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Sonic and the Black Knight (Rewritten) by EnderCatAGZ
Sonic and the Black Knight ( EnderCatAGZ
Sonic, Shadow and Blaze are once again pulled into a storybook adventure, along with Knuckles, Silver and Jet, this time, in the Storybook of King Arthur and the Knights...
Merlin Theories and Headcanons by FrancescosAss
Merlin Theories and Headcanonsby Perseus
Just a book of Merlin theories and headcanons! These are just opinions, so take it with a grain of salt.
My Knight (Knuckles -Black Night~X Female Oc fanfic) by MedusasLaiir
My Knight (Knuckles -Black Medusa
Knuckles doesn't get enough fan fics about him so I'm writing one. I'm using a pre existing OC of mine but if you want you can just insert your name instead. I do not o...
The Poisoned King by KateMWilson22
The Poisoned Kingby KateMWilson22
Years ago Sonic saved the world of King Arthur. He was sent back with Mario and peach and the three became the rulers. Soon they were sent back once more to assist Gawai...
The King of my Heart (Sonadow) by floofruru
The King of my Heart (Sonadow)by floofruru
Sonadow fanfiction In style of Sonic and the black Knight, If you don't like this ship, then don't read it any kind of hate comments will be deleted and the people will...
The Knights Returns by SonicGirlsGeek
The Knights Returnsby SonicGirlsGeek
What if before the start of Sonic Generations, they planned to have the party at Sonic's house. A place so obscure, only Tails knew it existed besides Sonic himself. Wh...
The Kidnapped Prince by BernieWrites22
The Kidnapped Princeby Bernie Writes
Lady Rhoslyn & Lady Alys are the twin daughters of Sir Lancelot. One an apprentice of court sorcerer Merlin. The other a skilled fighter. Their half-brother Galahad is S...
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by A_System_Of_Nerds
Sir Gawain and the Green Knightby A System Of Nerds
"Remember that, if that is all that you remember of me." When a mysterious figure appears at the New Year's Feast, Gawain offers to take his uncle's place in f...
Pendragon's Blood by luv_theatre
Pendragon's Bloodby Veronica Erickson
Meadow Blackbrook is the personal maid of King Arthur Pendragon and Queen Gwenevere of Camelot, and she hates the attention that she is suddenly getting from Sir Gawain...
Sir Gay-wain by hobisrays
Sir Gay-wainby madi 7
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight based fanfiction 💚 (if you have not read the original then i suggest you do so you'll know what's happening)
The 2022-2023 Film Journal Entry #32: "The Green Knight" by XavierEPalacios
The 2022-2023 Film Journal Entry XavierEPalacios
The thirty-second entry of the 2022-2023 Film Journal focuses on "The Green Knight" and has me taking a look at why the Arthurian legends remain so compelling...