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We're Just Friends {Silver X Amy} by Wishingstar222
We're Just Friends {Silver X Amy}by Wishingstar222
Silver has been friends with Sonic and the others for a while now and is enjoying it, but one girl known as Amy Rose stands out differently to him, he feels in love... w...
Sonamy - My Precious Rose by AremyChankawaii
Sonamy - My Precious Roseby Aremy Chan
(This is my very first story and I hope you all like it!) -------- Sonic and Amy have been dating for about 3 months and their very in love. Sonic has taken Amy on all o...
4 Princes, 1 Rose (Sonamy vs Shadamy vs Silvamy vs Mephamy) by Freedthebutterfly401
4 Princes, 1 Rose (Sonamy vs Freed x Slade
Amy's the Princess of the Pink Rose she's kind, loyal, caring, friendly, cheerful, and knows how to turn that frown upside down, 1 day she got transferred cause of her m...
Sonic Ship Opinions by XxFleetwayAmyRoseXx
Sonic Ship Opinionsby Amy
The tittle speaks for itself. All pictures used within the cover and book aren't mine, credits go to the original owners
Instincts by Cutegirlmayra
Instinctsby Cutegirlmayra
Amy Rose is triggered into a powerful state called Instincts, ancient reflexes in the body that've evolved to adapt uncontrolled Others. Sonic's takes his freedom agains...
Jayde the Hedgehog • Negative Rebound [4] by LostInYesteryear
Jayde the Hedgehog • Negative LostInYesteryear
Book 1: Jayde and the Seven Shards Book 2: Rising Adversity Book 3: By Your Side Book 4: Negative Rebound [A/N recommended you read the first three books to understa...
My Opinion on Sonic Ships! by ThiccDaemon
My Opinion on Sonic Ships!by pp
here's what i think of sonic ships! feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments. but plz don't hate on meeeeeeeeeee the fan art is NOT mine, i just found it on goo...
Looking For Someone (SonAze)  by Dwonderwriter0002
Looking For Someone (SonAze) by Dan
This story is base on an RP I did with a friend. P.S I made a new blog on Tumblr, mostly updates for my stories, and maybe RP. Go follow me! My user name is Dwonderwitt...
Her Smile by LunaNatsukiMoonlight
Her Smileby Luna
Amy rose is a normal girl. She has best friends, her family and of course a crush. One day she is walking through the park and sees her crush sonic and her bff blaze tal...
Short Stories!❕ by SweggyLlamaQueen
Short Stories!❕by 😎YOUR LOCAL IDIOT😎
Hi!! So this is where I pop into when I get bored to free write and take a break from my main projects! These will just be stories I randomly come up with! Most will be...
silvamy: amor de desde la infancia by luciel324
silvamy: amor de desde la infanciaby meliodas-kun
amy rose es una eriza que toda su vida trato de resalta su amigo silver siempre la apoyo y empezo..... leaan :u no sean vagos
Sonamy Boom: ColdHearted Loved (Heavy Editing) by itz_deedz
Sonamy Boom: ColdHearted Loved ( Cassiopeia
it was cold, she was cold, her love and feelings but this young blue boy desires to burn it and take it
SilvAmy 'Lost Souls' by CeCeXMc
SilvAmy 'Lost Souls'by CeCe x MC
When they first meet eyes from one another, a spark lit up within the both of them but there is a secret Sir Galahad is hiding from Princess Amy that will be a new begin...
silvamy love story DISCONTINUED (sorry) by MorganMoonlite
silvamy love story DISCONTINUED ( Morgan Moonlite
Hi this is my first proper fanfic so please don't complain about it just please don't
Silvamy Week 2020 by TrueBlueSonic
Silvamy Week 2020by Blue
A collection of stories I wrote for Silvamy week 2020! Contents: * Day 1 - Fluff: With winter looming on the horizon and temperatures dropping, Silver fears Amy will get...
The Forest Sonamy, Silvamy, or Shadamy by amyrose321
The Forest Sonamy, Silvamy, or amyrose321
A thief, a famous heart breaker, and the boy who cries. All three run into a woman with a beautiful heart.
time traveler // silvamy by sinadow
time traveler // silvamyby karen. g
"h-how do you know so much about me?!" "you see rose, i'm not from here." silvamy/ time travel au amy rose is a young girl who doesn't understand lo...
Sonic And The Rabbit Hunt [Easter Special] by Wishingstar222
Sonic And The Rabbit Hunt [ Wishingstar222
Happy Easter everyone, this is a seasonal event that happens to our dear friends from Möbius. When Cream disappears looking for the 'Easter Bunny', Silver also disappear...
Cheaters Make Cheaters (Taylor Classic) by SonAmyGuy
Cheaters Make Cheaters (Taylor Taylor Bass
Silver cheats on Blaze with Amy, prompting Sonic and Blaze to exact revenge. But Silver and Amy get revenge in a different way. This is an old story, and I'm sorry if it...
mi guardaespalda by guadalupecandelas
mi guardaespaldaby chick the killer 2
silver un cantante exictoso y rico cual amy era una chica que peleaba por dinero cuando toda cambiara