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Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader| |✓| by beesinu
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x :o
[smosh summer games: camp setting] - #1 in smosh #1 in shaynetopp #1 in smoshgames #1 in smoshfanfiction - "Bottom bunk?" "Yeah, I'm not down to climb a l...
The Smosh Kid by CosmicCactus
The Smosh Kidby G
Alice Derringer lost her family at a young age and has been living in and out of an orphanage ever since. Just when she starts to get sick of being tossed around, intern...
Defrost My Heart |Shayne Topp x Reader| |VOL. 2| by beesinu
Defrost My Heart |Shayne Topp x :o
HIATUS; NOT DISCONTINUED. [smosh winter games setting] SEQUEL TO BUNK BUDDIES (can be read standalone) - Ever since Summer Games, you and Shayne have been steadily build...
Smosh summer games: Shourtney by squig7
Smosh summer games: Shourtneyby squig7
Smosh summer games roll around and it's a new year, and new things are learned about one another with the Summer games Beach Edition. Shayne and Courtney have never seen...
Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian Hecox fanfiction ) by someawkwardgirl
Is this a dream ? ( Smosh/Ian someawkwardgirl
Hailey has a lot of trouble in her life as she tries to go through them with her cousin... She meets Ian and they become really close, but she needs to go back to her ho...
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Haas, Shayne Topp, Ian Hecox] by GeneralEyes
The Three Laws of Motion [Damien Amy ✨
First: an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Damien Haas had to learn that lesson the hard wa...
fridays by Crazy_Comet_97
fridaysby Scott/Comet
Ian always leaves early on a Friday. No one knows exactly where he goes, but it's not where most expects he would. [Smosh]
Wesley Johnson x Reader by MySmoshFanfics
Wesley Johnson x Readerby MySmoshFanfics
Hi!!!! I'm a starter to Wattpad and this is my first story, obviously it won't get as popular but I hope you do enjoy this fanfic. K, hope you enjoy 😚
One Damn Cold Night by prettyvisitors
One Damn Cold Nightby prettyvisitors
"I always thought, being the idiot I am, that I'd crash my car while drunk or something along those lines. I never thought I'd freeze to death."
You don't lost me at all. (Ianthony) by abisalilwriter
You don't lost me at all. ( Douchenugget
"I love him so much, more than you would expect."
After Ian's turn in Punishment Archery by user44822613
After Ian's turn in Punishment Katie kowski
What happened to Ian after Punishment Archery
Goldfish by CosmicCactus
Goldfishby G
When Ian finds himself doing incredible things in his sleep, he and Anthony need to find a way to stop it before it gets even more out of hand.
Hold On (Ianthony) by gracetheninja
Hold On (Ianthony)by grace
{CHAPTER FIC, COMPLETED, FLUFF/SADNESS/SLIGHT ANGST/POSSIBLE TRIGGER} It all starts with one phone call. Next comes a hospital visit. Then worrying. Fear. Shock. Throw i...
Happy Birthday (An Ianthony One-Shot) by fartblaster69
Happy Birthday (An Ianthony ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anthony is all alone on his birthday. His boyfriend, Ian, has had to leave for three weeks, and Anthony is feeling like shit. But can one birthday surprise make his day...
Short, Fast & Loud by prettyvisitors
Short, Fast & Loudby prettyvisitors
Anthony was born under a grey cloud. One that never went away.
Why didn't you tell me ?! ( Smosh-Ianthony -on hold- ) by someawkwardgirl
Why didn't you tell me ?! ( someawkwardgirl
Anthony just went through a wasn't cuz things weren't going as planed...but it was cuz he didn't love her as much anymore...he loves someone else...and when...
Home by gracetheninja
Homeby grace
{ONESHOT, COMPLETED, FLUFF} Home isn't a place. Home is where your heart is.
The Plot Twist by XBen87X
The Plot Twistby Quentin Quarantino
An Epic Novella by Quentin Quarantino Narrated by MC Hammer's Parachute Pants (Or Olivia, whoever's available)