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BOYTOY  by TeenSocial
BOYTOY by 💓🍒
He looked towards my waist before groaning and looking away. "Look what you're wearing." Confused, I glanced down, and immediately realised the dilemma. I was...
A ROSE FOR THE DEVIL🌹 by loveeangell25
Arabella is a kind and caring girl who has loved her dad's friend's son since she was little. Jacob on the other hand,does not care about love! All he wants is to be t...
Just an affair *Hollyoaks* by Carolineeexx
Just an affair *Hollyoaks*by Caroline
Kenzie nightingale is the youngest nightingale daughter. She is a flirt and a wild child and lets to get drunk and sleep about. Kenzie is close to her sister Lacey, her...
A Love Betrayed by yhang_me
A Love Betrayedby yhang_me
Emma had spent years building her career in the corporate world. She had worked tirelessly to achieve success and prove to herself and the world that she was capable of...
Forgetting Prince Charming. by Keri8794
Forgetting Prince Keri
She's had a secret kept safe for three years, one that would tear her family apart. It only took one drunk encounter for her secret to be exposed on national radio. ****...
"Bound by Love: A Web of Hearts" by HopelesslyInlove614
"Bound by Love: A Web of Hearts"by Hopelessly In love
In this tale of love, lust, and longing, they must navigate the intricate web of emotions, secrets, and desire that binds them. At first glance, their lives appear to fo...
My tutor by daughterofabitchlmao
My tutorby daughterofabitchlmao
It's short ik but this is gonna be my first story please read if u can and give me motivation first 2 chaps are short btw
Hidden in love by mcreelouise
Hidden in loveby louise mcree
Your my sisters boyfriend. And? So you cant be in love with me and be with her. But I want you, Maria. Yeah and what are you going to tell my sister? I don't know? How a...
My Sisters Boyfriend  by QislifelifeisQ
My Sisters Boyfriend by QislifelifeisQ
He's always around , kind , caring and funny . Nicole admits she has a crush on him but of course won't tell him . Chris is dating Maddie , Nicole's older sister . On...
trouble ❃ h.s by -AngelicVirtue
trouble ❃ h.sby ☾ ⋆*・゚𝒽𝑜𝑒・゚: .⋆
Blair is a trouble maker, acting out as a way to deal with her parents tragic marriage. Her sisters boyfriend, Harry Styles, seems to be the only one who can put up with...
The unrevealed story of two sisters by my_voice_speaks
The unrevealed story of two sistersby my_voice_speaks
Ayesha and Seher are two sisters who sticks with each other since childhood. They always had an upstanding bond and there were always sparks of cheerfulness and joyness...
My Sisters Boyfriend  by avspangberg
My Sisters Boyfriend by avspangberg
I'm Maddie, I'm 17 year old Junior and my sister has an extremely hot boyfriend (senior), but with prom right around the corner and my sister(Freshman in collage) not w...
Placebo Girl by faithhood11
Placebo Girlby Faith
Luke Ellis and Hollis Anderson couldn't be any more different. Luke is a sought after football player and Hollis is Springfield High's outcast. Despite their differences...
Niall's Sister, Louis' Lover by sister_nllhz
Niall's Sister, Louis' Loverby sister_nllhz
Niall Horan is your big brother. All of your lives you two have been singing. One day you finally have Niall audition on the X-Factor, but little did you know that, that...
My Sisters Boyfriend                                            (why don't we) by sineadft
My Sisters sineadft
Maddie Taylor, a beautiful, bubbly girl who everyone loves. Except for her sister Katie. Katie was dating Corbyn Besson, who just can't seem to stay away from Maddie. ...
HELP ME FIND THIS BOOK!!!! by cutelittlewitch
HELP ME FIND THIS BOOK!!!!by selinacastillolo
Taekookers please read this and leave a comment of the authors name if you know what book I'm talking about!🙏🏻💕
Sister's Boyfriend by xDaddyhemmingsx
Sister's Boyfriendby xDaddyhemmingsx
"This is so wrong, you have my sister" "But I want you" © +16 WARNING: This book contains sexual content, Use of vulgar language, Mentions of drugs...
SANADIN KAWA by BeentuZulkarnaini
SANADIN KAWAby Maimunatu Zulkarnaini
Ko Mai zai faru a sanadin kawa... Check out this story....
Seat of Betrayal by prisca_brown
Seat of Betrayalby Prisca Brown
After meeting Kevin Remington who changes her rags to gowns, will Adelynn's life be what she always dreamt of it to be? ΔΔΔ ΔΔΔ ΔΔΔ Dangerously beau...
Emmity to Eros  by shelikesyouu
Emmity to Eros by shelikesyouu
ZANE :- " YOU ARE MINE ABI, AND WHATS MINE IS MINE" ABIGAIL:- "MAKE ME YOURS" Their cute love story takes place... but for months only? What's the re...