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Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader| |✓| by beesinu
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x :o
[smosh summer games: camp setting] - #1 in smosh #1 in shaynetopp #1 in smoshgames #1 in smoshfanfiction - "Bottom bunk?" "Yeah, I'm not down to climb a l...
Love chances ( Anthony Padilla X Reader) by HolyBtsTrash
Love chances ( Anthony Padilla X IK
You, Ian and Anthony have been Best friends sinds kindergarden and were always there for each other, But in high school you got a crush on him and that crush never got a...
I Love You... (Anthony Padilla x Reader) by majesticflamingo16
I Love You... (Anthony Padilla x weesha:)
"I l-love you s-so much.." I said pulling her into a hug. "I love you too, Anthony.Just do one thing for me...tell my family...I love them..." She sa...
The Smosh Kid by CosmicCactus
The Smosh Kidby G
Alice Derringer lost her family at a young age and has been living in and out of an orphanage ever since. Just when she starts to get sick of being tossed around, intern...
Defrost My Heart |Shayne Topp x Reader| |VOL. 2| by beesinu
Defrost My Heart |Shayne Topp x :o
HIATUS; NOT DISCONTINUED. [smosh winter games setting] SEQUEL TO BUNK BUDDIES (can be read standalone) - Ever since Summer Games, you and Shayne have been steadily build...
| Injection | (Smosh Fanfic)  by YourWriterMei
| Injection | (Smosh Fanfic) by 邱梅笛
Aria didn't want to be an editor stuck in her room for the rest of her life, so from the help of her best friend, she applied for a job at the Smosh office. Be careful w...
Smosh summer games: Shourtney by squig7
Smosh summer games: Shourtneyby squig7
Smosh summer games roll around and it's a new year, and new things are learned about one another with the Summer games Beach Edition. Shayne and Courtney have never seen...
Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian Hecox fanfiction ) by someawkwardgirl
Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian someawkwardgirl
Hailey has a lot of trouble in her life as she tries to go through them with her cousin... She meets Ian and they become really close, but she needs to go back to her ho...
The Hunger Games: Smosh Edition by BrokenBike
The Hunger Games: Smosh Editionby BrokenBike
After the rebellion, the Smosh family has been separated into different districts. For 3 years they have lived their own lives. But this year 12 members will be reunited...
Unexpected Reunion || Anthony Padilla x fem!childhood best friend reader by gregyuwu
Unexpected Reunion || Anthony cllckerteeth!!
IAN AND ANTHONY OWN SMOSH!!! to somewhat 'honour' that fact, I've decided to write a fic in which you are the one who left smosh turning the beloved trio into a duo, and...
fridays by Crazy_Comet_97
fridaysby Scott/Comet
Ian always leaves early on a Friday. No one knows exactly where he goes, but it's not where most expects he would. [Smosh]
Wesley Johnson x Reader by MySmoshFanfics
Wesley Johnson x Readerby MySmoshFanfics
Hi!!!! I'm a starter to Wattpad and this is my first story, obviously it won't get as popular but I hope you do enjoy this fanfic. K, hope you enjoy 😚
Love Song // A Shartney/Shourtney Story [DISCONTINUED] by MrGiraffe76
Love Song // A Shartney/ Kirinwritesthings
One fateful day after work, Shayne confessed how he felt to Courtney and they began dating. For the two of them, this was the first relationship they had in a while and...
ugly criers » a danthony fanfic by vevlvn
ugly criers » a danthony fanficby vevlvn
jk they pretty asf, but cmon, dan's a rat and anthony.. idek what anthony is. oneshot fanfiction, romance and shiz, you know the deal. warning: pretty gay. which shouldn...
Red Ring of Death by epicgamer51
Red Ring of Deathby Adrian Winchester
After being knocked out, Ian and Anthony get transported into the gaming universe! Ian and Anthony find that all the animated video game characters have gone insane! Ian...
One Damn Cold Night by prettyvisitors
One Damn Cold Nightby prettyvisitors
"I always thought, being the idiot I am, that I'd crash my car while drunk or something along those lines. I never thought I'd freeze to death."
Wild by espertortuga
Wildby Esper Tortuga
Ian and Anthony have a drunken passionate night of love. Ianthony.
A Touch of Cinnamon by Devils_Music
A Touch of Cinnamonby Psychotic Devil
After a bad ending to a seemingly perfect story. Wes Johnson falls for the new girl next door. Little does he know she's a lot more spice than he bargained for. Will the...
Smosh roleplay by loleeness
Smosh roleplayby THE BUTTERFLY QUEEN
Obey the rules and have fun
Always by gracetheninja
Alwaysby grace
{ONESHOT, COMPLETED, FLUFF} When a conversation about drool and Sour Patch Kids goes a little differently than planned, Ian finds himself admitting his deepest, darkest...