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Grey's Anatomy: Isabelle Grey-Sloan (Slexies daughter)  by mybabiesarewestallen
Grey's Anatomy: Isabelle Vanessa
Nobody dies in this story. The plane Crash does happen but nobody dies from it.
Never Enough  by DeppyOnuf
Never Enough by DeppyOnuf
Lexie Grey is a hurt girl that still tries to recover mentally from the accident that she had been a year ago. Hurt also by the way the love of her life treated her afte...
grey's anatomy one-shots by augustwintcrs
grey's anatomy one-shotsby august
mostly focused on meredith and lexie's relationship but i take requests and sometimes write about slexie and merder!
What if..... by tequillababes
What tequillababes
This takes us back to the shooting episode, Richard was the Cheif, but What if it has been a diffrent story, What if other people got shot, What if..... I love greys and...
slexie: survival of the plane crash ✈️ 💥  by greysanatomyfan2
slexie: survival of the plane’hara
this is just one of the many fanfic theories of what could've happened if everyone survived the plane crash. however, the love story of slexie isn't as smooth sailing as...
Slexie Oneshots by Lexiesdaydream
Slexie Oneshotsby Katelyn Schefferine
from all you can think of with romance, angst, hurt, so much in one book. Slexie Oneshots because Slexie is just the cutest thing I've come to know
Slipping through my fingers by rivergreysbella
Slipping through my fingersby rivergreysbella
you know the expression "don't judge a book by its cover" well this is the literal embodiment of this bc i promise i'm a good writer but a terrible graphic des...
Greys anatomy women oneshots by ibrokehisbone
Greys anatomy women oneshotsby ibrokehisbone
Amelia Shepherd, Arizona Robbins, Teddy Altman, Callie Torres, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Addison Montgomery, Lexie Grey, Jo Wilson, Carina Deluca, April Kepner and o...
Lizzie Grey M.D. by Sum_mer07
Lizzie Grey Summer
Allison "Lizzie" Grey, younger sister of Lexie Grey is a prodigal genius. With an IQ of 206, she graduated high school when she was 9, college when she was 11...
family imagines of Merder☁️ "But only then,in those quiet moments after the storm,do we learn who was strong enough to survive it"-MEREDITH GREY (side note: in...
Seattle Grace Mercy Death; Flight by lexapie
Seattle Grace Mercy Death; Flightby alexa
The plane crash episode always pissed me off so I'm just re-writing it the way I would have preferred things to go. :)
Slexie - What If? by criminallgreys
Slexie - What If?by Criminal Greys
i have really weird updating schedules. COMPLETED (GOING UNDER MAJOR EDITING!) ///\\\ ALL RIGHTS GO TO SHONDALAND!!
Never Alone//Merder by greysnextgen
Never Alone//Merderby Greysnextgen
Single parent Meredith Grey from Seattle meets divorced parent Derek Shepherd from NYC. When a tragedy happens, Derek moves his children to Seattle. The two familes then...
Merder: Different Circumstances by merdersloves
Merder: Different Circumstancesby merdersloves
What if Meredith and Derek had met under different circumstances? A fanfiction where Derek already has a teenage daughter from his previous marriage and Meredith isn't s...
Instagram > Meddison • Segunda Temporada • by CarolNeverBeTheSame
Instagram > Meddison • Segunda CarolNeverBeTheSame
Onde você irá acompanhar pelo Instagram das médicas Addison Montgomery e Meredith Grey o crescimento de suas filhas, Ella e Clare e o preparativo do casamento, entre out...
Futurdrama by imjustmrskarev
Futurdramaby imjustmrskarev
Mark Sloan was sleeping with Sofia beside him when someone knocked at the door... This is a story told by all (or almost all the characters of Grey's Anatomy), the whole...
Just A Dream//Slexie  by slexieislife
Just A Dream//Slexie by slexieislife
What if the plane crash didn't happen? What if it was just a dream that Lexie had after she admitted she loved Mark? What will happen between the two of them? Join them...
You can run, but the past will catch up. by BaylieIsLiving
You can run, but the past will Now I'm Living
Alexandra Danvers knew that when she faked her death it was dangerous, but she never thought it would ever come back to haunt her.
If/Then by greysanatomyfanaticc
If/Thenby Greys anatomy
Continuation of season 8 episode 13 That's the if then episode the one where Alex and Meredith were engaged and then she found out Alex was cheating on her with April. E...
Continuation of If/Then by derekfuckingdied
Continuation of If/Thenby where the good went
basically what happens after the If/Then episode (focused mainly on Merder)