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Bound by touch by readerwriter1010
Bound by touchby A girl with dreams
Highest ranking Ranked 1st in MinYoongi Ranked 1st in soulmate Ranked 3rd in BTSfanfic Ranked 4th in Fanfiction Ranked 49 in Suga 🙈💜 Red String of fate AU A magical...
Bound by Fate by readerwriter1010
Bound by Fateby A girl with dreams
Rankings 1st in Min Yoongi 1st in Kim Taehyung 3rd in BTS 2nd in Soulmate Ever since Taehyung found his soulmate, Meera, Yoongi sometimes wondered what it would be like...
Xiaocas One-Shots by Urmi_22
Xiaocas One-Shotsby Thalassophile
Xiaocas/Luxiao one shots That's all Mostly fluff Yes skinship (None of the characters are mine and each one shot is pure imagination, some stemming from real events. Pi...
Diamonds in the Rough [MxM] by HanzDanae
Diamonds in the Rough [MxM]by Hanz Danaë
Catcher!Eijun Pitcher!Kazuya [SawaMi/Miyusawa]
Hazbin Hotel X Succubus OC by Valtinex
Hazbin Hotel X Succubus OCby Valtinex
Mariane was just a girl who worked at a night club for a living as a waitress in her hometown. Everything was the same until one day, she got in an outburst and was stru...
Jungkook ah, let's cook! by ThanhTran290
Jungkook ah, let's cook!by BTSxARMY
If you're a JIKOOK (Jimin X Jungkook) shipper , you've come to the right place! To make a surprise party for Jimin, Jungkook decided to make a cake for him. When Jungko...
I'm Falling by cheekychimmy
I'm Fallingby s3xyb@ngt@n
˜"*°•.𝐉𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐜 𝐱 𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫.•°*"˜ "She looks like a virgin." Jimin says in an unamused tone. Soobin laughs. "$50 you can chang...
Imperfect Match  by Arikamnn
Imperfect Match by Arika Carmen
He put both her hand on above her head and tightly holding her both wrists and pushing his body in her and whisper to ear and said "do you know what I'm thinking ri...
My Badboy [change my life] by dawwzz
My Badboy [change my life]by FollowyourDream
How does Haley's life change when badboy Nathan comes into it?? . . . Wanna know the story? Just only Read. :) thx
Baby Steps | NOMIN by nhomnomin89
Baby Steps | NOMINby Nomin’s baby
Lee Jeno had no intention of getting married if it wasn't with Na Jaemin, his first love in high school. But after school graduation, Jeno never even met Jaemin again. U...
Today is just like any other boring day. Or so Heechul thought. Yunho might just changed that. The question is: For the better or for the worse? WARNING: boy x boy pairi...
✔✅Ladders to Love✔✅ by thedepressed_author
✔✅Ladders to Love✔✅by Joona
Minah, her name is Park Minah. She was depressed and wanted to be free.. Taking steps towards her happiness. Did she ever find her happiness?
Lovely - Billie Eillish by DxExLxIxRxIxOxUxS
Lovely - Billie Eillishby DxExLxIxRxIxOxUxS
This is a story about you with that someone you love, that someone that means alot to you. Please listen to the song "Billie Eillish - Lovely" while reading t...
Her chaotic Heart 🖤 by workshy_soul
Her chaotic Heart 🖤by
Hey guys this is first time writing here , I and my friends we used to write in last bench during class, it was fun with a lot of grammar mistake. Coming to the story I...
Solis and Tenebris by Bubblebunch
Solis and Tenebrisby Bubblebunch
A short story of a beautiful tropical mermaid named Solis and her terrifying deep sea mermaid Tenebris. In a cave all alone, Solis chooses to leave a life swimming under...
The Secret I Try To Hide by MayaAthen
The Secret I Try To Hideby Sara May
Every heart is filled with secrets which we tend to hide. Does any person live without secrets? Secrets are like air, you just inhale it but can't exhale it.
It Started With A Hug by TheKpopShadow
It Started With A Hugby //K// (•ㅅ•) //T//
This is a Chanbaek fanfiction for my babies~