tdlosk x reader by Neptune_Frogg1
tdlosk x readerby ethan
This is a trans reader so cis people leave unless you'd like to read. Anyways, welcome :) ~ ~ "If you ever consider us friends, I'll take you out and buy you sweets...
Alike? [ The disastrous life of saiki k. ] Kusou saiki x reader by duckbutted_sasugay
Alike? [ The disastrous life of duckbutted_sasugay
*Authors note* Cover belongs to me, I created it. I dont see too many x readers for Kusou, so why not. Im not to good at writing but I do read a lot, so I guess writing...
kusuke saiki oneshots!!! by CEOofCOFFEE
kusuke saiki oneshots!!!by CEOofCOFFEE
my hubby kusuke deserves more love, you ask i write. includes.. -kusuke x y/n -kusuke x oc -maybe some kubokai if you want a scenerio just ask and i'll write This also...
The Last Time We Spoke by GreyPigman07
The Last Time We Spokeby GreyPigman07
I hate writting descriptions, but Shun is bullied and he gets sad so Aren helps him! Aren Kuboyasu x Shun Kaido story CW: This story takes a look at a few darker themes...
saiki k boyfriend scenarios ! by GorousWaifu
saiki k boyfriend scenarios !by stan gorou
🥠﹋﹋ saiki k boyfriend scenarios ╰ gender neutral reader ▬ they/them pronouns ─ characters featured : ↴ Kusuo Saiki, Kusuke Saiki, Shun Kaido, Reita Toritsuka, Aren Kubo...
"Daydreaming More Like NIGHTMARE " Saiki Au  by QueenExplosoinMurder
"Daydreaming More Like NIGHTMARE " anime weeb
" I am the most beautful girl in the world and everyone loves me .... or so i thought " "S-saiki why-" " This was all in your head .... i never...
『ΛDMIЯΣ』 by yuniivrse
『ΛDMIЯΣ』by ♥︎m a l a k♥︎
as he looked at his lips he felt the urge to kiss them... |KUBOKAI|
Or So They Thought (KuboKai)(No Psychic Powers AU??) by silver_lexi
Or So They Thought (KuboKai)(No Notice
One wouldn't have to be smart to notice the nothing, but sweet connection they shared. A shy timid boy met with your stereotypical, everyday delinquent. What could possi...
double trouble by TheCenterVerse
double troubleby Aslan Erwin
saki k x reader
My Curiosity | {Saiki Kusuo x Reader} by CuteRosaRibbon
My Curiosity | {Saiki Kusuo x Rosa
A normal girl transferred to PK academy. Nothing makes [Y/N] special other than her huge love for baking and cooking. She somehow ended up in the same class as a certain...
"Fariytell " saiki x satou  by QueenExplosoinMurder
"Fariytell " saiki x satou by anime weeb
"Don't be dumb we all know dragon aren't- OH MY GOSH IS THAT A DRAGON!!!" So yeah saiki is a dragon in this au.And lives near a kingdom that send people as sac...
treehouse-kubokai by asherdoodless
treehouse-kubokaiby jay
a slow burn kubokai fanfiction. this ship doesn't have many fanfics so I'd figure I would write one!! warning: s#lf h@rm, @buse, and other mature topics