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Giantess School by GigaGirl_Giantess
Giantess Schoolby GigaGirl
You were shrunk by a hot schoolgirl as you walking into a girl school, as they had total domination on you, you started to feel powerless and helpless against them.
Plus Sized ✔️ by TomandJerry002
Plus Sized ✔️by Naomi
"You don't have to forgive me but I want you to know that I am fed up of letting self doubt get in the way and I would really like to give this friendship we had a...
New Beginnings by peanutbutterluv21
New Beginningsby Symone
After her last relationship ended badly, Alana was ready to give up on love and focus solely on her job. She thought she could until she met her brothers friend, Elijah...
Curve Ball - Loving the Fat girl (Remastered) by ElleTheodore
Curve Ball - Loving the Fat girl ( Elle Theodore
2nd draft / edited version of Loving the Fat Girl! On the surface, he's perfect. Captain of a small town soccer team, driving an unimaginably expensive car and dating th...
Spring Growth by twistingjupiter
Spring Growthby twistingjupiter
When Rebecca meets the newest tenant in the high rise apartment she works at, her world starts to look a little brighter.
A giants school by nazu_mouse
A giants schoolby Nazu
Hazel is a human but her mom enrolls her in a giant's school. Hazel fears giant more than anything, but when meeting her new roommate, her perspective changes. (disconti...
Perfect Curves [Completed]- SAMPLE by laneelane
Perfect Curves [Completed]- SAMPLEby Lanee Lane
Highest ranking: #4 in Chicklit Penelope has been overweight her whole life. She let her crazy friend talk her into joining a gym. What she didn't expect to find was R...
Taylor and Clyde   by giantess44
Taylor and Clyde by giantess44
Taylor is a clumsy girl who loves going on adventures and having fun! Clyde is her best friend, usually they would make a great duo, the only catch is... Clyde is only t...
What the Heart Wants  by Jazzzoo2x
What the Heart Wants by Jazzzoo2x
When Jasmin a nurse at mercy hospital falls back in contact with her first ever friend/ love David, a drug lord. What obstacles do they have to over come in order be lov...
POP: And Other Terms for Virgin by MessyComplicated
POP: And Other Terms for Virginby MessyComplicated
When Abigail wakes up in the aftermath of her first party with her first hangover, she's hoping she's missing a key feature to go along with it; her virtue. But not only...
11.8 by CamilaBaudelaire
11.8by Cami!!
HIGHLY BASED OFF OF Ladymadonna99writes ; Big Date Opal realizes her best friend Juniper needs some love, having only loved one guy in her whole life. Opal sets up 22-ye...
Bist du down? by jalaniissecrets
Bist du down?by Unknown Secrets
Bist du down means 'Are you down?' in German (slang) Read to find out is Amir and Cartier going to be down for each other. Is Cartier to much for Amir? Will Amir's pa...
Like A Prayer (Steve Harrington)  by Tearsonlyknow
Like A Prayer (Steve Harrington) by Mello
Just like a prayer, your voice will take me there.
Chain Reaction by zariahdp
Chain Reactionby zariahdp
Vonte Brooks aka Razor and Trendy Michaels comes from two different worlds....what happens when they cross paths and it changes their lives forever?
Outfits for Y/N  by kylo-rens-kitten
Outfits for Y/N by your cool aunt
this book is for all my authors on here who need outfit inspiration for their characters. If you want to see a specific style, just leave a comment and I'll make sure t...
Selfish (Alice In Borderland) by Tearsonlyknow
Selfish (Alice In Borderland)by Mello
I always knew that you were too damn selfish
Girlfriend has changed by Zycoptl
Girlfriend has changedby Zycoptl
After Matthew's girlfriend Lindsey has an alien encounter she is changed.
Giant/ Tiny YouTubers One Shots by Pinkclovers22
Giant/ Tiny YouTubers One Shotsby Pinkclovers22
These gt one shots mostly contain fluff but also a bit of vore Hope you enjoy reading